Michael Williams

Steve Udy, Howick local board member, bullies restaurant owner

In a classic case of Gilmore-ism a local board member in Howick, Steve Udy has threatened a local restaurateur with having his liquor licence cancelled…all over what I’m told is a “cold potato” he was served.

Cherie Howie and?Lynley Bilby report in the Herald on Sunday:

An Auckland politician has admitted making threatening comments about getting a restaurant’s liquor licence pulled after being refused a free bottle of wine.

Howick local board member Steve Udy faces a formal complaint, after the incident last week at the Porterhouse Grill, a popular new family-owned restaurant in Pakuranga.

Resident Peter Barclay, who is related to one of the staff, has lodged a complaint with Auckland Council chief executive Stephen Town, demanding Udy be censured for using his position to solicit a gift.

“When this was politely refused by management he became abusive and claimed that because of his position as a Howick board member he had the power to close the restaurant down,” the complaint alleges.

Approached last night for comment, Porterhouse Grill owner Adrian Loy confirmed Udy made “serious accusations” against the restaurant as he settled the bill on February 22
“He said, best of luck renewing your liquor licence.

I will remember you.”? Read more »

Rinsing Ratbags – How did we do?

During the local body election I highlighted various different local body ratbags to highlight their troughing, dishonesty and general lack of ability.

So how did they do?

Aldo Miccio – the now former Mayor of Nelson, rinsed by the voters of Nelson.

Murray Douglas – The winner of my NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician award came dead last. Remember he went running to Hawkes Bay Today to have a sook.

Mr Douglas, a former Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce CEO, said he did not believe anything in his past would impact on his ability to serve the public on council. He agreed candidates should be transparent in their public promotion profiles: “But it shouldn’t be highlighted in a blog because it’s largely anonymous without journalistic investigation. In this case, I wasn’t even asked for comment.

He didn’t want the reality of his past revealed…and now we know why. By revealing his past he came dead last. Good riddance to this ratbag.

Ewan Wilson – failed businessman, convicted fraudster, and general ratbag. – Failed to unseat Julie Hardaker for the mayoralty but re-elected to his ward.

Michael Williams – ratbag from Howick, bullied Adele White, ran the local board as his personal fiefdom along with a group of 5 others. He hid his altercation with Police, refused to stand down and has now been rinsed coming fifth in his ward. Michael Williams was not re-elected?and most of his ratbag mates got rinsed as well. Jim Donald and Steve Udys better watch themselves, they’ll be next (Jim Donald for sure). Adele White was returned and can now expect to take the chair. ? Read more »

A few good results in Auckland

Although Auckland re-elected Len Brown he can hardly claim a mandate, indeed no one really can given the appallingly low turnout.

Len Brown gained 148944 votes. That is less than ten percent of Auckland’s population. The turn out was just?34.33% or?341611 votes. 995080 were eligible to vote.

Len Brown has won on 14.9% of the possible vote. He can hardly claim a mandate. His best statistic he can claim is that he won 43% of those who voted…no mandate there either.

There are some more interesting council results though.

Governing Body Results

Local Board results

Veteran trougher, Richard Northey, despite skiting to those attending a recent concert that he had the race in the bag has been unseated by Denise Krum. Well done to Denise. Northey has been supping from the public trough since Adam was in nappies. Good riddance.

Ann Hartley, another of Len Brown’s flunkies has be unseated in North Shore. The North Shore returned George Wood and Chris Darby. I’m glad Joseph Bergin didn’t get elected despite him being a young Nat…he is wetter and more left than Nikki Kaye, so Auckland dodged that bullet. Chris Darby will be interesting to watch though, because he is slightly loopy, a planner, and a fair weather right-winger…I expect Len Brown will attempt to buy him off with a chair position of some sort.

In the local board races I was very pleased to see Michael Williams unseated. His little team of nasties has been destroyed with only Jim Donald and Steve Udys being returned. Bullying people and getting drink driving convictions doesn’t really help your election chances. There is now a clear majority on the local board of like minded people who can work together instead of against each other. I was very pleased to see a good friend in Katrina Bungard get elected to the local board in the Pakuranga subdivison. Michael Williams supporters Wayne Huang and the bewildered Shirley Warren were destroyed. The shame in that ward is Simon Williamson missed out despite a fair bit of hard work. Never-mind, Steve Udys is on borrowed time.? Read more »

NZ?s dodgiest LBP Nominees ? Residents and Ratepayers Howick

The nominations keep on rolling in. This time a whole team has been nominated.

Led by convicted drunk driver Michael Williams, the Residents and Ratepayers team is full of the useless, the nasty and the bewildered. Through thick and thin they have stood by Michael Williams as he bullied and cajoled his way through local body politics in Howick. I have blogged previously about this man and his behaviour, but here is a summary of him and his cohorts, the ratbags that make up the Residents and Ratepayers ticket in Howick.

Michael Williams – A narcissist, convicted drunk driver, bully.?Could take out Rhino Award for “LBP with the Thickest Skin” as he is still unaware his board slapped a vote of no confidence on him.

And there’s his Residents and Ratepayers Team buddies:

Jim Donald, JP – ?ordained minister, ex Cop, yet shows none of the attributes one would expect. He is racist as well, having led opposition to any progress on issues with the Emilia Maud Nixon Garden of Memories. He asked a question once in a public meeting if Jami-lee Ross’ middle name was “Matenga”, it is, but it was of no relevance to the issue (Michael Williams bullying Adele White), he asked simply to show he was a nasty, spiteful, bitter old racist. He has all the characteristics of Jim Trott from the Vicar of Dibley with none of the charm.

Jim Donald, all the characteristics of Jim Trott and none of the charm

Jim Donald, all the characteristics of Jim Trott and none of the charm

I’ll leave it to Peter Aranyi to describe this nasty piece of work.

?Jim Donald has been nothing other than polite to me ? but then I am a man. Several women in the community, Maori and Pakeha, have told me they?ve been made to feel very uncomfortable in some of their interactions with Jim, citing what they interpreted as his attempts to intimidate them. But that?s not been my direct experience.? – Peter Arayni? Read more »

Sexism and misogyny alive and well in Howick

Check out this letter to the local paper from David Stevenson of Howick.

Like others I have been intrigued as to the identity of the person behind the apparent pseudonym A Schuyt Best hailing from Pakuranga. Until recently I suspected it was a particular concerned and very pro-active citizen who is now deceased.

But, the Friday issue of the Eastern Courier has a letter from that same person. It has excellent content. Its only failing is that it does not mention that in addition to moonlighting from what should be a demanding all-consuming day-time job a certain sitting candidate became a mother recently.

How is this humanly possible? In difficult times of people being under enormous pressure in their jobs where their employers are expecting more and more hours out of their staff for the same salary my puzzlement is surely understandable.

That was an excellent letter posing questions that every voter at the next local body elections should be asking.

It would be very interesting to view ” timesheets” for the hard yards, in addition to domestic chores and holding down two jobs, put in by candidates standing for re-election – bearing in mind there are only 24 hours in a day.

What does this say about the demands local body representatives actually face in doing real justice to their elected positions?? Read more »

Michael Williams cops another one in the chook

Another blow was dealt to Michael Williams at the Howick Local Board meeting last night.

He was defeated in his desire for a large scale town hall in Botany. For those of you that know the Vodafone Pacific Events Centre, he wanted something of the size of Genesis Theatre – a large venue only a couple of kilometres away.

This is the most recent in a series of defeats for Michael Williams. It’s about time he fell on his sword, or the Board took his head off.

He has:
– been defeated in his attempts to fund an unnecessary town hall in Howick
– been defeated in his attempt to put a $24 million town hall in Botany
– embarrassingly lost his bid to axe his deputy
– lost his attempt to screw over the local market in Howick by funding a competing market in Flat Bush
– been convicted of drink driving
– had a motion of no confidence passed against him.? Read more »

The Clown of Christchurch East

clownIn 2010, this blog was merciless at exposing the outrageous behaviour of Andrew Williams, whose late night antics included thumping an ambulance officer, pissing on his own council building, late night phone messages and text messages to various political leaders and more. It was almost certainly the confluence of a nasty man’s ego mixed with suspected grog imbibing causing tyrannical behaviour in high office.

As a result, Andrew Williams earned a number of nicknames on this blog, and in wider Auckland politics, including the Clown of Campbell’s Bay, the Cock of the Shore, and the Cock from Campbell’s Bay.

Ditto with Caesar Michael Williams, whose boozy bullying behaviour is a disgrace to the office he holds on the Howick local board.

Today, in National Party circles, we have also witnessed the confluence of a nasty man’s ego mixed with grog, causing tyrannical behaviour in high office. To recap, we have learned that:

Aaron Gilmore failed to attend a National Party dinner, and instead skived off with mates to get quietly boozed away from the members who helped select him onto the National list

Read more »

Caesar Michael Williams loses no confidence motion but stays in job

Last night, at the Howick Local Board meeting,?the following motion of no confidence in Michael Williams was passed.

(a) That the Howick Local Board?expresses no confidence in the chairmanship of Michael Williams?as a result of his criminal conviction on 22nd February 2013.

Unbelievably though the convicted drunk driver remains as the local board chair after members refused to request he resign in a subsequent motion.

It is clear now though that the Howick Local Board is dysfunctional and Michael Williams is a chairman in name only with the board having lost confidence in him.? Read more »

Labour Ready for Local Government Elections, What is National Up to?

Len Brown is cruising to reelection and turning Auckland into a city of train using slum apartment dwellers. He is being aided and abetted by the National Party, who are too useless to do anything about local government elections, even when they come around every three years and everyone knows they are coming around.

This is part of an email to Labour activists in Auckland. Similar messages have been sent to Labour activists in other parts of the country.

City Vision Local Government Planning session – Saturday 9th March from 1pm

City Vision has been running a series of workshops for progressive candidates across the Auckland region as preparation for the Auckland local government elections on 12 October 2013.

The focus of the March workshop is building and developing your local campaign team. ?At the end of this workshop you will be able to form and develop an effective team to support you and your fellow candidates in your election campaign. ?There will be a fourth workshop in early July to help you to maximise the impact of your personal election profile document and your materials for use in the election. ?For more information contact Gwen Shaw [email protected]

When: Saturday 9 March, 1pm-4pm
Where: St Peter?s Church, 184 Onehunga Mall, cnr Church?St

It would be really helpful if you could confirm your attendance?to [email protected] as we are providing afternoon?tea.

Look forward to seeing you there.

So Labour are organised, what is National up to? Or C&R?? Read more »

C&R = Catastrophe and Ruin for the Auckland centre-right

In around 7 months, NZ will be in the thick of local body elections, the most important for the Auckland Council.

At this stage, there isn’t a declared centre-right candidate to take on Len Brown, though the rumour mill is running overtime on a couple of names.

However, Len for know is very much in the box seat, which is why Auckland needs a strong centre-right council to hold him to account.

The centre-right in Auckland Region is normally represented by the Citizens and Ratepayers ticket, who have historically done well on the former Auckland Regional Council and the old Auckland City Council.

Since the 2010 elections, when C&R did poorly in the first ever supercity elections, there has been a rebrand by C&R’s executive board and National Party hacks Alastair Bell and Mark Thomas, to try and refresh their image. But while the colours and names have changed, their political fortunes have not. ?The new C&R, now known as Communities and Residents, has barely registered in the media over the last year. The C&R caucus is badly divided, and their board ineffective. Wags have said they should have renamed themselves Catastrophe & Ruin instead.

National has all but washed their hands of C&R in the elections this year, its caucus refusing to make available any organisation to the adrift group, instead encouraging individuals to participate if they feel like it. Candidate selections that were supposed to take place in November have been deferred and deferred as people go cold on standing for an organisation heading for defeat. Big fundraising plans have turned to dust and instead, a big levy is likely to be imposed on the hapless cannon fodder that stand.? Read more »