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Better late than never: Government cuts immigration numbers

National are trimming the sails in the lead-up to 2017 as their polls are showing immigration as one of the hot-button issues for the next election.

The Government has buckled to pressure and slashed immigration numbers.

For the next two years the effective cap on residencies granted will be cut by 5000 to a range of 85,000-95,000.

That is hardly a slash…hell it isn’t even a decimation.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse stressed he still thinks the Government’s immigration settings are correct.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates the Government is taking a responsible, pragmatic approach to managing immigration.”? Read more »

Michael Woodhouse refuses to discuss migrant domestic violence until New Zealanders fix their own problem

I still don?t understand how it can be government policy to allow people to come to live here who have a clear and stated aim to treat women as subordinate to men. ?And that?s before any abuse. ?

And then, when they?re here and they carry on their own culture under the guise of multiculturalism and tolerance, a National minister’s retort to a genuine concern is to say, ?Bah, like Kiwis can talk. We bash the shit out of women too much ourselves.? ?

I can?t describe how angry and betrayed I feel by National when it comes to unrestrained and poorly thought out immigration policy.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said New Zealand was not in a position to judge the 400 visas issued each year for women to enter the country for an arranged marriage.

He was responding to a question at the National Party conference in Christchurch from a delegate concerned at domestic violence cases within arranged marriages going through the Manukau District Court.

“When we are talking about family violence, I am not sure that we as a country can hold our hands up and say ‘we are good enough to judge those cultures’,” Woodhouse said. ? Read more »

Michael Woodhouse tries a bold faced lie. It normally works, but this time the Media used Google

Maybe the Media party are getting wise to lying politicians and fact checking what they have to say.

They’ve caught out Michael Woodhouse in a lie.

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse told RNZ News he agreed with that finding, but added the 90-day trial was never about creating jobs.

“The policy wasn’t put in place to materially increase the number of jobs in the economy … and for that reason, the report is actually of reasonably limited use in assessing the successful outcome or otherwise of the trial periods,” Mr Woodhouse said.

Mr Woodhouse’s statements today contradict what the government told the public in 2008 when it said the policy would help create new jobs.

In a media release titled “90-day trial period to provide job opportunities”, then-Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson said the policy would “provide confidence for employers engaging new staff” and allow “struggling job-seekers to get their foot in the door, rather than languish on a benefit”. ? Read more »

From 750 a year to 1000 a year. Helen will be pleased


Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse says per capita, New Zealand ranks seventh in the world for accepting refugees.

That’s if you don’t count, in his words, “irregular migration” — refugees who aren’t accepted as a part of an official quota.

Mr Woodhouse’s comments come a day after the Government announced the first increase to the refugee quota in three decades — from 750 to 1000. It won’t kick in until 2018, after a temporary increase to take in Syrian refugees has ended.

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Growing economy means we must accept misogynist immigrants, suggests Woodhouse

Michael Woodhouse (by Simon Wong)

Don’t like immigration?? Then get off your arse, move to where the work is, and take the jobs on offer… or risk having people come live next to you that will not appreciate your wife and daughter running around in shorts and a T-shirt.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse says despite record immigration, there are fewer people gaining permanent residency than when Winston Peters was Foreign Minister a decade ago.

Mr Peters, a longtime critic of immigration, wants immigration cut to between 7,000 and 15,000. The past 12 months has seen a net migration gain of 68,100 — the highest on record, with 124,700 arrivals and 56,000 departures.

Labour leader Andrew Little has called for a reduction in the number of work visas, which accounted for just under a third of all arrivals, saying they’re taking jobs away from Kiwis.

Mr Woodhouse says it’s not as simple as Mr Little makes out. Read more »

Explaining is losing, especially as Woodhouse invokes “Chicken Lickin”

Richard Harman at Politik reports:

Workplace Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse has asked WorkSafe New Zealand to go easy on businesses and organisations which breach the country?s new employment safety law which comes into effect next week.

And to emphasise to WorkSafe staff the need to be business-friendly he has visited virtually every one of the organisation?s offices around New Zealand and talked to most staff.

Mr Woodhouse told POLITIK that Worksafe would initially prosecute only severe breaches of the legislation while it is settling in.

His move is a measure of the political sensitivity that surrounds the legislation with widespread fears that it might prove to be overly bureaucratic and restrictive on businesses and organisations affected by it.

Those fears have resonated on National?s backbench which led to the legislation being sent back to the Select Committee for a rewrite after opposition surfaced within the party, even making its way to the party?s annual conference floor.

Thus the extra care Mr Woodhouse is taking.

?It?s really important to me that business see WorkSafe as a partner not a punisher,? he says.

And he believes his campaign to change the culture within the organisation is starting to work.

?I?ve visited just about every branch and talked to just about every staff member since I became Minister 18 months ago.

?They?ve heard directly from me that they are a different organisation from the Department of Labour or Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).?

And he says that feedback he is getting from business indicates that there is a greater willingness on both sides for business and WorkSafe to work as partners to resolve safety issues.

?But he admits things can still go wrong. Read more »

Worm-farm Woodhouse oversees another howler

Michael Woodhouse (by Simon Wong)

More than 500 migrants have taken advantage of a Government policy to entice new arrivals to the regions in the three months since it took effect.

But cultural leaders in the regions say jobs for new migrants in their communities are limited.

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Face of the day

Michael Woodhouse (by Simon Wong)

Michael Woodhouse (by Simon Wong)

Today’s face of the day has dismissed legitimate and realistic concerns about the ideology of Islam with the following words.

He said the public sentiment toward refugees was “overwhelmingly positive”.

And he was direct in his response to those who opposed refugee settlement.

“There will always be those who are biased by their own fears, apprehension and bigotry… I think they need to learn a bit more about what’s going on. We are a country of 232 ethnicities. We have a bicultural basis. We are now literally a world country.”

– Stuff

The only person who needs to learn a bit more about what is going on, is Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse. By all means let’s help genuine refugees but let’s not be suicidal about it. Islam and Western values go together like oil and water. There are millions of refugees who will assimilate into our society and contribute to it. There is no logical reason to take those who won’t.

Islam does not believe in democracy. It is a total system of government. The majority of the New Zealand public support democracy, but they will never support sharia law. We can all see what is happening in Europe, and now Australia, because of Muslim immigration. Is the National government as suicidal as Merkel’s or as stupid as Malcolm Turnbull’s? By all means let’s celebrate being a multi-ethnic country but our culture is, and should proudly remain, democratic and western. That cannot happen if our leaders turn a blind eye to the reality of Islam.

If we can?t keep fraudulent students out, what hope do we have of detecting Jihadis among ?refugees??

Fakers to the left of us, fakers to right…we are stuck in the middle.

Would-be students from India are lying on their immigration applications, misrepresenting their financial situation in order to get student visas.

A high number of fraudulent applications have been received at Immigration New Zealand’s India office from people applying for student visas.

Some people were misrepresenting their financial situation in order to get student visas, the office’s November newsletter about the student market said.

Students have to prove they have enough money while studying in order for their visa to be approved. ?? Read more »

Roastbusters 3.0 – again Police lay no charges

The latest incidents come after concern about a group of senior schoolboys who plied girls with alcohol before photographing them with genitalia dangling over their faces, as part of a competition hosted on a Facebook page.

But despite a police investigation, the teens escaped with a warning – to the dismay of principals and sex attack support workers. The case was revealed by the Herald on Sunday two weeks ago.

Police Minster Michael Woodhouse told Parliament the decision not to lay formal charges was made after seeking legal advice. A young woman involved in the incident was satisfied with the outcome, he said.

Walsh and police are now refusing to comment further on the case.

Walsh said the recent meeting to discuss the case had resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding to provide clear guidelines for principals and police when managing offensive online behaviour by pupils. Read more »