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Who on earth would want to work with Rachel Smalley?

Rachel Smalley called NZ women "heifers" and "lardos"

Rachel Smalley called NZ women “heifers” and “lardos”

I’ve always known that Rachel Smalley was a weasel. Apart from her terrorist hugging ways?and the fact that she is dead set stupid she is also a snitch, it would appear.

Broadcaster Rachel Smalley has revealed colleague Mike Hosking sometimes vacuums?the Newstalk ZB?studio while she is on-air.

She’s the latest of Hosking’s ZB colleagues to take issue with his neat-freak habits, after afternoon hosts Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye got worked up over him leaving his vacuum cleaner in the studio.

Smalley hosts Bayley’s Early Edition, a Newstalk ZB show that runs before Hosking’s popular breakfast show. Speaking to McIvor and Dye on the phone on Thursday afternoon, she rattled off an impressive list of gripes in a rant to?rival one of Hosking’s famous “Mike’s Minutes”.

“Where do I even start?” Smalley said. “Who gets up at that hour of the morning to start and doesn’t drink coffee? He doesn’t. He has this small little teacup and he goes and gets a little slice of lemon and puts it in some warm water, not too hot. Then he has a little Tupperware?container with a variety of?five different types of nuts. ? Read more »

The SJB and Media Party?s war on right-wing opinion makers continues

The lefties are all having massive panty wetting moments with attacks on Mike Hosking and now Paul Henry.

Mediawatch, the lefty luvvies at Red Radio devoted their programme to Hosking?but haven’t mentioned a peep about the drug death in Cambodia of a senior Herald journalist.

Apparently having?an opinion that differs from theirs or John Drinnan’s is evil.

The BSA pointed to “litmus test? research last year which found people were so accustomed to Hosking?s on-air editorialising most people would immediately recognise it as mere opinion.

?Anyone thinking that?s a fact would either be on drugs – or doesn?t like Hosking,? one person told the BSA.

?In reality we can?t generalise from the results of a small sample to understand the likely impact of airing repeated opinions night after night from a state broadcaster on the attitudes of a wider population,”

Professor Hayward said this in a response on Facebook.

She said she regretted bringing the complaint because she believed the ruling gave strength to the argument that a presenter in a prime time news show could be both ?inaccurate? and ?dismissive? if comment was pitched as opinion. ? Read more »

BSA has balls: Hosking just fine calling out Judd over Maori pandering

It’s official, Mike Hosking isn’t a racist.

Three complaints that Seven Sharp breached broadcasting standards during a story on outgoing New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd have been rejected.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority chose not to uphold the complaints which came after Judd discussed why he was not seeking re-election, and that he had suffered abuse as a result of his campaign to increase Maori representation on the New Plymouth District Council.

A complaint against host Mike Hosking’s comments that “sad to say – I’d never personally attack [Judd], obviously – but he’s completely out of touch with middle New Zealand” was not upheld due to the right to freedom of expression. ? Read more »

Key moves to mitigate Winston’s inroads into law and order

Law and Order issues are normally the purview of National. But last week Winston Peters made a big play towards addressing those issues in his speech to the Police Association.

Winston Peters promised tougher sentencing for violent offences and 1800 more Police.

John Key has seen the risk and has moved quickly to attempt to mitigate.

Prime Minister John Key says he understands concerns about law and order – saying as a parent he worries about his daughter getting hassled or even raped.

This morning, he told Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking that there was “no question” that more frontline officers helped, but that was only one factor and the overall structure of policing needed to be considered.

“You really need is to take a bit more of a sophisticated approach and say, ok, let’s just accept there are more resources…let’s talk about how do we deliver what New Zealanders really want, which is not just a number…that a politician barks out at you.? Read more »

Have the Social Justice Bullies found a new way to get rid of Hosking?

Here at WOBH we refuse to call these clowns Social Justice Warriors. If there was some real fighting to be had they’d be quivering in fear under a feather duvet. Instead we call them Social Justice Bullies…because?that’s exactly what they are.

Currently, the target du jour is Mike Hosking.

One TVNZ employee is banking more than a $1 million a year, but the state broadcaster is refusing to say who it is.

Traditionally, the healthiest pay packet has always gone to the chief executive, but has?polarising Seven Sharp frontman, Mike Hosking, edged out boss Kevin Kenrick as TVNZ’s biggest earner?

A spokeswoman for TVNZ said the broadcaster “didn’t have any plans to identify the remuneration of presenters or other individual employees”.

The question came as the?British government prepared?to force the BBC to reveal the size of pay packets given to 109 of its top broadcast journalists and personalities.

Britain’s?Department of Culture was expected to confirm the change in policy this week, ahead of the?government’s looming renewal of the?broadcaster’s?royal charter.

At present, TVNZ and Radio New Zealand (RNZ)?publish the salary bands of all employees earning more than $100,000 in their respective annual reports. ? Read more »

Poor form from Pots Pans and Pannier Bags Brown


And now let me try to use it in a sentence:

You’d have to be a real pokokohua to share something like that about a fellow journalist on social media.

He should stick to discussing lamb recipes and looking down his nose at people who don’t share his values.


Hosking laughs all the way to the bank (and ratings) as yet another petition is started

The left-wing don’t understand that calling bans on people they disagree with actually gives the victim of their attacks more followers.

Look at what has happened with Milo Yiannopoulos.

Now a counter petition has been set up in support of Mike Hosking.

A counter petition in support of controversial TVNZ broadcaster Mike Hosking is quietly gaining momentum online.

Petitioner Dan Gray started the counter-movement in a bid to “keep Mike Hosking at TVNZ for the same?reasons people want the petition signed to get rid of him.”

The petition, set up?on Wednesday afternoon,?has since garnered several hundred signatories.

“Mike is a free thinker against politically correct?crap”?wrote one Hosking supporter. “I want a broadcaster who speaks his mind even if I don’t agree with it all the time.”

The?petition was organised to counteract?the anti-Hosking petition set up by?lawyer?Dan?Wayman last week,?asking that the Seven Sharp host?”be removed from public broadcasting?at?TVNZ”.

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Fascism is only a ban away

Cultural fascists?are all the rage right now, and almost exclusively on the left. They want dissenting voices shut down, from scientists with hurt feelings to activists demanding presenters on television shows be banned because their views are not the same as the cultural fascists.

Once you start banning the views and speech of those you disagree with then you are only a small step away from real fascism.

A petition to be sent to the Government demanding Mike Hosking be removed from television screens has now clocked up more than?14,000 signatories in just over a week.

Started by lawyer?Dan Wayman?the petition asks that Mike Hosking “be removed from public broadcasting at TVNZ“.

Wayman, who describes himself as a New Zealand-enrolled barrister-solicitor who divides his time between New Zealand and Shanghai, where he works at the British Consulate, says he started the petition because he “just felt something needed to be done really”.

“[Hosking’s]?socially irresponsible comments are damaging to the New Zealand public, and especially as the face of the national broadcaster in the 7pm?timeslot, being a family show, I think it’s harmful for the next generation to receive those types of sentiments from Mr Hosking.”

Wayman?said?comments made by Hosking over the crowdfunding purchase of the?Awaroa beach?and over the New Zealand flag debate as examples of why the?broadcaster?should?be removed from TVNZ.

More recently Hosking was in the news when a formal complaint was laid against him over?comments he made onSeven Sharp about New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd’s proposal of a Maori ward for local government councils.

“I’d never personally attack him obviously, but he’s completely out of touch with middle New Zealand,” said Hosking at the time.

Wayman said:?”It’s the constant lack of empathy and dismissive comments of New Zealanders struggling, even following stories on?Seven Sharp – he?just does not get it, and I think it’s harmful.”

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Yes John, Mike is right – middle New Zealand has had a gutsful

It’s been a long time since my heart dropped to the floor as heavily as it did the night Mike Hosking declared middle New Zealand was opposed to Maori seats on local bodies. I’m blessed, or cursed, with boundless optimism for this country.

A small population, well educated and politically engaged, can do things that are much harder in a big democracy where even people of the dominant culture can feel powerless and excluded from the country’s decisions.

It is 25 years since Jim Bolger and Sir Doug Graham brought the National Party in behind Treaty settlements, nearly eight years since John Key formed an enduring partnership with the Maori Party. I have dared to think that conservative opinion has come around to accepting Maori have a distinctive place in our affairs and that we are better for it.

That’s Key’s view. Though strictly he didn’t need the Maori Party’s parliamentary votes, he wanted them in his ministry because, he said, “I just thought it would make us a better government.”

So I watched Seven Sharp’s item on the resigning Mayor of New Plymouth with a certain sadness. The poor fellow has had enough of the isolation and abuse he has received since he attempted to set up seats on his council for a Maori electorate. I don’t know Taranaki well but it appeared the country’s post-colonial project has yet to reach at least one of its extremities. Read more »

Hosking on Labour’s troubles with the TPPA

Mike Hosking gives Labour a right kicking over their stance on?the?TPPA.

Good morning and welcome to TPP signing day.

I know, I know, I know. We’ve thrashed this thing to death, but here’s your reality: It’s a done deal.

It will get signed today, the legislation will be passed, and all there is left to do is sit back and basically sees who’s right.

Will it be like every other free trade deal and open new markets, bring new opportunities and boost our wealth? Or are the doom merchants right and we’re heading for corporate armageddon, where we spend the rest of our lives in court and have our sovereignty whipped out from under us?

The really big question not many people seemed to ask in this whole debate was: Why would our Government sign us up to all this so-called trouble?

What Government in its right mind would take us down a path of disaster, and with it the political fallout?

Further, why would 11 other Governments do exactly the same thing?

If this is such a dastardly deal, how is it possible that a dozen countries all got sucked in and put their name to the sort of trouble and political mayhem the placard wavers are proclaiming?

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