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Maybe if her hair wasn’t the same colour as a rooster she could get a better job


IRONIC: Looks like a rooster and works for KFC

The UNITE union is bleating about casual contracts.

Casual work contracts are leaving a growing number of families on the breadline, a budget adviser says.

The Unite Union, which represents about 7000 workers mostly in the fast food industry, has launched a campaign against zero hours contracts that offer no guaranteed work each week.

Mangere Budgeting Services chief executive Darryl Evans said over the past couple of years he had seen a rapid rise in the number of people with these contracts seeking budgeting assistance.

“It’s still less than 10 per cent of our clients but it’s definitely increasing.  Eighteen months ago I wouldn’t have known anybody on zero hours.  By next year it could be up to 15 or 20 per cent.”    Read more »

Forget Kristallnacht in Paris, check out the flag burning in Auckland

Mana operatives are deeply involved in pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic activities around the country.

Last weekend at the protest in Auckland their flags were dominant, alone with Unite union and First union in an around the protests against Israelis protecting their citizens from terror attacks.

Mana is clearly involved in out and out anti-semitism – just disgusting filth when you see images like this.

Mana supporter burning Israeli flag

Mana supporter burning Israeli flag

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Kim and Dim to have a meeting

I never thought Hone Harawira was this stupid.

Hone Harawira has kept the possibility of a deal with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party alive, confirming talks over the weekend to explore a political relationship.

Dotcom and the Mana Party leader have held discussions previously but Harawira ruled out a formal merger after a backlash from members of his party.

Long-time activist and former Green MP Sue Bradford is among those who balked at any prospect of a deal and threatened to quit.

In a statement this evening, Harawira confirmed talks with Dotcom in central Auckland over the weekend to discuss possibilities “for a relationship between the Mana movement and the Internet Party”.

He said the Mana executive had extended an invitation to Dotcom to address its AGM on Saturday,.  Read more »

The hypocrisy of the left over free trade

When Labour, supported by the Green party and Winston Peters were last in government they negotiated a free trade agreement with China. This was a good thing. They also negotiated it in secret until the deal was done and then let everyone know the results.

The FTA with China has been spectacular in its achievements for Kiwi business.

Move forward a few years and the TPPA is being negotiated and these same politicians are now calling for our negotiations to be conducted in public and are screaming and marching in the streets.

David Cunliffe, who professes on his CV at least to be a trade genius had this to say yesterday:

“We are demanding the Government release the text and the details,” he said. “This deal needs to be in the public domain so that New Zealanders can be informed and we can have a proper public debate … I can’t say today what our final position is going to be because we are going to wait until we see the details.”

The hypocrisy can be smelled over the internet such is the stench.  Read more »

Guest post: Are thousands of people being denied benefits?

by Lindsay Mitchell

The Daily Blog recently ran the graph below along with the headline, “Billions of dollars stolen from the unemployed”. Mike Treen wrote,

The combined efforts of both National and Labour governments’ punitive policies towards the unemployed seems to have removed over 100,000 people from rightful access to an unemployment benefit.

Source/ The Daily Blog

Source/ The Daily Blog

In today’s Herald Brian Gaynor has been exploring statistics, their variability and utility. He produced the following graph which tracks the quarterly difference between those officially unemployed (using the same Household Labour Force Survey data Treen used) and the new Jobseeker Benefit (projected back to 2008 by MSD):  Read more »

The hypocrisy of Unite Union

Oh the irony, a Unite union boss writing about a company being a tax cheat. Mike Treen launches an attack on McDonalds without his own hands being clean.

It looks like McDonald’s NZ has been using accounting tricks to avoid paying tax in New Zealand.
In 2011 there was a special payment of $154 million that was paid for by borrowing the money from the Bank Mendes Gans NV, which manages a lot of the company’s international finance. The total loan was actually for $278m to both pay the dividend to the US and repay a “loan” from McDonald’s Australia of $123.567m.

The dividend payment more than doubles McDonald’s NZ liabilities to $301.9m and “will similarly boost its tax deductible interest expense in coming years.

In the last three years McDonald’s NZ has averaged around $200 million a year income. This is income from the 30 stores it owns directly and the fees from the 131 stores owned by franchisees.  Read more »

Sneaky Unite Union hypocrites attack McDonalds

Unite Union is taking on McDonalds, apparently over what they call “stolen wages and stolen breaks”.

Unite claims $2.5m “Stolen Wages, Stolen Breaks” against McDonald’s

Unite are submitting an employment authority case against McDonald’s today for unpaid breaks that the union estimates has resulted in unpaid wages of $2.5 million.

“We have wage and time records from two stores (one a McCopco store and one a franchisee) for the last four months that confirm a consistent pattern of not paying for lost lunch breaks – as they are required to do under the collective agreement,” said Unite National Director Mike Treen.  Read more »