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The Bill Liu/Yong Ming affair is getting smellier and smellier. You rally have to wonder how much money this guy gave to Labour to get the sort of pretection he did:

Seven government agencies wanted to join a raid on Metropolis tower apartments owned by a wealthy Chinese businessman later granted citizenship in controversial circumstances.

A search warrant was executed on the apartments owned by Bill Liu – also known as Yang Liu, Yong Ming Yan and now William Yan – on the 35th floor of the tower in Auckland in June 2007.

Officers took more than an hour to search individual rooms, such were their size.

He was under investigation by the Department of Labour for immigration fraud at the time and documents released under the Official Information Act show that other law enforcement agencies wanted to be part of any raid at the property.

The police were going to execute the warrant with Immigration officers alone – until approached by the Ministry of Fisheries, the Department of Internal Affairs, Customs, the Serious Fraud Office and the Inland Revenue Department.

Eventually, the group decided that 13 investigators from the police, Immigration, Customs, IRD and Internal Affairs would search the Metropolis apartments and cars.

“The number of staff reflected the size of the residential area to be searched – five units in a hotel and three vehicles,” according to documents released by Immigration New Zealand.

However, “no documents were seized and/or evidence retained as a result of the search warrant.”

Mr Yan later complained, through his lawyer, that customs officials stepped outside the authority of the warrant by taking photographs inside the apartment.

The raid happened at the same time as Labour MP David Cunliffe, the Immigration Minister at the time, was considering an application from officials to have Mr Yan’s residency revoked.

The grounds for revocation were that he had failed to disclose the Yong Min Yang identity, the fact that he was married in Australia and was wanted by the Chinese authorities on an alleged fraud.

Mr Cunliffe declined to revoke his residency and asked officials to continue investigating the potential immigration fraud.

The following year, Mr Yan was granted New Zealand citizenship by Labour Party minister Shane Jones against the advice of officials that he did not meet the good character test, because he had two passports with two names and two birthdates, and was wanted in China for an alleged large-scale fraud.

Watch this!

Watch this video. It is the whole secret video that has been suppressed by legal action since 2004. The allegations contained in this video are explosive. It was sent to me on DVD in an unmarked brown envelope postmarked from Henderson. I do not know who sent it, though I have verified it is authentic and additional footage supplied shows it to be authentic. This video was removed from the TVNZ newsroom and was in an unknown location until Rodney Hide raised the details in parliament. Then TVNZ miraculously “found” the tapes sitting in a lawyers office.

If true then justice in respect of the select committee inquiry into the Scampi Quota allocations has seriously been perverted. Not only that you have to ask why the person who insisted on the inquiry in the first place then changed his tune during  the inquiry.

People have been beaten up and in an attempt to stop you seeing the video. I will probably get a hiding now for publishing it, but I have published it because it is very much in the public interest to do so. It appears that a parliamentary select committee has been compromised through bribery, corruption and perjury. This goes to the heart of our democracy. I am going to need legal representation after showing this  video to the world.

More important though is why has the government remained so silent on this. Under the “no surprises” doctrine, surely the Finance Minister and the Broadcasting Minister at the time must have been alerted to the explosive contents of this video, and at the time it was filmed we know that the TVNZ board was leaking like the proverbial collander to the Prime minister herself. Further the ongoing ramifications of wealthy business interests and politicians maintaining legal proceedings with huge sums attached in order to suppress this information strikes the foundations of NZ politics.

Now the information is in the public domain thanks to WOBH, where sunlight is the best disinfectant, we need to urgently look at establishing an Independent Commission against Corruption and a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Scampi Allocation and subsequent perjury allegations contained in this video. Remember we are not talking about a lowly backbencher or associate minister getting some tiling done here, we are talking about New Zealand’s face around the world, our government representative, the Foreign Minister and/or the Prime Minister.

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