Ministry of Justice

No need to apologise, she asked for everything and she got everything

The Ministry of Justice says it’s changing its process for releasing coronial files after a woman was sent graphic photos of her dead son.

The woman this month requested the entire coronial file into the death of her teenage son, who committed suicide in 2012, and received police images of his dead body as part of the documents.

She told Radio NZ on Wednesday the photos were “horrific” and graphic”.

“I was shaking and crying because this is not something I ever wanted to see,” she said, adding she did not request for the photos to be excluded because she wasn’t aware they were part of the file.

She declined to identify herself other than as Ann Johns, to protect her son’s identity.

I have respect for her loss, and I also respect that she had a shock. ?But to then run to the media and make a story out of it, well, she can get stuffed. ? At least the Ministry did what it was meant to do and there is no need to apologise. ? Read more »

Has Jacinda read her own Future of Work details?

The Ministry of Justice has announced that they are restructuring positions and making some available?positions work-from-home.

Close to 100 government jobs will go as the Ministry of Justice introduces a compulsory work-from-home initiative, prompting concerns the move will snowball across other departments.

The ministry?has confirmed a restructure will see 202 management and staff positions?disestablished and 111 new positions created, along with fixed term positions as staff move to a “home environment” later this year.

In a statement, collections general manager?Bryre? Patchell? said?about 100 collections registry positions will move from office to home over the next 13 months.?

The restructure, which will mean?specialist collections units at courts around New Zealand will close, is?thought to be the first of its kind in New Zealand’s public sector.

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MoJ and Crown Law in stand off over Paul Barber issue

THE MINISTRY of Justice is standing behind former district court judge Paul Barber as more damning evidence emerged yesterday exposing him as a fraud.

Barber was appointed four years ago to head the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal in a move supposedly heralding a new environment of accountability for the industry.

However, there?s now conflicting opinion about whether the 78-year-old has any legal standing as chairman.

This follows confirmation from the New Zealand Law Society this week that Barber did not hold a practicing certificate – a requirement under legislation passed in 2008 governing the Tribunal.

Making matters worse is the fact Barber has been masquerading as a district court judge ? a title he hasn?t legitimately held since 2012.

On the Tribunal website Barber is referred to as ?Judge Barber?. On tribunal decisions he signs off as ?Judge PF Barber? ? he?s even down as ?Judge PF Barber? on his White Pages listing.

This week Whaleoil also received an audio recording from a Tribunal hearing in 2014 where Barber introduced himself to the various litigants as Judge Barber.

But worse still, for four years running Barber has signed off the Tribunal?s annual reports to the Government as ?Judge Barber?. ?? Read more »

Justice Minister Amy Adams opens $51 million Concrete Cancer building


Sometimes, despite all the warnings given, the Government ploughs ahead seemingly with blinkers on.
Whaleoil has ran an extensive investigation into the Concrete Cancer Cover-Up story potentially affecting dozens, if not hundreds of construction projects.
As a quick recap, cement importing company Drymix imported an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes of high alkali cement from Vietnam and flogged it off onto the New Zealand market.
So-called ?independent? investigations into concerns raised on this blog by The Cement and Concrete Association of NZ (CCANZ), ?resulted in a highly technical report telling people to move on, nothing to see here. More on that later.

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8 days to opening of Concrete Cancer building


With Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith refusing to instruct officials to take a core-sample of the $46 million Manukau District Court building, who ever is the minister that opens it will have their name forever attached to a concrete cancer building. ? Read more »

Concrete Cancer Cover-up: 12 days until Govt opens dodgy building


This blog has exposed the dodgy hear-no-evil-see-no-evil practices within the $400 million concrete industry with multiple posts about the concrete cancer issue affecting numerous buildings

The industry association, the Cement and Concrete Association (CCANZ), has said ?it?s been a hell-of-a-time for the concrete industry in the press? as it ?rubbishes allegations that elevated alkali levels in cement and concrete are putting the structural integrity of some [read Manukau District Court Building] buildings in jeopardy?. ? Read more »

Concrete Cancer Coverup Ctd: How a real company deals with the problem

unnamedWell, well, well, just look at those headlines. Just an issue that WhaleOil has been talking about for months, yet MSM are only now waking up to the potential scale of the problem.

You see WhaleOil exposed the use of dodgy cement back in October 2014, when cement importing company DRYMIX imported dodgy high alkali cement from Vietnam.

This dodgy cement ended up in places such as the $40 million Manukau District Court rebuild and Fonterra?s $120 million UTH factory in Waitoa. ? Read more »

If she was really taking aim at censorship laws she would abolish them

NBR reports that Amy Adams is taking aim at out-dated censorship laws.

If she was deadly serious she’d move to abolish them altogether.

Archaic classification laws for new media are in the Minister of Broadcasting?s crosshairs.

Following news of the chief censor taking a closer look at the growing video game and online streaming industries, Amy Adams tells NBR ONLINE she has officials from the Ministry of Justice advising her on ?possible ways forward to address any issues in this area that may start to arise.?

?It is far from clear how the act applies to online content,? says Ms Adams, who also holds?the?portfolios of communications, courts and justice.

?Current classification and standards legislation came into effect over 20 years ago so it was inevitable there would come a time when the current regime would need updating.?

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Concrete Cancer Cover-up, Ctd – What’s all the fuss about?


When you start investigating a story the interesting thing is how people respond to questions.

Some are helpful, provide information and are keen to see an issue resolved. Others are less than helpful and are keen on seeing the story shut down.

Sadly, Rob Gaimster, CEO of the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) falls into the later category.??More on Gaimster later.

A recap is needed on why this Concrete Cancer Story needs to be told.

The basics are this;

  1. In January, February and March 2014, a cement importing company Drymix imported tens of thousands of tonnes of cement from Vietnam into New Zealand which, according to their own test results, failed to meet recognised industry standards.
  2. Drymix failed to make its test results available for public scrutiny which raised questions within New Zealand?s $400 million-a-year cement market.
  3. This cement had higher than accepted alkali content.
  4. Concrete cancer is caused by high alkali levels in cement combined with moisture in the concrete and a reactive form of silica in the aggregate. When this happens it can end up causing expansion and cracking in concrete resulting in major structural problems. ? Read more »

Concrete Cancer Coverup: What is industry body telling govt?


We?ve seen a right palaver?as Whaleoil has gradually unpicked and exposed the cover-up in New Zealand?s $400 million concrete industry.

We?ve also exposed how Fonterra?s $120 million Waitoa UHT plant and the Government?s $40.6 million Manukau Court Building was supplied dodgy cement that is likely to see those buildings subject to a problem called alkali silica reaction or more commonly known as concrete cancer.?? Read more »