Mixed Ownership Model

Greens “desperately” seeking signatures after “debacle”

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The Greens are stating they are “desperate” to collect the extra signatures and describe the petition as a debacle in an email sent to recruit more to the cause.

From:?Sarah Bracey?<[redacted]@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, May 11, 2013 at 6:19 PM
Subject: [[email protected]] [email protected] Update No. 2
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]nz>

Hey Guys,

A couple of things ?

Almost immediately after sending the last announcement, the Keep Our Assets petition debacle (am I allowed to say that? I think we?re all thinking it!) came to my attention. The Keep Our Assets coalition desperately needs another 16,000 signatures to be collected in the next two months in order to force a referendum to stop further asset sales.? Read more »

Sledge of the Day – Bill English

Regular readers will know that I’m no fan of Bill English.

But yesterday he gave the Green Taliban a solid kicking for their attempted sabotage of the Mighty River Power float.

Sledge Of The Day.

Read more »

Trotter on the failed petition

Chris Trotter discusses the failed Green/Labour petition to re-write an election result.

The attempt to use the Citizens Initiated Referendum process to halt the Government?s partial privatisation programme was always a risky strategy. Political parties, in particular, take a huge risk in associating their names with operations in which so many things, over which they have no control, can go wrong. And now, of course, they have gone wrong ? badly wrong ? and at the worst possible moment.

It?s the perception that the ?Keep Our Assets? petition has failed, on the very eve of the Government learning how much Mighty River Power?s shares are worth, that?s done the damage.

Political insiders may know that CIRs almost always fall short on the first official count. That someone has only to shift flats, and write their new address on the petition form, for the Clerk of the House to disallow that person?s signature. Unfortunately, 90 percent of the voters don?t know. If John Key tells them that one-in-four of the petition?s signatures are ?fake? ? they?re quite likely to believe him.? Read more »

Shearer To Reduce Power Prices, doesn’t say how, or when

Finally…will someone actually call Labour out on all the big spending promises?

Once Shearer’s told us how much is in the offshore bank account, he can tell us how he’ll reduce power prices.

After he explains why countries with power companies in mixed ownership do better than us , he can tackle the walking on water trick.

Lowering power company profits also lowers dividends to the government. They have just spent years explaining that once you lose the dividends they are gone forever and now he is suggesting lowering those dividends through some means as yet undefined.

With appearances like this you have to wonder if he is being set up.

Labour’s attempts at economic sabotage will backfire

Labour has declared that their yet to be announced electricity reforms will hurt investors in Mighty River Power.

Prime Minister John Key is dismissing Labour’s claims it would be able to stem increasing power prices, as shares in state owned enterprise Mighty River Power go on sale today.

The Labour Party says if it gets back into Government it will reform the electricity sector, and is warning against investing in the state owned enterprise.

Labour Party leader David Shearer says Labour intends to make changes to stop the relentless rise in power bills.

He says he wants New Zealanders to be aware of his plans before they invest in Mighty River Power.?
Shearer did not say exactly what those changes would be.? Read more »

How to destroy any legitimacy of your referendum with one little press release

Russel Norman isn’t blessed with an abundance of brains…after all he got his doctorate by studying the Alliance party.

However he has just destroyed any legitimacy his taxpayer funded political party initiated referendum might have had by declaring in a press release:

90 percent of Kiwis not interested in Key?s asset sales

The overwhelming majority of New Zealanders have not registered any interest in buying shares in companies that already belong to them, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said today.

The Government is claiming that over 425,000 people have pre-registered for the Mighty River Power float. Even ignoring the fact that many fake registrations have been lodged, that means 90% of Kiwis have not registered.? Read more »

Let’s see how far the sanctimony stretches

“The MPs from NZ First, Labour, and the Greens have all pledged not to buy Mighty River Power shares to demonstrate their opposition to the sale.”

All very well, but let’s see how far the sanctimonious behaviour stretches.

Will they be moving their funds from their current KiwiSaver provider, if their KiwiSaver provider does the rational and intelligent thing by buying a stake in Mighty River Power?

Let’s remember the fuss the Greens have raised about the NZ Super Fund and ethical investing.

It would be nothing but hypocrisy for them to profit from Mighty River Power through investing in a subsidised fund, using a taxpayer subsidised Kiwisaver scheme for them to buy state owned assets.? Read more »

More than 400,000 register for MRP shares

Tony Ryall has announced that in just a few short weeks more than 400,000 Kiwis have registered an interest in buying shares in Mighty River Power.

So how long did it take Labour working with the Greens, and their Union mates, ?complete with taxpayer funded staffers, to get 400,000 signatures.

Nice how they talk about a mandate…looks like the government has got one…with people prepared put their money where their mouth is.

As at 10 am today over 400,000 New Zealanders have pre-registered their interest in buying shares in Mighty River Power.

Minister for State Owned Enterprises Hon Tony Ryall says that if New Zealanders have questions about share ownership, there is information available.

?I urge them to go to the pre-registration website ??www.mightyrivershares.govt.nz. It has a Frequently Asked Questions section which will be very helpful for new investors and for people who haven?t participated in a Share Offer before,? Mr Ryall says.? Read more »

Even the left are questioning the wisdom of Labour’s focus on asset sales

Two sensible left wing commentators in as many days have started to question?the?validity of Labour’s focus on asset sales as a strategy.

Lew at Kiwipolitico was damning:

If it wasn?t already over on the night of 26 November 2011, the argument about the popular legitimacy of the government?s plan to partially privatise selected state-owned enterprises was finally put to bed when the pre-registration website for the Mighty River Power float?fell over?shortly after it went live. Whether this was a result of intentional underprovisioning to generate buzz or genuine organic demand doesn?t matter: within 24 hours100,000 people?had pre-registered interest in buying shares. That?s about one-third of the signatures opponents of the scheme took?seven months?to collect to force a citizens initiated referendum. The battle over whether these assets will be sold has been well and truly lost, and expending more political firepower on it is futile. The left needs to start organisaing around how they will be run.

When people like Lew are telling them the game is up, it really is:? Read more »

Asset Sales programme very popular

The government’s mixed ownership model is underway and it is looking very popular.

A $1 million advertising campaign will today kick off the Government’s bid to spark a rush for shares in the first sale of state assets in more than a decade.

Investment experts expect hundreds of thousands of people to get in the queue when the Government starts building a list of potential buyers in Mighty River Power shares – attracted by no brokerage fees and a loyalty bonus limited to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents.

Prime Minister John Key yesterday reiterated the Government’s promise that Kiwis would be first in the queue for shares and said he would hold to his election-year promise to aim to keep ownership of at least 85 per cent of Mighty River Power in New Zealand hands. Of that, 51 per cent will be the stake that remains in Government ownership.

A website launched today will be accessible only from within New Zealand as a sign of the Government’s sensitivity. “The Government’s intentions are crystal clear; that is . . . New Zealanders at every turn are favoured,” Mr Key said.

But opponents are accusing the Government of ignoring widespread opposition to asset sales. They have collected nearly 400,000 signatures in a bid to force a referendum.? Read more »