Gay feelings matter to the NZ Herald but Jewish feelings don’t.


The NZ Herald do not have a consistent policy when it comes to moderation. When they published an article about a Gay man they cautioned their readers to be mindful of what they said in the comment section on facebook but when they published an article about the Auschwitz gas chamber not only did they not caution their readers to be mindful of what they said, they allowed highly offensive anti-Semitic comments to be made on their facebook page and they didn’t remove them. It seems that Gay feelings matter but Jewish feelings don’t to the NZ Herald.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Moderator speaking

Hi Folks.

It has been a long time since we have taken the opportunity to speak to you in a post, but it is probably necessary to just go over a few things. ?You can always read the rules, of course. ?Links to the rules are posted twice a day in General Debate and Backchat (7am and 6pm). ?We really are proactive in keeping them in front of you at all times.

Since the ad-free membership, some people feel that ad-free should also include some degree of amnesty from commenting mistakes, lighter moderation or even no moderation for those who are paying for the ad-free access service. Read more »

Mike King points out one of the many serious flaws with social media

Both Facebook and Twitter are failing to provide consistency in their business models. No matter what side of the free speech divide you are on as a customer you expect a business to enforce its rules fairly and dispassionately. Furthermore, you expect its rules to be simple and easy to understand so they are easy to enforce.Mike King has alerted Facebook to a serious issue that is still unresolved. It should not be this hard to get a suicide video removed and it reflects the worldwide problem of social media giants who are unable or unwilling to moderate their forums adequately or consistently.Ironically Facebook has a suicide prevention feature?but it has failed to remove a video of an actual suicide.

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Whaleoil House Rules

As our readership continues?to grow it is a good idea periodically to explain our house rules as well as the reasoning behind them. Mainstream media in New Zealand and overseas have been closing down their comment sections due to an inability to keep the discourse on topic and civil. A few years ago our Blog used to be referred to as a “cess pool ” because of the behaviour of some of our commenters. Now, the very blogs who used to mock our readers are the ones with ” cess pools ” of their own while we stand head and shoulders above the rest with the quality of our comments and the civility of our commenters.

Our readers do not just come to Whaleoil for our posts. A big draw card is other people’s comments which reveal an interesting range of ideas and knowledge. Whaleoil is also a safe place to express your opinion as you can do so secure in the knowledge that there will be no personal attacks or rudeness towards you from those who disagree with you.There is no ” Free Speech ” on the blog. If you want unfettered free speech you can go to one of the ” cess pool ” blogs. You will get to swear and be off topic and rude but what you will notice is that the comment sections there are not very pleasant places to be. You may also find that even though many blogs claim they have Free Speech, they still remove comments and ban commenters.

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Yet another online media outlet ?has shut off the comment section’s on their articles.At a time when media companies are struggling to survive, they should ?ask themselves why their ?comments hold so much ridicule and criticism. ?If they do not want to see certain comments it is not that hard to moderate them.Technology makes it easy but most MSM these days do not value their readers enough to allow them to have their say.

The Billings Gazette is so backward that they now expect their readers to send a physical letter to the editor. This is as ridiculous as expecting someone to send a message via carrier pigeon. We communicate in the ” instant ” digital world. It is insulting to their readers to expect them to revert to snail mail. It is as silly as a BMW dealership telling their customers to buy an actual horse if they want more horsepower.

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Chris Trotter improves moderation on his blog Bowalleyroad

While Media companies in both New Zealand and worldwide are shutting down their comments section online, some people like Chris Trotter are meeting the challenge of providing a respectful and polite forum where commenters stick to the topics being discussed. I compliment Mr Trotter on this improvement and feel certain that it will increase his readership as well as make discussions on his blog a lot more enjoyable for participants who genuinely want to discuss the issues of the day.

Moderation has certainly achieved that for us here at Whaleoil and we have the left wing blogs to thank for it. Personally I got irritated at how they constantly criticised us for having some rude and abusive commenters despite their blogs having exactly the same difficulties. Now in contrast to them we are a model of propriety while theirs ( with the exception now of Bowalleyroad ) still suffer from hooliganism.

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Non PC Media sites are as hot as the Auckland Housing Market

There is a reason why Whaleoil is so popular ?and is the number one blog site in New Zealand. ?Like Auckland houses, non-PC media sites are in demand. ?Readers are flocking to them because they are sick of the standard one-eyed fare from traditional media. For true media balance there needs to be both sides of the story. PC opinions need the counterbalance of sometimes “offensive” truth. The latest website to soar in popularity is

Breitbart News smashed company traffic records in July, generating 192 million pageviews, 31 million unique visitors, and 89 million sessions. Last month?s metrics pushed the conservative news giant to over one billion pageviews so far in 2016?a 28% jump in 30 days from last month?s previous record high.

?We set out to build a first-in-class media company that provides warp speed, on the ground reporting from anywhere in the world,? said Breitbart CEO and President Larry Solov. ?From London to Los Angeles, Jerusalem to the Rio Grande?Breitbart is there. These latest traffic metrics are further evidence that strategy connects with our massive and growing global audience.?

When the company re-launched its website in 2012, Breitbart generated roughly 12 million pageviews a month; today, it does 16 times as much traffic.
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Radio New Zealand and others to turn off comments on their sites


When RNZ switched on comments last year, it was an experiment to see whether we could create a space where thoughtful and insightful comments would thrive.

And while the comments have been, for the most part, exactly that, there haven’t been many people involved in that conversation.

So essentially, RNZ have let these people down. Instead of protecting the people who are putting thoughtful and insightful comments online, they are now letting the mob win.? Read more »

Housekeeping: User Blocking on Whaleoil


Have you ever wished you could “mute” someone in the comments? Ever wished you had the power to make people disappear, just like I have? Today’s a good day for you then.

Disqus now lets you block a user so you won’t see their comments. The comments are still there, and others will be able to see them, but they will not appear for you.

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From the moderation mailbox

> Hi,
> I have done my penance for what i still don,t know ! Can i now be reinstated?
> I cant buy any products through WOBH site because i am blocked by you guys,not a good look from your advertisers point of view!
> Regards, [John].

To which I responded

> That’s not how things work John. I’ve just upgraded your ban to permanent.
> It appears our initial assessment was spot on.

The initial reason for giving him some time away was that he wasn’t leaving suitable comments.? In our internal jargon, he was “being a dick”.

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