Mohamed Elmouelhy

Why Halal certification is a big deal


I need to add one more item to my list of the covert techniques used by Muslim activists to colonise Western countries by stealth. The saying that springs to mind is death by a thousand cuts. Our democracies will be dismantled not by an honest full frontal military assault but by small changes that seem insignificant at the the time. Halal certification to naive Western eyes appears to be a business that is required to gain lucrative Islamic countries’ business as well as to supply the rising demand for Halal certified products inside Western countries from the growing Muslim population.

In reality, it is all part of a larger plan to Islamise us. What amazes me most about Muslim activists like the Australian Head of Halal certification Mohamed Elmouelhy is his honesty on social media. Like the now imprisoned British activist Anjem Choudary, he does not even bother to hide his desire to turn Australia into an Islamic country. This is a man being paid handsomely to subvert Australia’s democracy from inside the tent.

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