Mojo Mathers

Green Taliban Bill to protect Bigfoot


Seriously, you can?t make this stuff up.

Green Taliban MP Mojo Mathers has a Supplementary Order Paper #47 to the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill that looks like being debated today. ? Read more »

Today: Sexism. Tomorrow: Racism.

Photo Ross Giblin, copyright Dominion Post, Fairfax.

Photo Ross Giblin, copyright Dominion Post, Fairfax.

You know what they say about a woman scorned…

Labour has been accused of sexism for its failure to seriously consider Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei for a spot on a powerful intelligence committee.

During a debate in the House this afternoon on the membership of the Intelligence and Security Committee, Green MP Mojo Mathers said she was “dismayed” by comments made by Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“He said that he did not invite our co-leader Metiria Turei to be on the committee because he wanted someone with … ‘skills, understanding and experience’ … implying that Metiria did not have these qualities, which is so far from the truth as to be farcical.”

I wonder what Turei’s exprience in Intelligence actually is? ? ?I wonder if Mojo would be so kind as to make up a list and shoot it to me via email. ?Happy to publish it. Read more »

When Charters help it’s “Freebies” …

…but when a State schools does it Child Poverty Action?Group?has them “removing financial barriers to education”.

South Auckland Middle School?and the about to be opened Middle School West Auckland?have been criticised by the Left and teacher unions for:

– providing free uniform.

– providing free stationery.

– charging no donations.

They manage to do this after receiving 1/20 of a State school set-up fund and operating on decile 3 funding. ?? Read more »

Countdown loses its mojo

NZSL - Annoyed

NZSL – Annoyed

You don?t get to tuck into A$5.6 million a year as CEO of Woolworths and not expect a few doors to be open to you.

It?s also a case that at those lofty heights, you?d expect the advice you receive would be probably quite good.

But clearly this is not the case when it comes to Countdown owners? – Progressive Enterprises, ultimate boss Grant O?Brien.

Sources within the Green Taliban are furious that Grant O?Brien and Dave Chambers are seeking a private meeting with David Cunliffe; no doubt to tell him to pull?Clayton Cosgrove into line and stop the bashing up of Countdown. ? Read more »

Almost as good a dancing naked around the maypole!

The hippies have been out in force…well ok maybe not in force, but you get the general idea.

Why they can’t stick to naked maypole dancing I don’t know, or maybe some Morris Dancing?

Young and old lined up on New Brighton beach to back the campaign for a clean energy future.

About 80 people turned up at the pier on Saturday to join Hands Across the Sand.

“People are gathered at the beach today in symbolic defence of our land and oceans from dangerous fossil fuel exploration and extraction; and to demand action on climate change,” said Green MP Mojo Mathers. ? Read more »

Is someone trying to trip-up the Taxpayers’ Union? (Warning #fauxoutrage)

As?I blogged earlier?the Herald covers Mojo Mathers 800km taxpayer funded round trip to?meet with constituents, speak at a meeting, appear on TV, speak on a tin pot community radio station for one hour.

According to the Green Party MPs tweeting, Skype doesn?t work in Masterton and Green MPs should be able to spend taxpayer funds without mean reporters and lobby groups asking questions.

As you?d expect the left have jumped in boots and all accusing the Herald on Sunday and the Taxpayers? Union of targeting someone with a disability. Nevermind that the travel has nothing to do with the disability.

On the one hand they demand, and in the case of Mojo Mathers, made quite a song and dance about treating people with disabilities equally and then when the shit hits the fan try and shield themselves from criticism by erecting the shield of sanctimony covered with a protecting film of cry-babyism. They want equality, but protect themselves from criticism by hiding behind the disability.? Read more »

No one does hypocrisy like a Green MP [UPDATED]

The Green party and their MPs have something not unlike Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility, except it is called the ‘Shield of Sanctimony’.

They lecture and hector all of us about how terrible we all are as humans, destroying the planet and insist that increased taxes and bans on things they disapprove of are the only salvation. The decry air transport, hate on fossil fuels and want us all to bike and use wind or solar power.

Then they go and do the exact opposite.

Questions are being asked about a taxpayer-funded trip for deaf MP Mojo Mathers to be interviewed on a small provincial radio station.

The Green MP says the 800km trip on the taxpayer dollar was essential, but a taxpayer group queries whether it was fiscally and environmentally responsible.

On Friday, Parliament’s only deaf MP flew from Christchurch to Wellington, then drove to Masterton, to participate in ArrowFM’s Wheels on Fire programme for people with disabilities.

ArrowFM is one of 12 Community Access Radio stations in New Zealand, and the only community station in Wairarapa. Its audience is not known, but its Facebook page has 132 “likes”. ? Read more »

‘We just want to get on with rebuilding Christchurch’ – reader

A reader emails:


You may have picked up on this already but if you haven?t here?s what the time wasters are up to in?Christchurch.

Most people just want to get on with rebuilding the city and good on Roger Sutton for telling these idiots to get lost!

ThIs is the article he is talking about?where the Green Taliban and Labour tried to hold up the joint for a protest.

Political events are banned in the Christchurch red zone, says earthquake recovery chief Roger Sutton.

The red-zone cordon became the stage for a piece of political street theatre today, as Labour and Green Party politicians tried to access Cathedral Square for a protest.

Green Party MPs Eugenie Sage and Mojo Mathers, along with Labour MP Ruth Dyson were originally granted access?to lay a wreath at a stone cairn in Cathedral Square to mark the “loss of democracy” in Christchurch.? Read more »

It’s gotta be a joke, right?…

Breaking news…

Kim Dotcom’s campaign for better mattresses in prison has stepped up a gear with Labour joining the cause.

“Kim paid good money for a decent mattress.? Banks just told him to piss off.? Kim’s outraged and now Banksie is paying the price,” choirboy and Dotcom’s in-house saint Wayne Tempero complained.

In Parliament, Labour has savagely attacked the Prime Minister for not understanding the gravity of Dotcom’s mattress distress.

“Does the Prime Minister agree that everyone deserves a better mattress when they’re in prison??Wayne Tempero and Dotcom’s credibility are beyond reproach, why does the Prime Minister refuse to accept their word?”?thundered Labour Leader David Shearer.

The Prime Minister apologised unequivocally.

“Mr Banks should have followed precedent and decided that as a political donor Mr Dotcom was automatically entitled to residency, citizenship, property, special laws that would benefit him, and possibly even an honorary consul’s position. On behalf of the Government, I apologise for our failures in this area.”

Mr Key said the mattress issue was just the tip of the iceberg and Labour’s demand for preferential treatment of Mr Dotcom was the standard that New Zealand had previously set.

“It’s just outrageous that people facing extradition should not have their political donations taken into account. ?Wayne Tempero and Kim Dotcom are fine upstanding citizens.? As usual, the Greens have called for a Royal Commission into the mattress debacle.? And on this occasion they are right.”

Green co-co-co-co leader Mojo Mathers, and spokesGreen on mattress issues, appeared satisfied with that reply and welcomed the Royal Commission into the adequacy of prison bedding.

“I look forward to hearing all the evidence on prison mattresses. ?It’s a very hard issue to deal with,” she signed.

Politician of the Week not Mojo but Boris

Unfortunately the comments that caused me to award Mojo Mathers politician of the week have now been attributed to Todd McClay?who has clarified:

My question was in relation to possible charges for online content not their normal broadcasters. Ie they have some great series, programmes etc that whilst they should remain free to NZers, as with BBC, could be on a fee paying basis for foreigners. Just as you can buy BBC dvds, or programmes from overseas radio and news services. They have huge amounts of content which is not even digitized yet.

So it looks like Todd McClay should have the Politician of the Week for?suggesting?that Radio New Zealand starts charging for some content.