Molly Norris

Ten cartoons that the censors do not want you to see

TICP (The Israel Cartoon Project) is a platform for the best Israeli cartoonists and pro-Israeli cartoonists from around the world. It was created with one simple goal in mind; to tell the rest of the world the truth about Israel.
The BDS is an example of one of the many global Anti-Israeli Campaigns that Israelis and Jews face world wide. TICP was created as a creative new approach to addressing these kind of campaigns.

TICP like Israel is heavily outnumbered. This morning when I first received notification of the 10 cartoons on my Facebook feed the link to the very first cartoon on buzzfeed had been removed by buzzfeed. The only version I could find on the Internet was this very small one.


This is the TICP cartoon removed by Buzz feed almost immediately after it was posted on Facebook

This is what TICP is up against and it is why I want to spread the cartoons as far and wide as possible. Cartoonists are being silenced all over the world. In Paris they were massacred, in America they are forced to go into hiding because of death threats and on the internet entities like facebook, twitter and buzzfeed remove their cartoons.Western news organisations refuse to publish cartoons out of fear.

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Face of the day

American cartoonist Molly Norris remains in hiding four years after she suggested a 'Everybody Draw Muhammad

American cartoonist Molly Norris remains in hiding five years after she suggested a ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day ‘

?Today’s face of the day is Molly Norris, a?los desaparecidos?who was abandoned by the American government. She was forced to go into hiding ?due to death threats from Muslims in America. Her crime was violating Islamic blasphemy laws inside America. These are laws that don’t exist except inside the minds of American Muslims. An Islamic Fatwa was issued against her and it has destroyed her career and life.

In Argentina, in the time of the right-wing generals, many Argentinians were made to ?disappear? ? that is, they were killed for their political views, often in such grisly ways as being thrown out of airplanes. They became known, in Spanish, as ?los desaparecidos? (?the disappeared ones?). But there is another set of ?los desaparecidos? ? people who all over the advanced Western world, that world which prides itself on its protection of free speech ? have been threatened with death because of what they dared to say or write about Islam, and have been forced to go into permanent hiding, changing their identities, ?disappearing themselves.? It?s a sign of the times that there is no general outrage, no marches in support of those threatened with death for speaking their mind about Islam, no political leaders in the United States reminding us in public of this campaign of Muslim intimidation, that has destroyed the lives of those who were brave enough to speak out about Islam who had to ?disappear themselves.

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‘There is no more Molly’


American cartoonist Molly Norris remains in hiding four years after she suggested a ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad day ‘

Molly Norris is/was a Liberal cartoonist who has disappeared off the face of the earth after getting islamic death threats. The paper she worked for announced ‘There is no more Molly’ and that was that. No one knows if she is alive or dead or where she is. In her Liberal innocence she had no idea what she had unleashed upon herself when she suggested a Draw Muhammad day after becoming upset at the censorship of her favourite show South Park.

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