Time to apply the same logic at our national borders as company recruiters

Nothing is quite so annoying as a person who says, ” do as I say, not as I do.” ?In this article we look at Silicon Valley companies that are opposed to strong borders to protect a country’s culture but are ruthless when it comes to the protection of their individual company culture.

Ask a startup?CEO what the most important thing at his company is, and you?re likely to hear something about the ?company culture? ? a?unique blend of values and workplace norms that give startups their unique vibe.

It?s something that tech companies are very proud of, particularly in Silicon Valley

….Valley startups?understand the importance of culture to an organisation?s success. Indeed, tech companies take company cultures so far that they turn into borderline cults.

Some would argue that a company?s culture is even more important than the skills and experience of senior hires. Indeed, it?s now?accepted practice for potential employees to be rejected because hiring managers don?t think they?d be a ?good fit? in the company?s atmosphere.

Which of course?makes sense. Different companies work differently and no one culture is the perfect fit for every startup.

…Every startup CEO knows?this and takes pride in his company?s?distinctiveness. Many believe that it is precisely their company culture that affords them a competitive edge.

CEOs often?hire a small percentage of??bad fits? on purpose, in order to avoid groupthink in long-established teams ? say, 2.5 to 5 per cent. But any more than that starts tearing the company apart, causing it to lose its edge and flavour.

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