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Shootout at the Whakatane OK Funeral

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Police have arrested 12 people following a gang shooting in Whakatane earlier this month.

You have to wonder why this is only just news now, don’t you?  Moving on…   Read more »

Darwin called and three gang members answered, shame Darwin missed one though

What a terrible shame…that one survived.

Mongrel Mob member Ronald Rigby had methamphetamine in his blood and was trying to prevent another car overtaking when he drove himself and three other gang members off a 125-metre cliff near Wairoa, a coroner has found.

Rigby, 53, Nathan Isaac, 29, and Terry Stone, 31, died when the Honda Inspire they were in left the road and plunged into the Mohaka River, 40km south of Wairoa, on November 7 last year.

A fourth man in the car, Anthony Atkinson, miraculously survived.

The men had been on their way to the gang’s 50th anniversary celebrations in Hastings. They had passed through the small settlement of Raupunga and the car was making its way up an incline out of the river gorge about 2.45pm when another car travelling in the same direction, a Honda Prelude, attempted to pass it on a gentle left-hand bend.

Police located the Prelude in Raupunga days later but have not been able to establish who drove it at the time. The men who police believe were in the car have told police they received legal advice not to make a statement.

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Gangs gang up on Judith Collins

Two lifetime members of the Mongrel Mob have voiced their support of a lifetime Black Power member and the work he does with prisoners.

Ngapari Nui was suspended from his volunteer role by Corrections, which claimed it didn’t know the kaumatua was a gang member.

But Mr Nui disputes that and says he couldn’t get through to the offenders if he wasn’t a gang member.

Edge Te Whaiti and Harry Tam have been patched members of the Mongrel Mob Notorious chapter for 40 years.

Despite the gangs’ traditional rivalry, they want to publicly support Black Power member Mr Nui, who has been suspended from his volunteer work in prisons.

“It’s bullsh**, that they can have Ngapari working in there and then all of a sudden turn their back on him,” says Mr Te Whaiti.

“The good that he has done as a kaumatua has been forgotten because he’s affiliated, to me that’s [one of] the most dumbest things I’ve ever bloody heard of,” Mr Tam says.

Mr Nui has been volunteering in prisons for 15 years, six of those as kaiwhakamana – a vetted and registered visitor providing support and advice to prisoners.

His gang membership only became an issue last week, when Corrections Minister Judith Collins said if he wanted to work in prisons he’d have to hang up his patch.

How many gang members did Mr Nui assist away from a life of crime over 15 years?  Have any of them left their gangs due to his counsel?  Read more »

Court of Appeal rejects Mobsters attempt to reduce their sentences

THE COURT of Appeal has sent perhaps its sternest message in years to the gangs by rejecting outright efforts by a group of Mongrel Mob members to have their jail terms cut for their role in a high-profile gangland attack.

In August last year Derek Maynard Savage, 52, Deuce Derrick Junior Evo Rua Savage, 23, and Terere Kiwaho MacDonald, 29 were sentenced to 12 and-a-half years behind bars, with a minimum non-parole period of six years and three months, for discharging a firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

In addition, Deuce Savage was sentenced to an additional two years and three months on a charge of aggravated robbery, and demanding with intent to steal in relation to a previous offence.

The charges related to the September 2013 gangland shooting of Jeremy Patrick August and Gavin Dean Pirini, at a River Rd property in Kawerau.

Both men were required to spend lengthy periods in hospital undergoing and recovering from numerous operations. In the aftermath of the shooting, they also both lost their jobs apparently had suffered significant psychological trauma.

The sentences were among the toughest on record and a clear sign by the courts gang violence, especially that involving the use of firearms, would no longer be tolerated.

All three men appealed against the length of the sentence handed down by Justice Lang in the High Court at Rotorua on the grounds the starting point of 12 ½ years imprisonment on the most serious counts of discharging firearms with intent to cause grievous bodily harm was too high.    Read more »

More violence on Corrections watch as inmate stabbed at Auckland Prison

AN INMATE at maximum security Paremoremo Prison is lucky to be alive after being stabbed in the back by the same man who killed prison guard Jason Palmer five years ago.

The American-born guard died in Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital on May 16, 2010 after being punched by inmate Latu Kepu at Springhill Correctional Facility the day before.

Kepu was later convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to six years and four months in jail, on top of the existing term of two years and eight months he was already serving.

Palmer was opening Kepu’s cell door to escort him to the exercise yard when he was attacked. He fell backwards and hit his head on concrete paving, causing the fatal injuries.

The former US marine had laid several misconduct charges against Kepu, including one the day before the deadly attack.   Read more »

Nashy’s pimped poor person makes the news, is a Mob associate and owns a pitbull

The other day Stuart Nash, the Labour candidate for Napier was calling on people from Facebook to contact him regarding an article on poverty for the Hawkes Bay Today.

pimping the poor


And wonder will never cease, today the HB Today has their story pimping the poor.

Solo mum Fleur Mitchell is on the verge of having her power disconnected and losing her house as she struggles to overcome mounting debt.

Ms Mitchell, 37, is a cancer survivor who still requires regular medical attention. She is on an invalids benefit and receives about $500 from WINZ per week.

However, the money isn’t enough to help her weather a spate of bad luck.

Ms Mitchell’s eldest son, Dallas, is studying at EIT to gain a diploma in computer programming.

As there was no room in Ms Mitchell’s Hastings house for Dallas, he is living in a rented cabin on the property.

Dallas wasn’t eligible for a student allowance because he technically lived at home. As a result, he has racked up more than $9000 in debt, which was discouraging him from continuing his tertiary study.

“This debt. It’s just killing him and it’s killing me, too,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Where is the help for people like us?”

Ms Mitchell’s youngest son, Oliver, had been gifted a $600 custom scooter by his grandparents.

Oliver’s scooter was stolen from outside Hastings Countdown last week.

After Ms Mitchell posted about the scooter on Facebook, Hastings District Council’s iWay programme donated Oliver a new scooter this week.

Ms Mitchell said she was extremely grateful for iWay’s generosity, but her circumstances remained dire.

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So-called tough guy wants lighter sentence because he is Maori

Here I was thinking that Mongrel Mob members were supposed to be tough, but this blouse wants a reduced sentence because he is…wait for it…Maori.

He should hand his patch back, what a blouse.

A Mongrel Mob member facing more than six years in jail is appealing his manslaughter sentence on the grounds being Maori puts him at a social disadvantage.

The Court of Appeal reserved its decision, with a judge labelling the request as “radical” during the hearing in Auckland today.

Jessie Mika, who has been involved with a gang since he was 16 and has “Mobsta” tattooed across his face, was sentenced in September to six years and nine months in jail for causing the death of a teenage boy during a car chase in Canterbury.

Christchurch defence lawyer James Rapley said Maori should receive shorter prison sentences because they come from an environment of social deprivation and inequality.

“Fifty-one per cent of the prison population is Maori,” he told the Court of Appeal. “Everyone says everyone should be treated alike and equally, but not everyone is equal.”  Read more »

How the world sees NZ and Maori

Al Jazeera has run a documentary about Maori “warriors” in prison

We need to start having an honest discussion about those who are committing violent crimes in New Zealand, without the discussion being hijacked by people that Thomas Sowell describes as “race-hustlers”.

One thing for sure we shouldn’t do is listen to crim-hugging drop kick Kim Workman who appears in this documentary.

New Zealand ranks as one of the world’s most peaceful countries in the Global Peace Index every year. Yet despite a strong reputation for social justice and equality, the South Pacific nation has the second highest rate of imprisonment rates in the western world.

In the past two decades, the jail population has doubled. One international study examining law and order across western nations attributes it to a “tough on crime” approach by New Zealand’s political parties since the 1980’s, even though crime rates are low.  Read more »

Will Labour’s affordable housing look like this?

Free hundy for a one beddie, and Free Fiddy for a free beddie. For that, you get to live in the worst suburb in the Wellington Region (Pomare) with Mongrel Mob gang members as neighbours. The most feared words in Pomare will be “Yo bro, I’m yo new neighbah”

While pricing is still being worked out, “we’re trying to do some affordable housing.

“We’re not trying to turn this into an Avalon or a Military Rd . . . we can’t do that.”

The aim is to provide two- bedroom, one-bathroom, one- garage 96sqm homes on a 250sqm section for about $300,000. Three- bed, two-bath, two-garage 118sqm places on larger sections could go for $350,000 to $375,000.

The three HNZ Star flats – each with 12 two-bedroom units – would remain, perhaps with some extra decking.



I’m sure the Gen Y buyers wanting Herne Bay and Devonport might be disappointed when they see what the Government can really do for $300k in the Auckland region.  Read more »

Crusher needs to change this

Two young men told a judge that they reoffended because their life is better behind bars.

Christopher Blackley, 21, and Nathan Graham, 17, appeared side-by-side in the dock at Palmerston North District Court yesterday on charges relating to burglaries in Feilding last year.

Judge Gerard Lynch sentenced Blackley to five years and nine months prison on charges of burglary and escaping police custody. There were also two counts of aggravated robbery.

Blackley had earlier been sentenced to six months imprisonment on September 13, for his 14th and 15th burglary convictions, but was released from Manawatu Prison on October 27. By October 30 he was breaking the law again.

Quite a few changes needed here. First up Prison needs to be worse than life ont he outside. Secondly panty-waist liberals need to stop hugging career criminals.

It is clear that some of the criminal class should just be locked up and forgotten about. These two probably fit that category.

His lawyer Fergus Steedman said Blackley had experienced a tough life growing up in Feilding.

“When he was 12 his mother had to choose between him or her new partner, and she chose her new partner. He was left with no-one and placed into CYF care for three years. He always knew he was gay. This also made life harder for him.

“He said to me that sadly life on the inside is easier than life on the outside. Life on the outside … he never really had anything or anyone.”

Co-offender Graham, who is said to be affiliated with the Manawatu/Tararua Mongrel Mob, was sentenced to 22 months imprisonment on a count of wilful damage, a count of burglary, and a count of aggravated robbery. The charge of wilful damage occurred at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison in September last year when he smashed glass and broke lights in his cell.

His lawyer Peter Coles said he had grown up in a life of crime, with both of his parents and his mother’s partner having criminal records.

Mr Coles said Graham had also stated things were better for him in prison as there was nowhere for him to go in the real world.

I can’t believe he pulled the gay card as one of the reasons for his career in robbery. The excuses for their life of crime are pathetic. If they like prison so much then might I suggest a nice long stretch breaking rocks.

That’s where Crusher comes in, because the liberal panty-waists, like a certain third rate conveyancing lawyer from, ironically,  a small town in the Manawatu won’t want career criminals doing hard things like breaking rocks.