Monorail cancelled, Lyle Lanley despondent, moving on to Shelbyville

Nick Smith has announced that he has declined the application to build the Monorail in Fiordland.

The application by Riverstone Holdings Limited to build and operate a $240 million monorail in Fiordland has been declined by Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith.

?This proposal does not stand up either economically or environmentally. The independent tourism and financial analysis concluded it was not viable. There would be a significant impact on the area?s flora, fauna and natural heritage. The route is not sufficiently defined to properly assess the impacts,? Dr Smith says.? Read more »

Is Nick Smith our very own Lyle Lanley?

Looks like Nick Smith is looking at a genuine, bonafide, electrified, six car monorail for Fiordland.

Conservation minister Nick Smith today inspected the proposed route for the $200 million Fiordland monorail and released official advice recommending approval.? Read more »

Lens bullshit about railways

Len Brown is currently troughing it up on a jaunt to Sydney…is he trying to buy the monorail

Meanwhile Lyin? Len continues to want to spend vast ratepayer wealth on 19th century technology?

Google is developing self-driving cars that will be able to move faster and more efficiently than current cars because their 21st century technology, like the 19th century technology of fixed rails, effectively prevents cars from colliding.

Nineteenth century fixed rails take you where the railroad, or its government subsidizer, wants you to go. Self-driving cars will take you where you want to go, with as many stops as you like along the way.

That’s in line with the way Millennials lead their lives. The iPod/Facebook generation fashions its own playlists and friends lists, rather than let central decisionmakers choose for them.

Do they never learn?

? NZ Herald

Is someone going to have to go down to Invercargill and play the monorail song to the fools wanting to run one through Fiordland:

Fiordland National Park is at risk of being turned into a theme park if a proposed monorail through the Snowdon Forest goes ahead, a hearing in Invercargill was told yesterday.

Riverstone Holding Ltd wants to build the $150 million, 43km monorail from the Kiwi Burn entrance near Mavora Lakes to Te Anau Downs.

The Department of Conservation has indicated it will approve the concession, subject to public submissions.

All 19 submitters at the hearing, chaired by Graeme Ayres, opposed it.

Reasons for the opposition were destruction of ecological values, natural remoteness and solitude and the adverse effects on recreational use of the area.

Hunter Glen Dean said the monorail would destroy pristine natural areas which were easily accessible but still felt completely remote.

“This is a wilderness area that’s accessible to, in particular, locals, and this monorail concept is not something we want. I despise turning our conservation land into a theme park like Disneyland.”

Shhh, don’t tell Len

? The Telegraph

Let’s hope Len Brown isn’t reading the Aussie papers about Sydney dismantling their monorail:

SYDNEY monorail will be torn down after the State Government bought it for $19.8 million.

It’s been slammed as ugly, intrusive and revealed to be one of the most expensive public transport systems in the world.

The NSW Government has purchased the company that owns it, Metro Transport?Sydney, announcing this morning it will remove the monorail to fit a new convention centre at Darling Harbour.

It will be torn down “as soon as feasible” .

Premier Barry O’Farrell said today that the monorail had never been “truly embraced by the community”.

“This is good news for Sydney it delivers certainty for business wanting to invest in the Darling Harbour precinct and allows the efficient development of the light rail network,” Premier Barry O’Farrell said.

“The monorail is not integrated with Sydney’s wider public transport network and has never been truly embraced by the community.

“While it has been a controversial part of Sydney’s history for more than 20 years, the monorail is reaching the end of its economic life and the NSW Government cannot justify costly upgrades like the purchase of new vehicles required to keep it running.

I can see Conor Roberts now warming up his vocal cords for a few resounding renditions of the Monorail Song.


Riverstone obviously are not Simpsons fans. The residents of Te Anau are though.

Good to see that the same xenophobia acting against the Westpac Farms formerly owned by the Crafar family is acting against the monorail.

One resident questioned how the company could change the natural landscape of the area “just to bring a few Chinamen here”.

No it’s not racism at all…Chinee don’t count.

Monorail going cheap

There is a move in Sydney, which is undergoing a major tourism infrastructure upgrade programme, to tear down their?monorail:

The state’s top infrastructure advisers are encouraging developers planning Sydney’s new convention centre precinct to tear down the much-maligned monorail.

Infrastructure NSW is drafting plans to redevelop the Darling Harbour Convention Centre in partnership with one of three consortiums on a shortlist for the multimillion-dollar building contract.

A final tender round will be released in March but senior government sources say the organisation is happy to see the monorail’s ageing infrastructure removed if it is missing from the design of the winning bidder.

The chairman of Infrastructure NSW, Nick Greiner, who inherited the monorail when he was elected premier in 1988, and its chief executive, Paul Broad, have told those around them they expect the monorail to be pulled down.

The?Herald?has been told that bidders regard the 3.6-kilometre circuit as a constraint on the scope of the redevelopment.

A source from one consortium said no decision had been made ”but the word from the government is ‘don’t let the monorail constrain your thinking”’.

Shhh…no one tell Len Brown that a monorail?could be available real cheap at knock down prices, and it is just the thing he would think Auckland needs. I might have to nickname him Len “Lyle Lanely” Brown otherwise.

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