Mossack Fonseca

Astonishing news from Panama Papers hack – Lawyers do their jobs

The consortium of left-wing numpties have released the astonishing news that Lawyers apparently do their jobs, and worse they appear to also talk with other lawyers…overseas.

New Zealand law firms that lobbied the government in 2014 against shutting down the foreign trust industry in this country had extensive links to Mossack Fonseca.

So what, they represent clients, they talked to ministers about changes. It’s called politics and lobbying and it happens everywhere. You don’t think the unions are just enjoying cucumber sandwiches and jugs of chardonnay when they waltz into Labour ministers’ offices do you?

Four of the five firms that met with and lobbied the then Revenue Minister Todd McClay have done a varying amount of business with the controversial Panamanian law firm, with Auckland-based firm Cone Marshall featuring most prominently.

The Panama Papers also show the man who has long handled Prime Minister John Key’s personal legal matters, Ken Whitney, had links to Mossack Fonseca through two companies – registered in the British Virgin Islands, with Mossack Fonseca as their agent. Mr Whitney also acted as a referee for Karen Marshall of Cone Marshall in 2009.

Foreign trusts and New Zealand’s rules have been under the spotlight since the release of the Panama Papers, which revealed how the Panamanian law firm orchestrated a worldwide web of companies designed to let people hide money and avoid taxes.

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But it ticks all the boxes says Vance and Hager

The Media party have gone all in on the Panama Papers.

You have award winning journalists like Andrea Vance claiming:

All high-profile individuals, shamed by Panama Papers revelations.

But New Zealand doesn?t just have its share of wealthy tax-dodgers.

This is an entire country embarrassed and tarnished by the contents of Mossack Fonesca?s secret files.

An entire country shamed? Really?

Nicky Hager also claims:

But the Panama Papers reveal to New Zealanders something that very few of us have known: that this sort of stuff has been allowed to go on in New Zealand as well.

The Panama Papers leave no doubt at all that New Zealand is being used as one of those tax havens.

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Sensible and rational answers to stupid and irrational Media party campaigning

The first person the Media party have attempted to name and shame for daring to be a lawyer/accountant working with trusts, Roger Thompson, has responded to silly questions from Radio NZ.

His answers show just how out of depth the Media?party are in reporting legal and complex issues such as trusts and financial matters.

You, Bentleys and Mossack Fonseca NZ are extensively named throughout the “Panama Papers”. How do you respond to that?

I have provided professional services to Mossack Fonseca NZ. This includes acting as a professional director of an associated trustee company.

Looking at the data it seems that a relatively small number of trusts or companies have been established in New Zealand that are related to Mossack Fonseca.

In fact New Zealand does not feature in the 10 top jurisdictions. See the chart labelled “The 10 most popular tax havens in the Panama Papers”.

I think the painting of New Zealand as a tax haven has been grossly exaggerated.

And irresponsible. The Media party are actually putting people at risk with their egregious breaches of privacy. Worse they are claiming some higher good, and moral equivalence for doing claiming “public interest”. Most of the public will have eyes glazed over with boredom as this shabby little hit takes place. ? Read more »

Aren’t the Media party so proud of themselves today

TVNZ have put out a media release this morning boasting of their awesomeness over the so-called Panama Papers.

Let’s dissect this, shall we?

This morning, a major investigative collaboration between ONE News, RNZ News and journalist and author Nicky Hager exposes more New Zealand links to secret offshore trusts that are operating in this country to avoid paying tax.

Major investigative collaboration? Oh come on, there was no investigation on the part of the journalists nor from political activist Nicky Hager. Once again, just like Dirty Politics they are laundering the criminal efforts of an anonymous (to some) data thief.

It?s the biggest new development in the Panama Papers scandal since the tax haven records of Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca were first leaked in April.

The big new development appears to reveal that lawyers and accountants set up trusts. ? Read more »

Why did Hager only choose TVNZ and RNZ?


Further to my musings on Hager and the media colluding on a hit on National and John Key,?it kind of came to?me that I could explain why TV3 was being cold shouldered by Hager (because John Campbell is now with Radio New Zealand).

I also figured out why Fairfax are outside the tent (because Andrea Vance is now at TVNZ).

But then it struck me. ? What on earth has happened to the NZ Herald?

Matt Nippert and David Fisher were donkey deep running the Dirty Politics campaign along the Labour Party, Rawshark and Hager play book. ?The New Zealand Herald were having pool parties diving through reams of my emails, mocking me and my friends on a daily basis through the paper, online and through social media. ?They also phoned companies and key people with one sided stories, even managing to get some people sacked.
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Fraser House whispers 2: Which media are the “in crowd” with Nicky Hager?


If you have missed yesterday’s intelligence report on the goings on around Labour, Hager and the Panama Papers hit, quickly catch up and then return.

I’ve run the tapes through a noise filter and managed to pick up some more of the conversation.

As I said yesterday, it appears TV3 have been frozen out from Camp Hager. ?Which seems a little odd, seeing as TV3 are one of the most Government-hostile media companies, and the likes of Owen and Gower would be chomping at the bit to get a freebie served up. Read more »

Fraser House whispers: what’s going on to prep for Tuesday


A whole?truck load of dry knickers have been delivered because the left are in a spin?about this Panama thing.

My secret GCSB supplied microphones around Fraser House have picked a few useful snippets.

Key may be acting lackadaisical, but he’s pretty much puckered up having spent a fair part of yesterday hounding the IRD to disclose where he may be exposed personally and politically. ? The fact he’s left it this late is a good indicator that he didn’t think there was anything wrong, but he’s certainly making sure he goes into Question Time on Tuesday with at least as many facts as the opposition hold. Read more »

Don’t miss Question Time on Tuesday – all hell will break loose

The government is in for a fight when parliament sits on Tuesday.

Foreign trusts, the prime minister’s integrity, departmental incompetence and a suspect land deal – it’s all there and Labour and the Greens are locked and loaded.

It all ties back to the Panama Papers, the millions of documents leaked from Mossack Fonseca, the law firm that specialises in setting up foreign trusts.

It was those documents that led Labour’s David Cunliffe to discover the identity of the buyers of Onetai Station in Taranaki.

They were Argentinian brothers Rafael and Federico Grozovsky, operating through a company called Ceol and Muir.

They were Mossack Fonseca clients, which didn’t mean they’d been involved in anything illegal but inevitably raised suspicions.

The Overseas Investment Office, which investigates applications to buy big slices of farmland (1320ha in this case) gave the Grozovsky brothers the green light in 2013.

They bought the station in 2014, and made no secret of it. Local beef farmers were taken on as advisors, they aimed to increase production.

So far so good. Prime Minister John Key says the Mossack Fonseca connection was irrelevant.

There’s no claim or evidence they used a foreign trust to pay for the station and the deal was handled this end by law firm Kensington Swan.

All hot air? ?Or is there more? ? Read more »

WHALEOIL EXCLUSIVE: John Key’s links to Panama revealed

A detailed and in-depth?Whaleoil investigation has revealed shocking new information that will rock the government to its core.

Our investigative team at Whaleoil?have compiled the evidence to categorically state that John Key is linked to Panama.

The opposition has been hinting at these links for some time, and even last night Grant Robertson tweeted to that effect.

Robbo Tweet

Today Fairfax has a story from David Cunliffe who has also found some sensitive land that is owned by people linked to Panama. It’s not illegal but it does stink apparently.

The Labour Party claims to have identified the?Mossack?Fonseca?client?that?was given approval to buy sensitive land in New Zealand.

Labour’s land information spokesperson David Cunliffe has outed the client as Panama company?Ceol & Muir Inc – it?was?given approval to buy 1300 hectares of land at?Onetai Station in North Taranaki in 2014 for $6 million.

He said the link?was the “tip of the iceberg”. ? Read more »

Some perspective that the Media party and Labour seem to have missed on the Panama Papers

The Media party and Labour are making much of New Zealand’s status in the Panama Papers.

Our media, with the exception of that little rat-faced dick Nicky Hager, don’t seem to have any specific knowledge or indeed access to the documents. Other overseas organisation do, like The Atlantic.

Here is a chart from their site showing the top ten most popular tax havens named in the Panama Papers.


As you can see New Zealand isn’t even listed in the top ten and, frankly, with the numbers shown by the UK and Hong Kong there is actually nothing to worry about. Who in their right mind would describe the UK as a tax haven, and for that matter Hong Kong? Read more »