Is it a smear campaign if it is the truth?


coat or mark (something) messily or carelessly with a greasy or sticky substance.
“his face was smeared with dirt”
synonyms: streak, smudge, stain, mark, soil, dirty; More
damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander.
“someone was trying to smear her by faking letters”
synonyms: sully, tarnish, besmirch, blacken, drag through the mud/mire, stain, taint, damage, defame, discredit, defile, vilify, malign, slander, libel, stigmatize, calumniate;

Is it a smear campaign if it is the truth?

It has always fascinated me reading on left wing blogs about what they call ” dirty politics smears” even when the subject of the so-called smear has admitted publicly that it was the truth. I refer of course to Len Brown. Whaleoil was described by them as being evil and dirty for revealing the truth about Len Brown’s behaviour and his use of council property and money to conduct his affair. Was it a real?smear though? Isn’t a smear dirty precisely because it is based on innuendo and gossip rather than substantiated facts like the signed affidavit that Whaleoil had in its possession?

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Lone gunman’s actions blamed on Donald Trump before any facts are known

A terrible double murder where two men were shot in the back of the head by a lone gunman has shown a very different side to a media usually very reluctant to speculate on motivation or to blame anyone until the facts are known.

The Media has rarely allowed blame to be put on the teachings of Islam or on any hate preacher who has preached violent jihad against infidels even after the facts are known, yet it was not slow to use selected quotes in order to slander the one politician trying to do something practical to protect America from terrorism. By the time this post is published more facts may be available but when I wrote it late Sunday afternoon there was still only speculation.

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Are you the best dad you can be?

The pressure to be the perfect parent is always there. ?It took me a few years to stop feeling guilty. ?I essentially told myself

“You know, you’re not going to win Dad of the Year, ever, but they’ve never missed a meal, are safe, healthy, and you spend quality time with them occasionally. ?I am the dad they got, and stop trying to live up to some ideal that isn’t attainable.”

Why would I share this with the world? ?Well, because I think there is a huge pressure to “be a good dad” that comes from several corners of society. ?And it seems to me a lot of it has to do with quantity instead of quality.

I’ve enjoyed talking to other parents privately to hear they too have had some dark moments during their time as parents. ?In the end, we all start out having to make it up as we go along, and look to our external examples for guidance. ?And that’s where the pressures come in.

What set this off?

This bit of writing.

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Confidence. It works.

Life = Risk


The Truth about Dishonesty

We all lie and cheat just a little bit…a lot.

Are you more honest than a banker? Under what circumstances would you lie, or cheat, and what effect does your deception have on society at large? Dan Ariely, one of the world’s leading voices on human motivation and behaviour is the latest big thinker to get the RSA Animate treatment.


This isn’t an explanation!

? Your NZ

So Chauvel is saying, that the Minister will pick and choose which ‘brands’ should have a minimum price… I see the lawyers having a field-day with that one…

Chauvel clarified things a bit via email but confirmed the open ended ability of ?the Minister? to set an unrestricted?minimum?price.

A minimum pricing regime could simply target that product, say by providing for a ceiling or cap of say $12 per bottle of wine so that other beverages were not affected. That would still double the price of the cheapest existing wine which can be bought at the moment for $6. Or it could be more complex.

So ?it could be double?.

Obviously it would need not to create unintended incentives to purchase other products in lieu of cheap wine on which to preload, or to penalize responsible drinkers.

I don?t know how doubling the price of bottles of cheaper wine would not create all sorts of ?unintended? incentives and disincentives.

And any increase would penalise responsible drinkers. This sounds like trying to reassure responsible drinkers to their faces ? while whacking them in the back pocket.

All this SOP would do is allow price to go into the mix.

With wide ministerial powers, no limitations, and unknown intentions.

Alcohol abuse is a complex and difficult problem to address, but much more effort needs to aim at the problems rather than catching everyone in the crossfire.

Cocaine? is one hell of a drug

Need a bit of sales motivation…this isn’t it.