Anti-tobacco troughers really are stupid


Yesterday the Taxpayers’ Union fired out a release pointing out the blindingly obvious High Taxes Developing Underground Tobacco Market.

The Taxpayers? Union is saddened but not surprised that New Zealanders are turning to the underground and unregulated homegrown tobacco market in response to the Government?s continued hikes in?taxes on smokers.?Reacting to the Wanganui Chronicle report on local?growers exchanging crops on Facebook, Executive Director of the Taxpayers? Union, Jordan Williams, says:

?In Australia high tobacco taxes have led to an underground trade being run by organised crime. It looks like the same problems are starting to take ahold here, under the legal cover of ?home-grown? supplies.?

This followed an article in the Wanganui Chronicle about Homegrown crops being sold online where smokers are turning to tobacco growers to get cheap smokes. ?? Read more »

Cry-Babies of the Week

Ginger whingers crying a river of tears

Ginger whingers crying a river of tears

Apparently, despite catastrophic global warming, winter is cold and a bunch of precious sooks in Motueka, which also happens to be one of the sunniest places in NZ, are having a cry about not being able to wear puffer jackets.

At 8.30am today the temperature on Motueka’s High St was zero degrees Celsius.

Standing close to a pile of leaves in the gutter that were white with frost, Motueka High School student Aimee?Goodman, 16, explained why she was being an outlaw by wearing a puffer jacket.

“I wear it because I want to be warm. I think the ban is a bit silly because they don’t look bad or anything.”

The issue has gained attention because year 11 student Jennifer Guthrie started a Facebook page and petition which 250 other students have so far signed. It calls on the school’s board of trustees to allow students to wear puffer jackets as part of the school uniform.

The petition says : “As the weather gets colder more students are beginning to wear their puffer jackets to school, however, as they are not part of the school uniform, they are confiscated and the wearer can possibly receive a detention. We believe this is unfair.

“The current uniform options provided by the school are insufficient at providing warmth.”

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Affordable housing fails in the cheap back blocks of Nelson



If they can’t get affordable housing going in the middle of nowhere, how does the Green led Labour party stand a chance?

The Motueka couple who thought they were making headway with their fight to prove affordable housing options existed, will now pull down their illegal dwellings to avoid “being made criminals”.

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Disgusting – union uses kids again

TV3 screencap

TV3 screencap

The scum NZEI are delighted they have Novopay. ?They can bash the Government and use kids to get a bit of sympathy.

Well, I call bullshit on the unionists. ? Read more »

Gareth isn’t the only one who kills penguins

It appears that not only cats kill cute ?little birds…and Gareth Morgan isn’t the only one to kill penguins:

A little blue penguin has died after being? picked up and handled by members of the public.

Department of Conservation Motueka? biodiversity manager Bruce Vander Lee said DOC received reports on Tuesday of a penguin? being? seen under a bush at Little Kaiteriteri near a pipe which he thought it may have been using as a burrow.

??At that point someone decided it needed help and moved it.??

DOC Motuka? then received a chain of phone calls about the penguin being handled.? Read more »