Mountain Man and a Bear

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Photo: Unknown source. Hugh Glass. This is his smiley face. Really it is.

Photo: Unknown source.
Hugh Glass. This is his smiley face. Really it is.

Left for Dead

A Mountain Man and a Bear

?Left for dead??are three words you never want to follow too closely behind your name. A few other unfortunate, three-word phrases come to mind, like ?attacked by grizzly,? ?stalked by natives,? and ?crawled 200 miles? ? and in 1823 fur trapper Hugh Glass tried them all on for size.

Now early 19th Century America was awesome because you could be hired by the government to be what was called a “mountain man”, which was essentially the official way of saying “professional badass”.?Basically a mountain man would get hired on by an expedition to scout out territory, kill bears, play the banjo and give people the evil eye.? Well that’s what Hugh Glass did for a living.

Hugh was an Irishman raised by Pawnee Indians who wandered the countryside lending his services to various expeditions that required a crazy man capable of busting bears’ heads together, collecting furs, frightening the city-folk and being a hardass.

In 1822 Hugh Glass signed on to go on a fur-hunting expedition into the northern Missouri River area.? One day while he was out alone hunting for food, he was surprise attacked by a big bottom angry grizzly bear.

The bear knocked the rifle out of Glass’ hands, totally body slammed him and started clawing the crap out of him.? Since he was a hardas Davy Crockett mother though, Glass just started punching the thing back and hacking at it with his bigass mountain man combat knife.?There was this huge battle, and when his friends finally got there to see what was going on, they found a half-conscious Glass pinned down underneath the body of a big dead bear.

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