Put you your off your dinner Saturday: A collection of ” creatures ” found in food

A Kiwi Dad found a ” creature ” inside a Watties can of baked beans that turned out to be mould?and it inspired me to entertain you all this Saturday with a collection of ” creatures ” found in food all over the world.

But first a poem…

A full mouse, I think,
Is not so distinct,
I seem to have seen,
One here in my sink.

But half a mouse, well,
That?s a mouse not so full,
Yet better than that,
It?s quite actionable.

A full mouse, I fear,
Is just not so rare,
Despite the view of,
A tail and some hair.

But half a mouse asks,
Where the other half is,
And that?s the mouse half,
Where a lawsuit might live.

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How big were those mice?

Apparently a 6ha island was over run by 68 mice, so says the Herald.


Researchers are shocked at the speed with which mice over-ran an island in the Hauraki Gulf after just two were released in a controlled trial.

In five months the pair triggered a population of nearly 70 – demonstrating the danger pests can pose to endangered native species on our predator-free island sanctuaries.

University of Auckland researcher Helen Nathan tracked the population explosion on 6ha Te Haupa/Saddle Island, which had only just been cleared of pests before the study. ?? Read more »

Never give up


Skateboarding Animals (with Cats!)


This is what a mosquito does under your skin

Nature’s way is best

Check out this blouse who “freed” a mouse and?the?resulting lesson from nature:

I can’t believe the mentality of people freeing mice they?have?caught…seriously deficient in man points.

What I want to see is a kitten getting snatched by a bird of prey:? Read more »