Crybaby MSM

Stuff regurgitates yet another Washington Post hit piece on the greatest American President since Ronald Reagan: Quote.

Trump labelled the news media “the enemy of the American people” a month after taking the oath of office. In the year that followed, a CNN analysis concluded, he used the word “fake” – as in “fake news,” “fake stories,” “fake media” or “fake polls” – more than 400 times. He once fumed, the New York Times reported, because a TV on Air Force One was tuned to CNN.End of quote.

Gosh, how outrageous. Still, I remember just before Trump was elected our very own major left-wing newspaper plastering “America don’t do it!” on their front page. And that’s a Kiwi newspaper. I don’t have to tell you what the U.S newspapers were like. What goes around comes around. Quote.

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The Don right again: He would have stepped in

According to a New York Daily News report dated November 20, 1991, when he spotted a ?big guy with a big bat? beating on another guy, Donald Trump told his limousine driver to pull over. Witnesses told the paper, that ?with [then-girlfriend] Marla Maples tugging at his arm to try to stop him, [Trump] leaped from his black stretch limousine Monday evening during the Manhattan assault.?
The Manhattan billionaire, who was 45 at the time, told the story from there. ?The guy with the bat looked at me, and I said, ?Look, you?ve gotta stop this. Put down the bat. I guess he recognized me because he said, ?Mr. Trump, I didn?t do anything wrong.? I said, ?How could you not do anything wrong when you?re whacking a guy with a bat?? Then he ran away.?

Trump added that he saw the mugger deliver ?five or six good whacks? before he put a stop to it

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How low can the MSM go?

The MSM have been relentless in their criticism of President Trump and his staff but have failed to find the scandal that they need to get rid of him. Their latest attempts quite frankly are scrapping the bottom of the barrel stuff.

Kellyanne Conway who is President Trump’s right-hand woman has been accused of kneeling on a couch. It is quite obvious to the average observer why she was photographed kneeling on the couch but that didn’t stop the media calling her “disrespectful” and people on twitter accusing her of having no class.

Kellyanne Conway, the senior adviser to President Donald Trump, has been accused of showing a lack of respect after she was photographed kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office.

Ms Conway… faced criticism on Monday for the way she was sitting during a photo op with the president and?leaders of the nation’s historically black colleges and universities.

Moments after taking a photo?herself, she was seen checking her phone, with her legs tucked beneath her on the sofa.

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New Zealand MSM are making a big mistake handing their customers to Facebook

After praising The New Zealand Herald for their balanced coverage of Resolution 2334 in a post I wrote yesterday and published this morning, I decided to view the comments on all the articles that I had referred to in my post. The New Zealand Herald like Stuff have handed their comment sections over to Facebook which has many downsides as I was soon to find out.

The first problem I encountered my total inability to find the article I was looking for on their Facebook page. I was looking for the article titled, “Rob Berg: NZ Government stance on Israel smacks of hypocrisy” which was published that day but all I could find on their page was stories like…

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Spock’s selection: It’s news captain but not as we know it.

I have scanned the Stuff and New Zealand Herald websites to find examples of news headlines that are more suited to a women’s weekly magazine than a serious MSM News outlet.

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Winter may be coming for the MSM but New Media is snug and warm

Cam’s good mate Chris Trotter drew his attention to an article titled “Winter is Coming: Prospects for the American Press Under Trump.” I read it and while I agree that winter is coming for the American MSM, they are the grasshopper and New Media like Breitbart and Drudge Report are the ant. For those of you unfamiliar with the fable, the grasshopper enjoyed himself during the summer and didn’t understand why the ant laboured away gathering and storing food in preparation for Winter. The grasshopper ended up begging the Ant for food.

New Media have worked hard to gain the readership they have today and they haven’t taken their audiences for granted. They are very aware that their financial existence is wholly dependent on their audience and they are very in tune with their audience because New Media is internet based. New Media knows which articles they publish are popular and which are not. They know which articles got the most comments and which ones got the most views. They know which ones were shared the most. In short, they have their finger on the pulse of their audience. In contrast, establishment media have taken their readers for granted. They still think and work with the old paradigm which worked well for a paper publication with deadlines in the days when there was no online news or New Media competition. They have failed to adequately adapt and now as the article says, winter is coming and they must pay the price.

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Whaleoil: giving ideas to the media since 2005

Nicky Hager explained that lazy journalists would publish stories that we wanted them to publish because Cam would serve them up to them with all the work already done. They would be given the story idea, sources to contact and evidence etc making it a very nice and easy article.They were being ” fed ” stories by us and therefore we were influencing the media by getting the stories we wanted to be told into the mainstream media and that hasn’t changed. Of course, we don’t do that anymore.

It worked the other way too as some journalists would ask us to publish stories that they had all the information on but couldn’t touch until a blog like ours had written about it first. They could then safely report on what Whaleoil had said.This ability to ” influence ” the media is apparently very bad when the right-wing do it but we clearly haven’t learned our lesson. Even our readers are now influencing the media, in particular, the Southland Times cartoon.

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If we judged what was important by NZ Media news stories

Some people seem to think that if the New Zealand mainstream media are not particularly interested in a news story then it can’t be very important. I propose the opposite point of view. If the NZ media are covering it then it probably isn’t very important because much of our media has more in common with a women’s weekly magazine than they do with a serious newspaper.

These days it is often the new media outlets like Breitbart and The Rebel Media who do in-depth?analysis and coverage of worldwide events. To prove my point let’s compare some of yesterday’s?headlines.

The New Zealand Herald headlines and videos:




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New York Times attacks Mark Dice calling him “Fake News”

New Media comfortable with an unencumbered marketplace of ideas


New media platform #Gab welcomes all viewpoints while dying Twitter giant is censoring conservative voices and removing them from its site. New media giant Breitbart News has been smeared by the MSM as being alt-right but has no problem publishing other points of view. A ?left-wing journalist who writes for Breitbart explains…

The 2016 election was a turning point for me as a writer…

…as the election results poured in on November 8, I was forced to reflect on a very (very) difficult realization: Much of my work last year was, electorally speaking, worthless. I, evidently, needed to start writing for publications that were trusted by Trump supporters.

?So, two weeks ago, I emailed my contacts at Breitbart News to tell them I would be happy to start contributing.

…In this new media world, I believe we’re going to have to practice journalism through persuasion rather than censorship.

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