Mt Taranaki

Standing on Mt Taranaki is deeply offensive to Maori? Which ones? Name them.

Seriously, this kind of cultural claptrap is being kept alive by white liberals.  

New Zealanders are more likely to disrespect Mt Taranaki than foreigners despite their awareness of cultural boundaries, a Department of Conversation ranger says.

The recent discovery of several piles of human ash on tracks around the mountain have lead to complaints about trampers not adhering to relevant Maori cultural guidelines.

Standing on the mountain’s highest point in order to fully conquer it appears to be a frequent occurrence among climbers.

The act is deeply offensive to Maori, who regard the mountain as a living ancestor, said Department of Conservation senior ranger Dave Rogers.

Rogers said New Zealanders were breaking the rules more frequently than foreigners, despite knowing what was and was not appropriate.

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In other words…pay the taniwha

Unsurprisingly Maori are upset over something that has the potential to fill their coffers with extortion payments…er…payments to the taniwha to appease the spirits.

Plans to drill for oil only 220 metres from the Egmont National Park boundary were described as desecration and a disgrace yesterday.

Commissioner Mick Lester was holding an independent hearing into Tag Oil’s application to drill up to eight wells at 1045 Rowan Rd, Mahoe.

If oil or gas is found, Tag Oil is proposing to use the site for production purposes, with associated pipelines, for up to 30 years.

However, several iwi are opposing the application to the Stratford District Council. Ngati Haua Whanui Inc, a subsidiary of Ngaruahine, said they were not properly consulted by Tag Oil over the proposed drillings.   Read more »

Auckland from space

Canadian Chris Hatfield is on the International Space Station and has been tweeting to his fans.  Yesterday he also posted this pic of Auckland


Larger version here.

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Photo of the Day

the tipline

Thank you to my reader who emailed me this beautiful image:

Just wanted to share this photo taken at 0650 from the Maari oilfield looking back towards Mt Taranaki.