Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail

How the hell does someone like that make it into a diplomatic post?

Muhammad Rizalman, 39, pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting Tania Billingsley when he appeared in the High Court in Wellington earlier this week.

Charges of burglary and assault with intent to commit sexual violation were withdrawn.

Rizalman disagreed with some aspects of the police summary of what happened at Ms Billingsley’s home in May last year and a hearing took place yesterday to sort those matters out.

Rizalman said he he may have used synthetic cannabis, and was confused and desperate to go toilet when he?defecated on Ms Billingsley’s doorstep.

Professor Graham Mellsop told the Court yesterday Rizalman also scored highly on the “F Scale”, which measured whether a person was faking their symptoms.

He said that was consistent with Rizalman exaggerating his mental health symptoms.

Prof Mellsop said he did not believe Rizalman was in a state of confusion during the incidents on 9 May last year.

He said Mr Rizalman often claimed to not remember things and had been very selective with what he did remember, but he was able to give detailed accounts of what went on with him and the victim, which was incompatible with a genuinely impaired memory.

Professor Mellsop concluded beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Rizalman often does not tell the truth.

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Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail’s actual actions to be revealed in court

The man that was tried and convicted by Jan Logie and Mediaworks plead guilty to a lesser charge on Monday, but the court is still in the dark as to what happened.

What exactly happened during an indecent assault by a former Malaysian diplomatic staffer on a Wellington woman is set to be decided.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 39, this week pleaded guilty in the High Court at Wellington to assaulting Tania Billingsley in the suburb of Brooklyn last year.

His plea on Monday came on the first day of what was scheduled to be a two-week trial.

Today, a judge will hear accounts of the attack from both Rizalman’s lawyers and the Crown to decide what really happened during the attack.

In an earlier, disputed, version of the facts, Crown prosecutor Grant Burston said Rizalman arrived at the Brooklyn flat, took off his pants and underwear before entering through the unlocked front door while Ms Billingsley was in her bedroom watching a movie on her laptop.

He said Rizalman grabbed her as she began to scream when he entered her room.

But Defence counsel Donald Stevens QC disputed the allegation Rizalman grabbed Ms Billingsley by the throat – saying he had only grabbed Rizalman’s shoulders and arms. [ as published, but probably should be “Billingley’s arms” ]

A judge must now decide what exactly happened at a disputed facts hearing.

Here’s something that we have never seen written in public before:

Charges of intent to commit sexual violation and burglary against Rizalman were dropped after the prosecution offered no evidence.

Keep in mind that all the other interested blogs and media were pitching it as a failed rape for months. ?But now the prosecution isn’t able to even back it up for an intent to commit sexual violation to stand up. ?Worse, emotive “grabbing by the throat” is disputed with “grabbed by shoulders/arms”.

This is the very information I’ve been insisting we would need to wait for before making any kind of decision about this case.

I still believe the two knew each other. ?This wasn’t a random attack. ?He may have been at her place many times before. ?He may in fact have had a relationship of sorts?with her before. ?He may in fact have been in the process of playing a silly prank which would have worked out just fine had the relationship been up to it. ?Instead, it caused a spectacular backfire.? Read more »

Time to discover the truth: Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail faces court this week [UPDATED]

I wrote this article early this morning. I’m leaving it intact but have added to the bottom due to the fact the case moved on quickly just a few hours later.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail stands accused of a number of charges related to Tania Billingsley.

The former Malaysian diplomatic staffer accused of sexually assaulting a Wellington woman will go on trial this week.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 39, is due in the High Court at Wellington this morning where he faces charges of burglary and assault with intent to commit sexual violation over an incident in the suburb of Brooklyn last year.

The case caused controversy after it was revealed Rizalman was allowed to return to Malaysia following a blunder by New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The former defence attache has since returned and denies the charges.

Ms Billingsley waived suppression so she could take her case?public. ?And public it went. ?TV3 and the Green Party’s Jan Logie constructed a story suggesting that John Key and Murray McCully were indirectly culpable for the alleged deliberate act where?Rizalman bin Ismail was allowed to return to Malaysia without facing charges.

This situation was reversed as the Malaysian government sent?Rizalman bin Ismail back to New Zealand where he’s been awaiting trial for?about a year now.

The Green Party, TV3 and the womens’ rights groups all piled in and presented a case for the prosecution in public without any balance. ?I took that role, asking some pertinent questions (as yet unanswered), and was naturally vilified for it and smeared as someone who essentially “raped” Ms Billingley a second time. ?Somewhat?extreme, as she was never raped in the first place, but that’s how extreme?the rhetoric went. Read more »

This one was kept very quiet yesterday…


If it wasn’t for me scanning through the headlines, I’d have missed it too.

A former Malaysian defence attache accused of attacking a Wellington woman has pleaded not guilty to indecent assault.

Muhammad Rizalman appeared in the High Court in Wellington this morning for a pre-trial hearing.

He had earlier also denied charges of assault with intent to commit sexual violation and burglary.

A hearing to consider pre-trial matters will take place in August and Mr Rizalman’s trial will take place later this year.

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Murray McCully’s MFAT bungle slowly being diffused

Alleged attempted rapist Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail and his alleged victim Tania Billingsley will be thrilled to know that by the time it comes to taking responsibility for the diplomatic stuff up that allowed ?Rizalman to return to Malaysia, all those that are capable of being held responsible have already fled, been moved on or “promoted” out of harm’s way.

A damning report into the bungling of a diplomatic incident involving a Malaysian accused of attempted rape is set to be withheld until at least early next year.

Officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade came under heavy fire earlier this year when they apparently left Malaysian counterparts with the impression that New Zealand was comfortable with a defence attache facing an attempted rape charge refusing to waive diplomatic immunity and facing justice at home.

In July, Foreign Minister Murray McCully announced former Treasury secretary John Whitehead would head an inquiry into events which “undermined public confidence” in Mfat.

In May, Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, who worked at the Malaysian High Commission in Brooklyn in Wellington, was allowed to leave New Zealand despite being arrested and charged with the attempted rape of a Wellington woman in her home.

New Zealand requested the Malaysians waive diplomatic immunity, but this was rejected after a series of meetings between Malaysian diplomats and Mfat’s protocol division.

A complete “draft” report is being held up until next year as it is feared it may affect the active legal action against?Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail. ?The extra time this allows is being used constructively by those in the line of fire by getting well out of the way. ? Read more »

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail pleads “not guilty”


Well. ?Isn’t that going to set the cat among the pigeons?images

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail (left) appeared before the Wellington District Court this morning.

A former Malaysian military attache charged with sexually attacking a Wellington woman has pleaded not guilty and elected trial by jury.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 38, appeared before a Wellington District Court registrar today and was remanded until February.

Rizalman is on bail with strict conditions including a curfew and restrictions on going to the suburbs of Newtown and Berhampore, and Cuba St in central Wellington.

Rizalman was arrested on May 10 following the alleged attack in the victim’s home in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn.

He left New Zealand without facing trial after Malaysia invoked diplomatic immunity – apparently in the belief that it did so with the blessing of the New Zealand Government. Read more »

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail still on his way back to New Zealand

Personally I welcome the return of the Malaysian Diplomat. ?No matter how much political forces have been trying to muddy the legal waters, it is now important we get to know the facts through the legal ?process.

The horribly slanted way that Tania Billingsley has presented this issue, aided and abetted by the Green Party and TV3 has painted a picture in the public’s mind that?Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail is some sort of random sex fiend that decided to follow Tania home to put his unwanted intentions towards her.

The truth will be much closer to an existing relationship that was strained and where?Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail misunderstood his place within it.

The good news is, we are actually going to get a chance to find out. ?Michael Botur reports

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, initially charged with intending to rape a Wellington woman, will be back in NZ “sometime soon,” Mr McCully told TVNZ’s Q&A. The precise date is “completely in the hands of the lawyers.”

Mr McCully said he had told the Malaysian government that Mr bin Ismail is going to get a fair trial in New Zealand which is “not prejudiced with a lot of loose talk”.

“My job is here to try and make sure that the Malaysian government can have confidence in our system. I’m not going to get tied up in a domestic debate, even though it’s coming close to an election.”

Mr McCully said he told the Malaysian government that Mr Rizalman is going to get a fair trial in New Zealand. Read more »

Does Julian Assange subscribe to a rape culture?

The Standard and other various left wing people out there have been attacking the government and Murray McCully in particular over an alleged “rape Culture” in New Zealand and protecting the rights of victims to speak out about the “crimes” that were visited upon them.

It’s funny you know, because when you do a bit of research around this issue you find all sorts of interesting contradictions.

Take the case of Julian Assange…superficially it is similar to the Malaysian diplomat case. Assange is charged with actual rape, where as the Malaysian diplomat is charged with intent to rape. Assange’s charges are much more severe. Both are being sought for extradition to the country where the alleged crimes occurred. One used diplomatic protection to run, the other just ran and is hiding in another country’s embassy to avoid facing his accusers in court.

Now this is where it gets different. In New Zealand a foreigner appears to have picked up a “rape culture”…where as Julian Assange is portrayed as the victim of a vendetta and trumped up charges.

Lynn Prentice was particularly vociferous over the Assange case.

You will be interested to see the scorn with which Lprent – and other?commenters – pour on the alleged victim – and the stern defence of?where the burden of proof lies.

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Malaysian diplomat may avoid New Zealand justice yet

The return of a Malaysian diplomat to New Zealand to face a sex charge seems far from certain, as his doctors last night warned he may not be well enough to travel.

Reports Bevan Hurley.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail has been in a military hospital since Tuesday. Malaysian authorities had earlier said he could be sent back tomorrow after medical checks.

But last night a source at Tuanku Mizan Military Hospital near Kuala Lumpur told the?Herald on Sundaythat Rizalman was “not looking good” and might need further tests.

He seemed withdrawn and depressed, the hospital staffer said.

A senior doctor at the hospital confirmed the 38-year-old might need further psychiatric evaluation.

I’m sure the alleged attempted rapist isn’t in a good mental state. ?But I’m not sure that’s a reason to stop him from being ?put on a plane to New Zealand.

More details about this behaviour have been made public. ? Read more »

Rapey Malaysian diplomat prefers his religious needs to take prescedence

The Malaysian diplomat Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail facing charges for sexual assault wants his return to New Zealand to be deferred until after Ramadan.

I think his alleged victim would have preferred her attempted alleged rape to be deferred until … ever.

And how will him being transferred to New Zealand stop him from fasting?

What’s wrong with these people? ?It’s OK to break in and assault a woman with intent to rape, but we have to delay our justice system because he has a need to observe his Religion of Peace?

However, it is understood the request will not be entertained with a Malaysian foreign affairs official saying the diplomatic corps warrant officer will be sent back “as soon as possible”.

A doctor at the Tuanku Mizan Military Hospital, where Rizalman is being held for tests on his mental and emotional condition, said he would not be discharged until the medical examinations were complete.

“We are still waiting for the reports to the tests and then the doctors still need to write their report,” the doctor said.

“It would take more than a couple of days, so it’s highly unlikely Rizalman will go before the weekend.”

Man, is this going to be a distraction. ?A circus, even. ?As I said yesterday, thanks to Labour and the Greens turning this into our national sport, how is this guy going to find 12 peers that haven’t already convicted him?

And now our media has started making excuses for him ? Read more »