Murray Jamieson

Cullen all bitter, nothing nice to say

CastrationThe unkindest cutLosing the powers of government is like being publicly castrated, says the ousted deputy prime minister. Dr Michael Cullen, who resigned his leadership and finance responsibilities after Labour’s defeat, is speaking out for the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Michael Cullen is a bitter and twisted little c**t. If I had my way he would be be castrated in the time honored “two stones” method.

This lying little prick hide billions of dollars of expenditure and bloody gloated about it.

He now has the temerity to try to lecture John Key about how to be successful. I think we already have a good measure of how to do that Michael. Net worth. Let’s look shall we.

Michael Cullen after a lifetime of public tit sucking has precisely squat. One house and a super scheme. Epic FAIL.

John Key has $50 million.

Game Over.