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Why Halal certification is a big deal


I need to add one more item to my list of the covert techniques used by Muslim activists to colonise Western countries by stealth. The saying that springs to mind is death by a thousand cuts. Our democracies will be dismantled not by an honest full frontal military assault but by small changes that seem insignificant at the the time. Halal certification to naive Western eyes appears to be a business that is required to gain lucrative Islamic countries’ business as well as to supply the rising demand for Halal certified products inside Western countries from the growing Muslim population.

In reality, it is all part of a larger plan to Islamise us. What amazes me most about Muslim activists like the Australian Head of Halal certification Mohamed Elmouelhy is his honesty on social media. Like the now imprisoned British activist Anjem Choudary, he does not even bother to hide his desire to turn Australia into an Islamic country. This is a man being paid handsomely to subvert Australia’s democracy from inside the tent.

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The victimhood narrative is already well underway in New Zealand

Stuff caption for photo: “The woman appeared to direct vicious racial slurs towards the group of Muslim friends.”
** But Islam is not a race and if you watch the video NOT ONE racist thing is actually said.

We can expect stories like this one to appear in our media more and more frequently as it is the exact same pattern that has occurred in every other Western country including Australia when the Muslim population was still a small percentage of the population. I have written before about the victimhood pyramid and New Zealand’s Maori are going to find out the hard way that their victimhood status is going to be put below the victimhood status of New Zealand Muslims. The same thing has happened in America to Gay Americans who have found that Liberals will put the rights of Muslim Americans over their rights every time.

Muslim activists are very adept at getting their victimhood narrative into the media early and building on the perception that they are the victims of intolerance when in reality it is their religion that is intolerant of gays, women’s rights, and other religions. I think that it is highly likely that the professional and educated Mehpara Khan is an activist as that is another pattern with victimhood news stories like this one. They always seemed to be fronted by a university educated, articulate Muslim woman.

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What happened before they started filming this ” Islamophobic” incident?

There have been numerous complaints about ” Islamophobia” that have been proven later to be fake. This latest one doesn’t pass the sniff test. The level of agitation of the woman banging on the car window suggests that something happened before the Muslim couple started filming. An incident between them and the woman before they got inside the car. What do you think? Is this yet another set up in order to try to take the focus off Islamic terrorism? Is this yet another attempt to make people feel guilty for feeling unsafe and suspicious around a person wearing a full face mask?

I will never forget how in a previous terrorist bomb attack the neighbours were suspicious of the comings and goings and activities of their Muslim terrorist neighbours but said nothing to the authorities because they didn’t want to be accused of racism or Islamophobia. Full face masks are not acceptable in a Western country. I wouldn’t feel safe if a man sat inside a car wearing a full face mask and it is sexist to tell me that I shouldn’t feel unsafe around a woman in one. If this couple want to be treated as fellow Australians then they need to assimilate and integrate. Wearing an intimidating Niqab is not how you do that. Read more »

Sharia law advocate,organiser of the Women’s March and hater of Israel gets put in her place

Linda Sarsour is everything that I dislike in a woman. As a Muslim activist, she uses the freedom she enjoys in the United States to promote repressive, violent and misogynist Sharia Law by lying about how wonderful it is. One of her selling points is that under Sharia?law you don’t have to pay interest on a loan.


She misses out inconvenient truths like needing four male or eight female witnesses before a rape will be recognised legally as a rape.?Yes, that’s right ladies, get raped without the required number of [email protected]##*** witnesses who did nothing to save you and you will get punished by the Islamic legal system for the crime of adultery.

As well as being a deceptive promoter of an anti-democratic system of law inside a democratic country in her spare time Linda is also a hater of Israel with connections to the brutal terrorist group Hamas. Hamas amongst other terrorist crimes sends teenage terrorists into Israel to stab pregnant women, old people and children. Hamas are equal opportunity slaughterers of the innocent you have to give them that.

Linda has also earned my contempt for her promotion of human rights violater supreme and ironic head of the UN Human Right’s committee, Saudia Arabia. Recently, however, she meets her match on twitter and was comprehensively put in her place by none other than Israeli Dani Dayan.

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That awkward moment when you realise a Sharia Law advocate organised a Women’s rights march

Did you hear the joke about the paedophile that organised the children’s rights march?

What about the one about the butcher who organised the vegetarian food festival?

My favourite has to be the Sharia law advocate that organised a Women’s rights march…

You’ll also know when you’re living under Sharia law when you get arrested for adultery after being raped. Doesn’t sound very nice, does it?

A Sharia law activist promoting women’s rights is like [email protected]#ing for virginity. It is utterly insane. Under Sharia law, the only rights woman have are the right to be exploited, dominated, controlled and to be valued as having half the worth of a man.

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