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Prevention is better than cure


After reading one left-wing blog it is clear to me that they are concerned about scaremongering. They worry that terrorist attacks like the recent ones in Brussels will be used to beef up the GCSB’s surveillance powers. They are blas?, saying that New Zealand’s risk of terrorism is very low. What they fail to discuss is why our terrorism risk is very low. No one wants to talk about that. Because to talk about that is to admit what the problem is.

They can’t have it both ways. If they want our terrorism risk to remain low then they have to acknowledge why it is low now. If they don’t want to increase the GCSB’s powers of surveillance, then they have to support actions that will make those extra powers of surveillance unnecessary. If they want a low risk environment then they have to be prepared to name the risk and manage it.

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America fails to learn from Europe and imports rampant rape and crime to Texas

They say history always repeats itself and unfortunately it does. Despite there being clear and violent evidence of the problems associated with Muslim refugees, America has ignored what is happening in Europe and has imported rampant crime and rape to its own shores. Australia is not far behind and New Zealand has already cracked open the door.

It is not as though they can claim ignorance. They can’t say, “We had no idea this would happen.” The evidence is there, the statistics are there, and the violence the crime and the rape is clearly evident. Yet America, Australia and New Zealand seem determined to head down the same suicidal path as Europe.

The rape and violence crisis attributed to the influx of ?refugees? may not be a problem exclusive to European countries. According to at least one woman, it?s already started in the U.S.

Karen Sherman recently moved to Missoula, Montana, and stood in front of the local courthouse Monday to warn residents about the ?civil unrest? they might be facing should the Obama administration?s plans to plant foreign migrants in the town go through, WND reported.

More than 120 protesters gathered to hear Sherman?s account of what happened in her former hometown of Amarillo, Texas.

?Amarillo is overrun with refugees,? Sherman said. She claimed the refugees have been given preferential treatment ahead of Americans to get benefits. ?Now they?re expecting us to give them cars,? she said. ?? Read more »

Hey Muhammad, rape is wrong, here’s a pamphlet

Refugees from Sudan took part in a class dealing with violence against women, at a refugee center in Lunde, Norway. Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times

Refugees from Sudan took part in a class dealing with violence against women, at a refugee center in Lunde, Norway. Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times

Recently the New York Times?ran a story about the need to host classes in Norway and Denmark for Muslim men new to the country. The purpose of the classes? To teach them that rape is wrong and unacceptable in their new country.

A course manual sets out a simple rule that all asylum seekers need to learn and follow: ?To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person.?

In Denmark, lawmakers are pushing to have such sex education included in mandatory language classes for refugees. The German region of Bavaria, the main entry point to Germany for asylum seekers, is already experimenting with such classes at a shelter for teenage migrants in the town of Passau.

Many refugees ?come from cultures that are not gender equal and where women are the property of men,?
Mr. Isdal said. ?We have to help them adapt to their new culture.?

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Tragic tales of idealists who do not let brutal reality shatter their illusions

There have been a number of stories lately that show just how deeply ingrained the urge to tolerate barbaric behaviour is in a number of progressive/liberals. The justification in their minds is that some cultures are not capable of civilized behaviour and that they do not know any better. This belief is actually supremacist, as it shows that they think some cultures are unable to be civilised.Conservatives tend to see people as equals who all should be held to the same civilized standard of behaviour.

Here are some stories that stand out to me:


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Crowd chants Allahu Akbar during minute “silence” for Paris terror victims

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Germany, giving with one hand taking with the other

Its sounds lovely doesn’t it? Opening our country up to those displaced by war, providing food and accommodation and welfare for those who have lost so much. After all, we have so much and it is good to be generous and share the bounty that a free,equal and democratic, Christian country has created.

No doubt initially that is how many in Germany felt when they saw the endless lines of migrants heading their way. If they had realised that it would cost their own working class people their homes, hotel employees their jobs or that it would result in sneaky evictions of disabled people they would have been quicker to advocate for a fence to protect their borders.

When people talk of helping others they rarely think of the implications for their own way of life. Taking in those who view those helping them as Kafirs who are inferior people whose job it is to provide for them is never going to end well.

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The more things change the more they stay the same.

In the case of Islam they don’t change at all which is why the contract Syrian Christians are being forced to sign is straight from the teachings of the Qu’ran?and the Hadith.


The Islamic State group forced Christian men in a Syrian town to pay a sharia-mandated tax known as jizya and abide by a long list of restrictions.

In addition to the tax which was calibrated by income level, the jihadists forced the Christians to sign a contract pledging an array of curbs on their faith and self-defense, including promising they will not own guns, build churches, display crosses, worship in public or ring church bells.

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Eye Witness account of third world invasion

Here is an eye-witness account from Kamil Bulonis, a?Polish travel blog writer, who was present on the Italian-Austrian border when the immigrants arrived on mass. Eye witness accounts like this are invaluable as they tell us what is happening without the rose tinted glasses of the MSM.It has been translated from Polish. All photos were taken on the Hungarian-Austrian border.


Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria I saw with my own eyes a great many immigrants ?With all solidarity with people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror ? This huge mass of people ? sorry, that I?ll write this ? but these are absolute savages ? Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting loudly ?We want to Germany!? ? and is Germany a paradise now?

I saw how they surrounded a car of an elderly Italian woman, pulled her by her hair out of the car and wanted to drive away in the car. They tried to overturn the bus in I travelled myself with a group of others. They were throwing faeces at us, banging on the doors to force the driver to open them, spat at the windscreen ? I ask for what purpose? How is this savagery to assimilate in Germany?

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Face of the day

Zain Ali of Auckland University with the golden Qu'ran

Zain Ali of Auckland University’s Islamic Studies Research Unit with the golden Qu’ran

Today’s face of the day is Zain Ali from Auckland University for his unique view that expecting young, able bodied men to fight to protect their country is both misguided and irresponsible.

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Face of the day

Australia's Political commentator Andrew Bolt

Australia’s Political commentator Andrew Bolt

Today’s face of the day, Australian Political commentator Andrew Bolt, has this to say about the current Refugee crisis.

Almost all the media commentary on the invasion of Europe so far overlooks a critical point.

The illegal immigrants in no way are ?refugees?. Even those fleeing, say, Syria, were in relative safety once they?d crossed the border into Turkey, which, incidentally, is a country sharing the Muslim faith of most Syrians.

But since then, the immigrants have moved to Greece, then Macedonia and then Serbia to reach Hungary. Even then the vast majority want to move on – through Austria or the Czech Republic to their ultimate goal, Germany, the richest of all the countries on this trek.

I don?t blame them, of course, but nor do I blame Germany for saying it does not have a responsibility to accept these hundreds of thousands of people crossing its borders.


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