Muslim women’s rights

How to please your husband

I spent part of my birthday yesterday listening to ?New Zealand Imam Sheikh Anwar Al-Madani explain how to please your husband. The 2014 video says he is the New Zealand Ulama council secretary and has a?PhD Qur’anic Science(Madinah University, Saudi Arabia) and a BA in Islamic Studies

I watched half of the video and found out enough interesting stuff for this post from that half alone. The lecture series actually comes in three parts. Imam Sheikh Anwar Al-Madani explained how the subject was chosen. He said that he came up with it after ” a bit of discussion with the brothers.” He starts his presentation with a question, “what are the rights and regulations of your husband on you? In other words, how can you please your husband?”

The biggest mistake we make he said is thinking that me and my rights, the rights Allah has given to me are the most important. He said that applied to both husband and wife. ?He said that if they are both focused on seeking their rights then that would be the start of marital discord. He used the analogy of ?a hair or a thread being pulled too tight so that it snapped. ?He said that marriage is not two countries where the rules have to be applied. At this point, he was sounding almost modern and talked about give and take, forgiving and being forgiven but I kept watching.

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False equivalency used to defend oppressive swimwear


Juxtaposed photos go viral after police seen ordering woman to remove burqini on French beach WITW STAFF08.24.16 (Twitter)

False equivalency is once again being used by idiots on Twitter who must all be sharing their one remaining brain cell. ?When we look at these two photos what do we see?

  1. A ?man in authority enforcing the law.
  2. A woman ?in a bathing suit having the law enforced on her.

In these two ways, both photos are equivalent but it is the law that is being enforced that is the key difference here and one that the idiots on Twitter are deliberately failing to recognise.

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Turkish women have much more to lose if secularism is destroyed and a religious order is introduced


Turkey Istanbul – young women on the fun fair in Eguep photographer: Claudia Wiens

“Turkey’s government is in danger of losing the secularism that sets it apart from other Muslim countries.Over the years statements have been made about women that undermine its moderate appearance to the rest of the world. Turkey is a country where Muslim women have more freedom than Muslim women in other Muslim countries but that freedom is under threat.?

Turkey’s?Recep Tayyip Erdogan, forever touted as a real “moderate” in the Muslim world,?has a few choice words for women who choose career over motherhood: you’re deficient half-persons.

“A woman who abstains from maternity by saying ‘I am working’ means that she is actually denying her femininity,” Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul on Sunday. He went on to clarify that such women are “deficient” and “half-persons.”?NBC reports

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