Sinking ship promises removal of sunken ship

Cunliffe seems to be trying to win votes by the dozens at enormous cost to the taxpayer, this morning it was a couple of million to a litigation fund to sue EQC on behalf of a few Cantabs, and now:

Labour would ensure the owners of the Rena would fully remove the wrecked containership if elected.

Making the announcement in Tauranga today, leader David Cunliffe said a Labour Government would order that the whole wreck be taken off the Astrolabe Reef in the Bay of Plenty.

It comes after the ship’s owners and insurers recently confirmed they would seek resource consent to leave much of the wreck on the reef.

The company expected the application, likely to be directly referred to the Environment Court, would be lodged between the end of this month and May.

Bay of Plenty iwi, along with Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby, have voiced their opposition to the idea.

Mr Cunliffe said the decision to seek permission to leave part of the wreck was an “insult” to Bay of Plenty people and to the environment.

“Daina Shipping must be made to clean up the wreckage and pay for the cost of doing so,” he said.

“A Labour government will clean the reef up. We will make the Rena’s owner pay through any means possible.”

Sounds like a policy win: ?Xenophobic, anti-big business and more green than the Green Taliban all at the same time. ?Except… ? Read more »

No lasting damage to environment by Rena accident

Despite the claims of RFC Gareth Hughes, The Green party, labour and the Greenpeace that the “pristine” environment around the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga was destroyed forever the opposite is actually true.

The Bay of Plenty Times reports:

A comprehensive monitoring report into the effects of oil pollution from the grounding of the MV Rena on Astrolabe Reef in 2011 shows few long-lasting impacts on Bay of Plenty maritime habitats.

However the environment has not yet returned to its ‘pre-Rena state’, the report, released at 11am, says.

The 460 page report covers the first two years of ongoing survey and research work, details one of the most comprehensive, multi-disciplinary studies ever undertaken in response to a marine pollution incident.? Read more »

Green Taliban were right, the MV Rena was an environmental catastrophe

No they weren’t, and they never are. The outcome has turned out as I always expected, that the Rena would turn into an outstanding marine habitat and possible dive location. The one thing that always amused me through the entire “marine catastrophe” was thinking back to the thousands of ships either sunk in the open seas or in ports during ww2 with all that fuel on board. Thousands of Merchant ships. Then there was the estimated 2000 bird deaths that were an additional cause of outrage. I wonder how many deaths come as a result of this list here?

Anyway, back to the environmental catastrophe that is the MV Rena:

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Will Gareth apologise now?

The Green taliban burned countless tonnes of greenhouse gases to politicise the accident. Phil Goff pretended to care too. They all claimed that the environment in the Bay Of Plenty was destroyed beyond repair, and they have used the accident to try and stop drilling for oil.

Greenpeace claimed tens of thousands of birds were affected, ignoring bird deaths from winter storms and inflating actual deaths.

They were all liars.

An endangered bird that was at risk of having its small population decimated by oil from Rena, is back flying high again.? Read more »

Rena vs. Concordia and why the Boy MP should STFU

Gareth Hughes, of the green taliban, burned copious quantities of fossil fuel riding in helicopters and jet planes in a bid to highly politicise the running aground of the MV Rena off the coast of Tauranga. He told us that there would be devastation, that livelihoods would be ruined and the beaches would run black with oil forever.

He was wrong. Now you can barely see what remains of the Rena, the mess has largely been cleaned up and the salvors have completed a pretty damn good effort. In fact most people have forgotten about the Rena now…so much so that couple of the top beaches in the green taliban’s own little state funded campaign this summer are in the top ten.

Meanwhile in Italy…? Read more »

Disaster? What Disaster?

It is so obviously a huge disappointment to the hair-shirt-wearing doomsayers that the Bay of Plenty coast is just fine, and the Rena oil spill did not result in the end of the world as we know it.

Water in the Bay of Plenty, which was almost devastated by the oil which poured out of the stranded container ship Rena, has returned to its former purity.

Scientists have examined more than 30,000 samples from the area and today announced that levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from the oil have almost disappeared.

As I predicted from Day One, the dopey skipper who smacked his container ship into Astrolabe Reef would not cause “New Zealand’s Worst Environmental Disaster” and the greatest economic harm to the local community was caused by the shrieking loons who drove holidaymakers away from the coast.

But still the busy-body environmentalists collect the cash from picking apart every healthy mussel in the hopes of finding a drop of oil:

“The long-term environmental impacts are not known, and further study is to be carried out”

I’ll give you the result for free: there is no environmental damage and you will get a better feed of shellfish and fish from the reef next season than you did before the mutt ran his boat aground while he was giving the cabin boy one in the chook.

The Greens of course are devastated, and they are resorting to the time-honoured technique of “estimates” to count the number of seagulls that karked because of Rena:

“Over 2000 birds were found dead, which represents an estimated tenth of the total bird deaths from the spill.”

Bollocks. 1,448 birds died from oil. The few other dead birds collected probably died from old age, or from being clumsily handled by greenies.

250,000 birds died in one natural storm the previous year.

Rena – Some facts the Greens and Media won’t tell you

One year on, the true extent of the “worst environmental disaster in New Zealand’s history” is being squeezed out in a reluctant media.

“Six dotterels died after the disaster and to date, 43 of the 56 birds that were caught and released back into the wild have been seen again.? Monitoring over the upcoming breeding season is expected to account for those not yet seen.”

The names of the six deceased?dotterels will not be released until their families have been informed.

The 6 are part of?a grand total of? 2,410 dead birds collected of which?1,448 were were oiled.

So that’s 1,448 birds, including seagulls, down to the Rena.

Compare that to the normal work of Mother Nature, and one cold day on the West Coast (where were you Global Warming when the birds needed you):

?”A mass death of prions occurred on the West Coast of the North Island last year when 250,000 birds died in a severe winter storm.”

Maybe the Greens should call for an enquiry into the weather.????Oh, wait….


I thought it was supposed to be an environmental disaster


The Greens all claimed that the wreck of the MV Rena was an unmitigated?environmental?disaster. Phil Goff went and played disaster tourist and?shovelled?one spade of goop for the media and all nay-sayers said that Tauranga’s businesses were wrecked…permanently. Then then we get this news:

Salvors working on the container ship Rena are set to begin removing parts of the wreck in the next couple of days.

Resolve, a US company appointed by the ship’s owners and insurers to reduce the size of ship’s bow, began to cut through the metal this week.

Right…so it has been cleaned up and now it is being removed completely….without the environmental disaster predicted by the chicken littles.

Rena – no significant damage

? NZ Herald

So far the expensive study of Rena impacts has disclosed that the environment has not suffered any lasting harm.

Students and academics working under research team Te Mauri Moana this week began a project to gauge how a range of species have fared in the eight months since the Rena ran aground on the Astrolabe Reef off the coast of Tauranga.

The group’s leader, Professor Chris Battershill, said early samples were promising.

“Our observations suggest we avoided the worst of the disaster, and much of that is because the salvors managed quite effectively to get most of the oil, if not all of it, that hadn’t come ashore. If they hadn’t, then we’d be in a very different space right now.”

Of the 1712 tonnes of oil on board the Rena when it grounded on October 5, 350 tonnes were believed to have spilled into the ocean in the six days after.

The hysterical and self-serving claims of activists probably caused the worst impact (by undermining tourism and the local economy).

Note that the study still remains hopeful that they will find something awful in the remaining area to be studied.? But they won’t.?? Just like Chernobyl, when Greenpeace predicted at least 250,000 deaths.? A UN study showed that less than 50 died.

Those lefties do like end-of-the-world scenarios, but we just keep trucking on despite them.

Rena Captain pleads guilty

The Captain of the MV Rena has pleaded guilty to all charges he faced:

The captain of the cargo ship which grounded on a reef off Tauranga last year has pleaded guilty to all charges against him.

The Rena hit the Astrolabe Reef in October last year causing an environmental disaster – spilling oil and containers into the water and killing masses of sea animals. The stricken ship broke in two early this year.

The captain, whose name remains suppressed, was due back in court for sentencing on May 25.

The? Rena’s navigator, whose name also remains suppressed, pleaded guilty to Maritime Transport Act charges but was yet to enter a plea on a second group of charges.

The captain and the navigation officer were arrested a week following the Rena grounding, charged under the Maritime Transport Act for “operating a vessel in a manner causing unnecessary danger or risk”.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of up to 12 months in prison or a fine up to $10,000.

So it wasn’t John Key’s fault after all.