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Michael Rockefeller, 23, youngest son of the late New York Governor Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, is pictured operating an outboard motor boat in New Guinea. The youth went missing in 1961 after a small native boat was swept to sea. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Michael Rockefeller Disappearance

Many people love taking the opportunity to travel the world: to fly or sail to amazing lands across the globe. The glorious experience of adventure is something that you can?t put a price on. Though, if your great grandfather was John D. Rockefeller, the cost isn?t something you need to worry about.

In 1961 the 23-year-old son of New York’s Governor Nelson Rockefeller and heir to a vast family fortune went missing in Dutch New Guinea while filming a documentary.

At the time, officials declared Michael Rockefeller had been lost at sea after the boat on which he was travelling capsized.

What happened to the eager young Michael Rockefeller, who vanished while collecting indigenous art among the Asmat tribe of what was then Netherlands New Guinea? Though his father, New York State governor and future Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, had the means and clout to launch a formidable search, no trace of the 23-year-old recent Harvard grad was ever found.

It has been suggested that Michael, long rumoured to have met his demise at the hands of locals (gifted wood carvers who were also documented to be?cannibals and headhunters), may have unknowingly upset a delicate peace between warring villages in the region, and been targeted simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If that were true, would it make Michael’s disappearance more tragic cultural misunderstanding than a crime?

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Sick Telephone Games

??To me, she exemplified the word, give. She?d just give and give and give; no matter what it cost her ? she spent her last hours giving and being concerned about others.? ?

-?Dorothy’s Brother Jim

“Ok,” the voice warned, “now you’re going to come my way, and when I get you alone, I will cut you up into bits so no one will ever find you.”

For months, Dorothy Jane Scott had been receiving phone calls at her workplace from the same mysterious caller. The voice sounded vaguely familiar, but she just couldn?t place it. Sometimes he expressed fawning adoration, and other times, resentment and violence. He let her know that he was trailing her wherever she went, and he described details of her daily activities to prove it. This volatile, unseen stalker so alarmed her that she took up karate and considered buying a handgun.

She was employed as a secretary for Swingers Psych Shop, in Anaheim, which was conveniently attached to Custom John?s Head Shop. Swingers and Custom John?s were jointly owned services of the area?s vestigial hippie culture, so one could pick up a ?waterpipe? at the latter and then go soak in the groovy posters in the former?s blacklight room.
Dorothy worked in a back room office and led a life far less colourful than the tie-dye shirts and multicoloured bongs sold at the other end of the store. ?As dull as a phone book,? one friend described it. She almost never left the house for recreation. She was religious. She rarely dated, if ever, and worked from morning till night, leaving her son Shawn in the care of her parents during business hours. She was a dependable worker, and by all accounts, a kind-hearted and compassionate person.

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Authorities don?t believe there was any foul play involved but won?t give a cause until there is more investigation. Peter Branch of the Palisadian-Post provided this image of authorities searching the Pacific Palisades home of Jeffery Lash.

Mystery Man

Space Alien or Secret Agent?

On 17 July 2015, officers from the LA Police Department made the gruesome discovery of a deceased man inside a car parked on Palisades Drive in the Pacific Palisades region of the city. The investigation into the circumstances of the man?s final moments began and it didn?t take too long to establish the identity of the corpse. It was Jeffrey Alan Lash.?His fiancee Catherine Nebron and her employee Dawn VadBunker left it outside Nebron’s Pacific Palisades home.

Shortly after Lash’s badly decomposing body was found two weeks after his July 4 death, police found more than 1,200 firearms, 6.5 tonnes of ammunition and $230,000 in cash stashed at the home of Catherine Nebron.

At the time of his passing Lash was 60 years old and a local resident of the area. He lived with his long-time partner ?Nebron. Further investigation led to some startling revelations about the life of their deceased. The state of the corpse when discovered was a good indicator that Lash had been dead for some time. It turned out that death occurred about two weeks before discovery but was not reported. According to Nebron, Lash collapsed in a Santa Monica parking lot on 4 July and refused to sanction emergency assistance that was clearly required.

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Maura Murray

And Then She was Gone…

Maura Murray was just 21 years old when she vanished without a trace in 2004.?The University of Massachusetts student was driving through rural New Hampshire at night when she lost control of her vehicle and ploughed into a snow bank. Her vehicle had slid, spun, and then came to a stop facing the wrong way on the opposite side of the road. By the time the police arrived on scene, Maura was gone. And ever since that night thousands of people on the internet has been obsessed with her disappearance.

Blogs, Reddit threads, a podcast, and a book, have all been dedicated to the search for answers in the disappearance of Maura Murray.

Some have referred to Maura as the gone girl before Gone Girl. She was the original all-American girl, who was hiding dark secrets and a troubling past, behind her perfect grades and track star exterior.

There are many conflicting theories about what happened to Maura. Did she run off into the woods and die from exposure? Was she driving into the White Mountains to commit suicide? Did she successfully evade the police and start a new life in Canada? Was she abducted by an opportunistic serial killer? Is she still living in New Hampshire under a different name? Was she murdered by a group of locals and did the police cover it up?

Maura’s remains have never been found and she hasn’t accessed her bank accounts or reached out to her family or friends since.

There was only about a 3-5 minute gap in between the time Butch Atwood, a local school bus driver, last saw Maura and when she vanished.

So where did Maura go?

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A 2016 Drawing of the Isdal woman, based on pictures of her body and several witness accounts.?FOTO: STEPHEN MISSAL (ILLUSTRASJON)

Norway?s Greatest Mystery

The Isdal Woman

Does this face look familiar?

If so, you may hold the key to the Isdal Woman — a 44-year-old cold case that remains one of Norway?s greatest mysteries.?”Isdal woman” is the term for an unidentified woman who was found in Isdalen in Bergen, Norway.

The mysterious death of Isdal Woman continues to transfix investigators across the globe.

On a chilly November morning in Norway?s Death Valley, a university professor made a gruesome discovery: they? found a burnt and stripped corpse in a rockery at a secluded path in Isdalen. The charred remains of a naked woman lay hidden amongst the rocks at the end of a remote hiking trail. Around the fire was a burnt passport. Surrounding the body were a dozen pink sleeping pills, an open bottle of liqour, two empty kerosene containers. A nasty bruise discoloured what remained of her neck.

Police still do not know her true identity or what happened in the days leading up to her demise. They eventually ruled her death a suicide, though the decision remains highly controversial. Many are convinced the Isdal Woman was a spy and her end an execution.

A full scale murder investigation was immediately initiated and the case has since evolved to become the most comprehensive criminal case by the Bergen police.

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The Casie Nicole

What Happened to the Crew

of the Casie Nicole

This is the story of the Casie Nicole, a boat captained by Billie Joe Neesmith

On April 11, 1990, Nathan Neesmith, his brother Billy Joe Neesmith, his nephew Keith Wilkes, and his friend Franklin Brantley set off from McIntosh County pier in Georgia to go on a seven-day commercial fishing expedition. Their ship, Casie Nicole, had just recently been docked for maintenance. They took it to an uncharted reef off the coast of South Carolina. Early in the morning on April 12, their boat capsized and quickly took on water. They had to abandon the ship, so they boarded a raft. Nathan Neesmith left the other three men in the raft with some food and went off in a wooden box to go find help. He was rescued five days later, but the rest of the men were never found. The only things ever found were a sleeping bag and a life vest. To this day their fate is unknown.

One probable conclusion was that the men simply drowned at sea. While that is wholly possible, there were?strange phone calls?from a man who didn?t speak English, which made the families of the missing men think they were still alive. Starting about six weeks after the disappearance and continuing over the next year, there were seven calls made in all. Four were made to Nathan?s sister, and the other three were made to a man named Doug Tyson, the owner of?Casie Nicole. The caller would just repeat the phone number, say the name of the person he was calling and the name of one of the missing men, Billy Joe. In the last call, the man said he was going?to bring them home. However, the men were never seen again.

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Princess Margaret and John Bindon. During this lunch, the now famous photograph of Bindon and Margaret together was taken. A T-shirt worn by the gangster was emblazoned with the words ?Enjoy Cocaine?.

Princess Margaret and John Bindon. During this lunch, the now famous photograph of Bindon and Margaret together was taken. A T-shirt worn by the gangster was emblazoned with the words ?Enjoy Cocaine?.

The Princess and the Gangster

She was a princess, at one time second in line to the throne. He was one of London’s most notorious criminals. Together, they created one of the biggest hidden scandals in royal history.

John Bindon (Biffo, The Guv’nor, Big John) enjoyed fighting, he was an English actor and?bodyguard?who had close links with the London underworld.He grew up in Fulham – and then a rather more rugged borough than it is now – and from an early age showed a propensity for aggro. As is the case with most of these gangsters’ stories, he came from a poor background, but was, under the circumstances, “very well brought up” by a loving mother.

This did not, however, stop him from stealing a bicycle as soon as he was old enough, and soon he was running a gang of urchins. One thing led to another and his misdemeanors became more serious. He beat up a coal deliveryman when he was 13 years old and soon his reputation as a hard man was assured. A life of crime awaited him, the highlight of which was his involvement in the robbery of a “cursed” emerald from a jeweller in Hatton Garden.

In the nineteen seventies and eighties, the world was rocked by a series of scandals which involved a violent criminal, movie stars, gangsters, the aristocracy, London gangland and even members of the British Royal family. The common thread that ran through these seemingly unrelated sections of society was the man, John Bindon.

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64bcda869bThe 727 that Vanished

It shouldn?t be so easy to lose an aircraft.

Especially a big old airliner. It was 47 metres (153 feet) long and 10 metres (34 feet) high, with a wingspan of 33 metres (108 feet). Twice the height of a giraffe and four times the length of a London bus.

The aircraft was a Boeing 727, registration N844AA, and it has not been seen in 13 years, despite a worldwide search by US security forces.

The old Boeing had done its duty well. It had served 26 loyal years in the colours of American Airlines, but its best days were long gone, and as the sun rose over West Africa it sat forlornly on the greasy concrete apron of Luanda International Airport in Angola, apparently leased to Air Angola.

It hadn’t flown for 14 months, and its sorry state seemed to tell a familiar story about African airports – unpaid bills, dodgy paperwork, token maintenance. Nevertheless, no one paid it much attention. But the 727 was about to become the centerpiece of one of the strangest mysteries in aviation history, one that would alarm Western governments and baffle investigators around the world.

There are only a few places where a 46.5 metre-long, 90,718 kilogram commercial airliner can take off without warning and simply disappear. Africa is one of them, and whoever was at the controls of the Boeing 727 ?- on that afternoon must have known the possibilities of what pilots call the “gauntlet” – the vast, virtually uncontrolled airspace south of the Sahara Desert and north of the Limpopo River. For, at around teatime, the plane suddenly fired up its engines, rumbled down the runway, soared into the velvety dusk and vanished.

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Close up of passport photo: What is known is she took the name of a child who died in Fife. She may have known the family or she may have walked past the little girl's grave. On the other hand, she could have obtained this information through other channels.

Close up of passport photo: What is known is she took the name of a child who died in Fife. She may have known the family or she may have walked past the little girl’s grave. On the other hand, she could have obtained this information through other channels.

Lori Erica Ruff Kept Her Past Locked Up in a Secret Safe

Marriage is a sacred act between two people that care deeply for one another. Different cultures define matrimony in different ways and tie the knot for various reasons. Whatever the motivation behind one?person?entering wedlock to another, both parties usually do know each other intimately. Or at least they should. But nobody in the world knew Lori Erica Ruff.

Six years after a heartbroken Texas man buried his wife and the mother of his little girl, he still doesn’t know exactly who she was.

Such is the mystery of Lori Erica Ruff, a woman who managed to fool everyone, including federal and private investigators, about her true identity before committing suicide, taking her twisted secrets to the grave.

To her husband, the tall, slender brunette was Lori Kennedy, a woman born in Arizona who had a rough childhood and didn’t want to discuss her past. To anyone else who knew her before, she was Becky Sue Turner.

Both names are false.

She created a false identity for the sole purpose of getting lost in America,” stumped Social Security investigator Joseph Velling, who has been painstakingly investigating her case for the last six or so years.

Velling calls her Jane Doe.

Officials have ruled out that she was in the witness protection program. Her photo was run in every facial recognition database. Her fingerprints were run. Both to no avail. Her DNA is on file incase they?can find someone to match it to. Velling has been digging into her case ever since. He says he will not give up. Until her real identity is found or someone recognizes her, the Ruff family cannot tell her little girl who her mother really was.

“It must have been for some horrific reason … either she was running away from a crime or an abusive family or relationship,” he said.

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Is there anywhere more spookily remote than a lighthouse?

Is there anywhere more spookily remote than a lighthouse?

The Great Lighthouse Mystery

Of Eilean Mor

As far as mysteries go you couldn?t invent a better story. A story that has over time led to some of the most extraordinary of speculations and has since evolved a folklore all of its own.

Is there a lonelier, more isolated job other than that of a lighthouse keeper? For those seeking solace, with time to meditate, surrounded by the high seas, without the inherent dangers involved in being a mariner, then perhaps the lighthouse with its daily routines is as close as you?ll get to a monastic life. Yet the strange and the inexplicable are always keen to poke their icy fingers into the lives of isolated men.

The Flannan Isles, located in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, are a set of small and uninhabited rocky islands with a curious history.?One of the islands, Eilean Mor, was the setting of a great historical mystery – the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in 1900. To this day, a concrete explanation for the strange event remains elusive.

Since the automation of the lighthouse in 1971, the Flannan Isles have been without permanent residents. The Isles get their name from a 7th century Irish saint of the same name who is said to have built a stone church (one of the few man-made structures still found today) on the island of Eilean Mor. The Flannan Isles are located 32 km (20 miles) from their closest neighbour, the Isle of Lewis.
Steeped in fantastical tales of hauntings, Eilean Mor (meaning Big Isle) is the largest of the Flannan islands, despite its modest size of 17.5 acres (7.1 hectares). The first and most populous inhabitation of the island is from the days of St. Flannan and his followers of the Celtic church.?Shortly after they abandoned the island, it received a long-standing reputation as an unlucky place full of dangerous spirits. The superstitious tales of Eilean Mor involve beings such as giant birds and little men, as well as the haunting the St. Flannan and his “flock.” The stories were enough to keep shepherds (not to mention most other people), from spending the night there.
Nonetheless, the lack of inhabitants could have increased the ghostly presence on the island, as several ships apparently found the rocky Flannan Isles difficult to navigate when less than ideal conditions struck. To prevent this, a 22.6 meter (74 foot) lighthouse was completed in 1899 to improve the passage.

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