Nadhim Zahawi

This has to come in under Nats

No 10 has a ?plan to cap benefits at two children. New mothers with three children would lose ?700 in ?5bn welfare crackdown.

The proposal would mean parents with three children, who would currently be entitled to child benefit because their annual income is less than ?50,000, would lose out on ?696 a year.

The initiative has been put forward by Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi, recently appointed by David Cameron to the No?10 policy board to come up with vote-winning policies for the Conservative Election manifesto. Mr Zahawi is a close ally of Chancellor George Osborne, who said last week he was determined to find billions of pounds of extra savings in the welfare budget.

Opinion polls show strong public support for welfare cuts and the Tories say it is vital? to encourage greater responsibility. But the idea is likely to? be criticised by Labour as an attack on hard-up families.

The Tories say it is ?nonsense? to call the idea ?social engineering? or compare it to China?s ?one child policy? to curb population growth.

There comes a point when you’ve emptied the welfare cupboard and the burden on the net taxpayers is simply not sustainable. ?Welfare stops being a safety net, and instead turns into a dragnet. ? Of course, like irresponsible children, the left start to whine you’re taking their iPad away. ? Read more »

I wonder if his horses had electric blankets?

Ratbag politicians are always on the bludge, finding new and interesting ways to sup from the trough.

A Conservative British MP has apologised and promised to repay part of a ?5822 expenses claim for his energy bills – after it emerged taxpayers were paying for the electricity supply to his stables.

Nadhim Zahawi says he was ‘mortified’ to discover the error which came to light after he was among politicians criticised over subsidised energy bills.? Read more »