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Hard to imagine how much further left they would need to go. ?As far as pleasing Martyn Martin Bradbury probably.


According to Garner, banning beggars won’t work

Let’s ban begging from city streets and punish those well-meaning citizens who also want to help the poor.

It sounds like a dirty little secret of a police state, but no it’s just cheap and desperate local body antics from Wellington mayoral candidate?Nicola Young and Auckland candidate Mark Thomas.

Never mind both their National Party links – this is their uninspiring handy work.

So I have a message for them: Good luck. It won’t work.Name one place where begging bans are effective? No-one can.

Even the latest $50,000 Wellington?council report into begging says it’s hard to point to where any bans have been successful.

They looked seriously at this in Norway and most towns didn’t bother and the government ended up getting cold feet anyway. Imagine punishing someone for giving $10 to a beggar? Some activists would gladly go to jail to make a point.

Most cities I have been to around the world have beggars. I have seen more of them in Wellington, Auckland and Washington DC than anywhere else I have been. And it’s true Wellington has a growing issue.

But if you ban begging in the cities the beggars just move to the next road or corner. I have seen this in Auckland with the rise and rise of suburban beggars.

I now see?them at my local shops. Last year I gave a guy called Michael $50, but I?also encouraged?him?to go to Work and Income,?sign up for the dole and get some help seeking a job.

It was part of the deal when I flicked him the cash. He was a polite bullshitter. Read more »


Massive Win for Nash over amalgamation


MP for Napier Stu Nash has had a massive win today, with his anti amalgamation campaign winning by two to one.

Hawke’s Bay residents have voted overwhelmingly no to a proposal to amalgamate five local councils, a progress result released this afternoon shows.

It was announced today that voters in the Hawke’s Bay have chosen not to amalgamate the Napier, Hastings, Wairoa, Central Hawke’s Bay and Hawke’s Bay regional councils.

About 66.18% of people (44,681) voted no compared to 33.55% (22,649) who voted yes.

This result is based upon the counting of approximately 97% of the returned voting papers (67,511). The voter return is currently 60.87%, being 67,511 voting papers, excluding voting papers in transit to the processing centre.

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I’ll give Nashy a B+ for his sledging

Stuart Nash is on fire at the moment pointing out, rather too politely for my liking, that he is debating facts not making personal attacks.

I have been accused in the HB Today of personal attacks against ABHB founder and funder Rebecca Turner. Those who know me and have followed my political career will know this is simply not true.

I don’t play this type of dirty politics, however, i will never apologise for holding those to account who make public statements that i believe are incorrect – and ABHB organisation has based their whole campaign around claims that have been proven false.

A ‘personal attack’ is NOT going hard against statements my opposition have made that I believe are disingenuous; that is robust political debate, and if those in ABHB can’t handle their lines being called into question, they should never have gone public in the first place.

A personal attack is a direct criticism of the person’s character or physical being (or family). I have never once personally attacked Rebecca Turner, but I will continue to hold her to account for the falsehoods she parades as facts. ?? Read more »

Who owns the Conservative Party?

It is no secret that the Conservative Party has been split since before the election as to how it should be run. ?And to some degree, that’s not an unusual situation in any kind of party.

If I were to be kind for a moment, and put the “Cult Party” label aside, the criticism that Colin Craig runs the party as if he is the owner refuses to go away.

And from his point of view, why not? ?He’s pretty much paid for all of it. ?It’s his own vehicle to try and achieve political success and progress from a property manager into a politician.

The problem is that he’s surrounded himself with people who are expecting the Conservative Party to run on principles where everyone’s vote carries equal weight.

After the election, the Conservative Party Board implemented a full and frank review, something that is as valuable as it is necessary. ?After all, as a party they were close enough to the 5% threshold to review where they could improve performance next time.

This review came back and primarily pointed the finger at Colin Craig’s autocratic management style as one of the major reasons that a number of issues had not worked well.

To say the Board was split over this would be an understatement. ?I’ve seen documents and spoken to party people that indicate that since the election there has been a constant battle between Craig and his supporters, and the rest of the Board.

Craig is no fool and has been working the numbers. ?Putting pressure on certain individuals causing them to quit is a very simple way to get majority support and the appearance of a democratic vote becomes moot.

Bluntly put, the Conservative Party is dysfunctional, and has been leaking like a sieve. ?Much to the frustration of Craig who has issued gag orders, “do not speak to media” orders, and has most recently implemented strict email security measures. Read more »

Another HBRC cock-up, when will Fenton Wilson resign?

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council, under the appalling leadership of Fenton “Jog-un” Wilson lurches from one cock-up to the next.

The Ruataniwha dam is stuffed because they couldn’t get simple commercial matters right, and completely stuffed up environmental issues.

Now they have bollocksed up their insistence on re-establishing a failed rail line.

Local body politicians are fighting to get the Napier-to-Gisborne railway line reopened after being rebuffed by state-owned KiwiRail.

The line was mothballed in 2012 because storm damage was too expensive to repair.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Transport Committee chairman Alan Dick said a decision by KiwiRail on Friday not to consider Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s request for a time extension to confirm equity investment in a Napier-to-Gisborne short-line rail operation, was a disappointment. ? Read more »

Nor is being Mayor one of your strengths

ICC Cricket World Cup "One Year To Go"

‘Juniper’ Bill Dalton is a repeat winner of New Zealand?s Silliest Local Government spending competition, and well known for trying to become the next Andrew Williams.

He also doesn’t know when to shut his gob and stop saying dumb things.

Napier Mayor Bill Dalton admits he prefers tinkering with engines to swinging a hammer.

“Doing renovations around the house is not one of my strengths, as my wife would attest,” he says? Read more »

Is Bill Dalton the new Andrew Williams?

Napier Mayor Bill Dalton has been nominated for our silliest local government spending competition for his breathtaking incompetence in overseeing the Art Deco Buses and MTG.

These disasters cost the Napier ratepayer vast amounts of money, and highlighted why the hopeless Napier City Council needs to be amalgamated.

Word on the street in Napier is that if you want to be entertained late at night start reading Mayor Bill?s juniper berry aided blog posts. He manages to offend just about everyone possible, making some claims that highlight the need for a recall function in local government.

This week, Napier Mayor Bill Dalton called a fellow mayor silly and irresponsible, told the Government it was disconnected from the provinces, accused the Local Government Commission of lacking empathy and said Auckland was a shambles.

“Diplomacy has never been my strong suit,” Mr Dalton said yesterday when asked about the string of barbs dished out through two blog posts attacking supporters of amalgamation.

“I simply see things as they are. I tell them like they are and I’m always honest.”

His claim that his Hastings counterpart, Lawrence Yule, was “silly and irresponsible” was in response to Mr Yule accusing Mr Dalton’s council of being anti-growth and anti-change. Read more »

Next time, perhaps he could drop it off at the local council office?


This is kind of amusing

A police station has been evacuated after a member of the public brought a hand grenade into the building [yesterday]??morning. Read more »

One awesome long sledge against a ratbag mayor

There is something very beautiful about a political sledge, especially when it points out the obvious.

Napier Mayor Bill Dalton has won two nominations for New Zealand?s Silliest Local Government Spending for the Art Deco Buses and the complete fiasco with the new museum, the MTG. Mayor Bill has proven that the Napier council is incompetent, and the best advertisement for amalgamation, if only to stop Napier politicians making exceptionally stupid decisions.

Mayor Bill seems to think the best line of defence of the indefensible is belligerent attack, and he has been attacking his local mayoral counterpart Lawrence Yule.

Former Councillor John Harrison writes a fantastic opinion piece nailing Mayor Bill for being a ratbag, picking unnecessary fights with Mayor Lawrence and wasting huge amounts of ratepayers money. This oped sledge is such a thing of beauty it needs to be properly honoured.

RECENTLY, the editor of Hawke’s Bay Today pleaded with the mayors of Napier and Hastings to sort out their differences.
The plea followed the latest outburst from Mayor Bill Dalton over the launch of “Great Things Grow Here”.
This professional video was completed at a cost of $50,000 and paid for by the HDC.
It is available free of charge for other councils to use.
Mayor Dalton lambasted Mayor Yule for using “underhand methods and dishonest statements”.
Worse, he ranted that: “It gave the lie to the claim that the HDC wants to work with other councils to promote Hawke’s Bay.” He obviously forgot that the project had been discussed with the NCC over many months prior to the launch.
His deputy, Councillor White – according to a letter published from HDC Councillor Hazlehurst – noted that she was effusive in her praise for the initiative and personally congratulated Mayor Yule.
Mayor Yule responded by saying that this was only a continuation of highly personal attacks launched against him over the past six months by Mayor Dalton.
Here, Mayor Yule is wrong.
Mayor Dalton has conducted an unrelenting and internecine campaign against Mayor Yule by email, blogs and public statements since he was a first-term councillor.
How do I know ? ?? Read more »