EPMU and Labour links confirmed

As we enter the last 66 days of the campaign we find from a campaign email sent out by Grant Robertson that the EPMU is central to his campaign. In the email there is a contact for hoardings and it is an EPMU staff member and his contact email is his EPMU email address.

Hoarding sites
Do you have a house, fence or garage that is visible and gets plenty of people or traffic passing by? Please consider putting up one of my signs. There are various sizes available. – contact Ross: [email protected].

So what we have here is the bastard bosses at the EPMU allowing the EPMU’s National Education Officer, a senior official of the EPMU use their work computer during work time to do non-EPMU work, such as sending Labour Party e-mails and organising the erection of hoardings.

The only way the EPMU can get around this is by saying that doing work for the Labour campaign IS part of EPMU work. But by doing so, they implicate themselves by demonstrating that their status is anything but third party vis-a-vis the Labour Party, as they have argued in Court.

So really, this is rank-and-file hypocrisy by the bastard bosses. It’s ok for a senior EPMU staff member to send Labour Party e-mails during work time and via EPMU equipment, but when Shawn Tan does the same (except it’s ACT Party e-mails), He is told he has breached work policy.

Not only that if you look through the Labour list, No. 66 is Jills Angus-Burney, the EPMU’s Wellington Solicitor (and one of two solicitors in the entire country). She is also the electorate candidate for Rangitikei. Somehow, she was able to get approval to stand, even though a solicitor is much less replaceable and dispensible than a call centre staff member (remember Andrew Little said that workload cover is also a factor in whether Shawn Tan is granted permission to stand). Yet another example of blatant hypocrisy by the bastard bosses at the EPMU.

Both of these examples completely refute Andrew Little’s comments of politics not playing a part in the decision-making processes and make a lie of their assertions before the court that they are totally seperate ognaisations.

Just remember exactly where the big money is in New Zealand politics, it is in Labour and New Zealand First.