Arsenasty Lole Taylor loses the plot

This isn’t the first and probably not the last we’ve highlighted the nastiness of this particular Winston First trougher. ?Now it seems she’s taken it upon herself to be the beacon of morality and determine who does and doesn’t deserve to be parents with a vague but venomous attack, with the implication of ?’it’s alright though, because I’m talking about a Government minister’ which she seems to have some twisted logic that makes it alright. Read more »

The banning of a hateful troll, why I did it

trollI don’t like banning people, but?occasionally?I have to.

The troll I have banned is known on various places by the pseudonym “dotcom”. He also goes by the name John Bond and uses the email [email protected] The email is live but I am unsure if John Bond is his real name, but pretty sure his first name is John from metadata of images and documents he has sent me. His ip address that he used was? .

Progressively over the past few weeks “dotcom” has got worse and worse with his fixation on opposing marriage equality. His rants and ill informed debate about show more about his prejudices and self loathing than anything I have ever seen before.

On posts about marriage equality he launches into rants quoting disproven myths about gay sex, AIDS, HIV and the “gay lifestyle”.

The moderaters attempted to adjust his behaviour politely, but it made him worse, but now he was playing the victim, claiming that people were “trolling” his comments on my blog.

The final straws have come though. Firstly this comment on the blog post about Marriage Equality in France in response to reasoned?debate?by another commenter who was calling him on his bigotry:? Read more »

Labour is the Nasty Party, Ctd

Looks like Megan Woods has been taking some social media coaching from Trevor Mallard:


Might be a good thing

? Manawatu Standard

Henk van Helmond is a bully and is currently in court charged with extortion. Regular readers will know that this is the guy who runs CYFSWatch blog. He also threatened me with a beating and throwing bricks through my windows. He also issued Sue Bradford with a death threat.

Just so you know he also goes by the Twitter name of kiwi1960_1. He likes abusing people…a lot….especially John ?Key and me.

He is a angry bitter man, one of the Angry Dads club, men who think that the government has a conspiracy of feminist Judges and collusive government departments depriving them of their kids when the fact is they are abusive bullies.

He set about threatening two lovely women who contacted me after Googling his name…After hearing of his story of tyranny?against?them and the?blackmail?attempt I advised them to go to the Police. I am pleased to see that they did.

Apparently he is near death without his computer…and as usual it is all a government conspiracy:

A sickness beneficiary accused of demanding money from a woman has told a court he may die before his next appearance if he cannot be reunited with his computer.

In the Dannevirke District Court yesterday, Henricus Geradus Van Helmond appeared before Judge Bridget Mackintosh on the rare charge of extortion.

The Woodville 51-year-old entered no plea, after limping into the dock using a crutch and carrying a heap of papers, one of which he passed to the judge.

Court documents say that on January 18, in Woodville, Van Helmond demanded $2000 cash from a woman.

Initially Judge Mackintosh didn’t want to have a look at any bits of paper Van Helmond handed forward, telling him to wait until his next appearance, which will be in the Palmerston North District Court next month.

“I may not be alive then,” Van Helmond said.

So the judge had a look at an A4 sheet.

He wanted his computer back from police after they seized it.

“All my diabetes data and MS data is on [there],” he said.

“All my skin is coming off my hands, all because my diabetes is all over the place, and my data is on that computer. I can’t wait that long, the data is needed today.”

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ollie Outtrim said the computer was with analysts in Wellington, but he would phone the officer in charge to see how long that might take.

“This is just an attempt to blackmail me into pleading guilty,” Van Helmond said.

David Shearer needs to show leadership

David Shearer has claimed he doesn?t like gotcha politics, yet yesterday senior MPs Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson, along with aspiring senior MP and former party president Andrew Little launched a disgraceful, untrue attack on Judith Collins, Simon Lusk and me. They continued their disgraceful attacks in the House today.

This attack is typical of Mallard. Make shit up, throw it, see what sticks, and brazen it out afterwards. These attacks are all based on ?an anonymous email from a reliable source?.

The problem for David Shearer is while Mallard and his thuggish henchmen are running this kind of stupid, baseless attack all it does is continue to frame the Labour Party as the Nasty Party. It also detracts from Shearer?s leadership, as he looks like Goff did, when Robertson stood up to him and told him to be soft on Maoris or else.

None of this is going to go well for Labour. Ministers do not threaten defamation action without good cause, and as I know all parties involved in this dispute there is no way there is any link between Judith Collins and Simon Lusk. So school yard bully Mallard will be forced to apologise or will lose a defamation case. In the mean time his nastiness continues to brand Labour as the Nasty Party.

David Shearer’s leadership and chance of being Prime Minister is under threat by this kind of stupid attack where there is no evidence at all of what Mallard is saying. Politicians lying never goes down well with the public, as Anna Bligh recently found out. ?He should take Trevor aside and tell him to apologise in full immediately, or he will be stripped of his portfolios and returned to the back bench. In fact he should strip him of his portfolios and the Shadow Leader of the House anyway.

I don?t believe that David Shearer has anything to do with these attacks, but he is as much a victim as those Mallard has accused. Just as he was the victim when Mallard got busted scalping tickets on Trademe, and Goff was a victim when Mallard chose to indulge in an asymmetrical war against me where he couldn?t win and I had nothing to lose.

Mallard has a?history?of defamation, and a history of scurrilous anonymous smears.

A quick search of Google shows Mallard has form.

He defamed Erin Leigh.

He also defamed Amokura Panaho along with John Tamihere. They had to pay her $7500 each for that defamation.

Then there is the case of his defamation of Rosemary Bradford.?This story is interesting as there’s a claim Labour asked officials to provide the dirt on MPs spouses. ?A bit like the Erin Leigh issue.

Then of course there was the American Bagman smear that went nowhere. He still maintains he was right yet hasnpt produced a shred of evudence to back up his allegations.

Now has taken a step too far, together with Grant Robertson and Andrew Little they have defamed Judith Collins, for which she is suing them, and also Simon Lusk and myself. They ar too cowardly to step outside the house and repeat the smears against me and Simon and so I am left to?defend?myself via the blog.

David Shearer needs to?discipline?all three but mostly he needs to yank Mallard back into line. If he doesn’t then his leadership is finished and we will be talking sooner rather than alter about Grant Robertson’s ascendency to Labour’s leadership.

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Last night Annette King tweeted about the cricket so I asked if she got her tickets off Trevor Mallard. This was her reply:

[blackbirdpie id=”170438262245171200″]

Nice to see the caring left showing itself again.

As a matter of fact Annette the answer is no.

But I have to ask…Do you feel that way about all beneficiaries?

I do so love politicians and Twitter #nfwab



Labour is the Nasty Party, Ctd

Trevor Mallard is the gift the keeps on giving.

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Let me guess Trevor?…you’ll do it under Parliamentary?Privilege…like you always do.

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

It isn’t really any wonder that Tim MacIndoe increased his majority with Sue Moroney standing against him.

She proves almost daily why Labour is known as the nasty party:

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Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Trevor Mallard gets called out by someone at last night’s meeting and he goes all nasty on them.

I’ve put up a comment, but it is still sitting in moderation so I’ll post it here. Mallard is probably trying to think up some sort of sledge back at me to prove he is a nasty prick. More likely though he won’t have the courage to publish the comment.

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

hat tip Observations

?I stumbled across Mr David Cunliffe at the Avondale Markets. He had grabbed a microphone from the Mana Party bus and gave a 5 minute anti John Key Speech.

David Cunliffe screeching in desperation and nastiness.

Sheesh it is?desperate.

Nice to see David Cunliffe thinks he can work with Mana even if Phil Goff says otherwise.