Natalie Bennett

The Greens are nuts the world over

If you think our Green party is looney, then check out the Greens in the UK.

The Greens are gathering in Liverpool for their annual conference. It?s their largest yet ? so the council will have to find extra parking spaces for all the broomsticks

We?re told that Britain is riding high on a Green tide, and that 2015 could be the year that this unlikely alliance of Trotskyites and Druids wins a clutch of seats in Parliament. But the more the public knows about them, the less it?s likely to want to vote for them.

It?s true that Green Party membership doubled last year (finally giving them enough people to form that coven they?ve always wanted) and that they?re generating lots of support among the flower children on campus. But mummy and daddy are rather more concerned about the details expected to appear in their Looney Tunes manifesto. For the borders it?s ?open sesame?; drugs, brothels and membership of terrorist groups will all be decriminalised; and Britain will become a ?zero growth economy? ? which, at the very least, will be easy to achieve. I?m told by party insiders that if the economy should dip into recession in 2016, they?ll get things moving again by sacrificing a goat to Sheba the Moon Goddess.

The more that the Greens get media attention, the more it?ll become obvious that they don?t really deserve it. For those of us with experience of actually living under a Green council, the case against them is overwhelming.

Since they took over Brighton in 2010, we?ve had proposals for gender-neutral toilets and the option of identifying oneself as Mr, Mrs or Mx on council forms. They?ve tried to hike taxes by an eye-watering 4.75 per cent. Moreover, for a supposedly Green party they are remarkably bad for the environment. Shortly after taking over there was a bin strike that led to rubbish collecting in the streets. They?ve signed-off on the construction of a monstrous tower on the front that looks suspiciously like a phallic totem pole. New windfarms promise to despoil the view out to sea. And, most ironically of all, Brighton has plummeted down the recycling tables: it now ranks 302nd out of 326 councils.

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What a complete car smash from the Green party leader in the UK

The Green party worldwide are infested with loons. We have just seen off one Australian weirdo in Russel Norman.

The leader of the Green party in the UK is an Aussie interloper as well and equally crazy.

Yesterday she has an absolute shocker and got smashed badly.

Michael Deacon from The Telegraph noted

The interview didn?t go well. To be fair to Ms Bennett, Ferrari did ask her a lot of tough questions, such as what her policies were and how she would fund them. A particular highlight was their discussion of social housing.

And the full story isn’t any better:

The Greens are in chaos after the party?s manifesto launch was overshadowed by a series of stumbling interviews by leader Natalie Bennett including one she herself admitted was ?excruciating?.

Reaction to the series of media appearances, organised to promote the Greens general election programme, was heated, with many comparing the series of interviews to a ?car crash,? while others suggested she had given the ?worst interview ever?.

She repeatedly failed to answer questions about the party?s economic policy, stumbling when asked for basic details about the Green platform.

Following a particularly bungling appearance, with LBC Radio, when she went silent for long periods, Miss Bennett admitted to suffering from ?mind blank,? and confessed her ?excruciating? performance had been impaired by a ?huge cold? after she struggled to explain the party?s housing policy.

In one exchange with presenter Nick Ferrari, she was asked several times how much the Green policy of removing tax relief on mortgage interest for private landlords would bring in, responding: “Erm … well … that’s part of the whole costing.”

Pressed on the cost of building 500,000 social homes, which the party has promised, she went on: “Right, well, that’s, erm … you’ve got a total cost … erm … that we’re … that will be spelt out in our manifesto.”

Mr Ferrari responded: “So you don’t know?” To which Miss Bennett said: “No. Well … er.”

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The Green Party in the UK are “spiteful, malicious toddlers”

The Green party are the same the world over.

Their members are well meaning if somewhat deluded, but the politicians and parties themselves are crazy lunatics who have blood on their hands through their disastrous policies.

The Green party is having a bit of a surge in the UK at the moment and they are the real danger rather than the UKIP.

People are starting to wake up.

Reading the depressing news from Greece this morning, most Britons would be forgiven for imagining: ?Couldn?t happen here.? A not-terribly-post-Communist politician is about to become prime minister, by promising that which is both arithmetically and politically impossible.

Well: beware Greeks bearing nonsense on stilts. Couldn?t happen here? Look again. Britain already elects Green Party representatives who can make Syriza seem like the thoughtful mainstream. Welcome to the city of Brighton and Hove, where the Green Party has been in power since the 2011 council elections.


Syriza?s leader named his son in honour of Che Guevara? That?s nothing. Here?s Ben Duncan, at the time the Green Party councillor for Queen?s Park ward, on June 28 last year, tweeting about a memorial to the Armed Forces: ?Armed Forces Day has certainly brought the hired killers onto the streets of #Brighton today. Hard to explain to my son!?

It certainly would be hard to explain to a son why he shouldn?t spit in such a father?s face, but I don?t think that was Mr Duncan?s suggestion. The local Green Party asked him to resign as a Green, or something ? they have no formal whipping system ? but he remains a councillor, and, as far as I can tell, continues to ?work? for Green MEP Jean Lambert for which we ? the taxpaying ?we? ? pay him something like thirty grand a year.

Brighton voters will have been less surprised than most, then, to hear Natalie Bennett, the Greens? national leader, rhapsodising over her plans to convert the Army into some sort of counselling service.

That?s the thing about the Greens. They react in horror when one of their footsoldiers is caught being explicit over an idea ? soldiers=killers, for example ? to which their national policy is hardly antithetical. The only substantive difference I can see between Duncan and Bennett is that he was caught sneering, while she?s still allowed to pretend the drivel in her manifesto is just light-hearted, and ?fresh and new?, as she put it at the weekend.

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Greens are crazy the world over…and evil

We all know how crazy our Greens are. We also know that Green policies actually kill people, like the victims of Australian bushfires killed by Green policies preventing back-burning in cooler months.

The election int he Uk is proving interesting, mainly for two reason…the crazies of the UKIP and the really cray types in the Green party.

James Delingpole explains:

Many years ago, when I was a young diarist working for the Daily Telegraph?s Peterborough column, my bosses dispatched me to cover the Green Party conference. This wasn?t because I was particularly anti-Green at the time. Rather it was because, of all Peterborough?s staffers, I was known to be the one least interested in politics and the political process, so it seemed entirely appropriate to send me to the big joke event in the conference season, rather than to one of the more serious events.

The only thing I remember about the event was being inveigled into some fringe activity in which I was forced to participate with various Green delegates in some kind of non-competitive group bonding exercise where we all had to roll about on the floor. Someone let out the most repellent fart. It smelt evil but everyone present politely conspired to pretend that everything was normal. I sense something similar going on right now in the collective efforts of the media chattering classes to present the Green Party as a viable, vibrant and credible force in UK politics in the approach to the General Election.

Classic Delingpole sledging.

He continues to explain why he thinks they are evil and wrong.

Apparently the Green Party?s membership has now overtaken UKIP?s. I?m quite prepared to believe this but I think it says more about the fiendish zealotry of the sort of people attracted to environmental causes than it does about the Green Party itself. It?s not as though the Green Party has suddenly gone and recruited a brilliant, inspirational go-ahead new leader ? au contraire: see Nathalie Bennett, below ? nor as though it has undergone some manner of dramatic, Clause 4 style, policy reinvention.

Nope. It?s just that of all the parties, the Greens are the one whose target market accords most closely with the kind of people who flock to sign Change.Org petitions and join Twitter mobbings and go out on street demos (or better still, attend week-long protest camps where they can smoke dope, get to use the yurt and possibly get to rub shoulders with Vivienne Westwood). These people are signers, joiners, astroturfers. As a percentage of the population they are quite small but in terms of exerting political pressure they punch far above their weight by being highly committed and ? for a bunch of dope-smoking crusties ? surprisingly well organised. This Green Party membership surge is just another part of that strategy. I don?t believe that it will translate into anything significant at the polls.

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Infestation of Australians in green parties

It seems that there is an outbreak of nasty Australians infesting the leadership of Green parties worldwide:

An Australian-born former journalist has been elected leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, promising to fight the British government’s “economically illiterate cuts”.

Natalie Bennett, 46, won the ballot of more than 3000 party members, defeating her closest rival, Peter Cranie, the party announced on its website.

Bennett won by 1757 votes to 1204 in the final round after two other candidates were eliminated.

The vacancy arose after Caroline Lucas, the party’s first and only member of the British parliament, stepped aside in May.

Bennett said in her acceptance speech the party’s policies were “the only viable way forward for British people, for the world”.

She said the economy needed to be “relocalised”, urging a revival of manufacturing in Britain and support for farmers providing food, while the financial services industry had to be reined in to stop it “running riot” towards another economic crash.