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National Selection Round Up

This blog will be covering all the National Party selections over the next six months. As usual it will not take sides in any selection process unless some stupid fundy tries to break all the rules and rig selection, or if some factional war lords wearing drag try to impose a candidate on an electorate.

Unlike Labour, National’s selection process is decided by the electorates, not HQ, and the Board or Caucus have bugger all to do with it.

Whangarei: – The very urbane and cosmopolitan Paul Foster-Bell, a Whangarei boy, wants to return home. Paul needs to spend a few early mornings out catching his limit of snapper, accept the abuse of that ratbag Nathan Guy for cutting our snapper limit, and remember the golden rule about MPs not having gay utes like Fossy’s and he is in with a chance. Mike Sabin has talked of switching seats but probably wont. National board member Grant McCullum is unlikely to run because of his difficult missus.

New Westie Seat: – Linda Cooper may be the one to take one for the team in the new westie seat, but she may show a degree of wisdom no one had previously noticed, and decide to stay on council.

Te Atatu: – Self confessed Westie Mark Bridges seems like a good pick for this seat even if he wants to parachute into Hunua, which he has absolutely no connection to, but fair play to him, if he can smooze all the old dears in Hunua enough to beat a formidable local he deserves it.   Read more »

Protests growing in Hawkes Bay

Yesterday there was a tractor protest in the Hawkes Bay from angry farmers…over water, unsurprisingly.

Angry growers are hoping to force change at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, with a campaign involving a “tractor march” to the council’s offices in Napier on September 18 to protest at its water policies.

The Grower Action Group (GAG) says it was treated shabbily by the council during this summer’s drought and has launched a Hang Up Our Boots campaign, with boots strung up on Havelock Rd at a paddock between Hastings and Havelock North, owned by one of Hawke’s Bay’s largest growers, John Bostock.

The group claims that without sensible water management in Hawke’s Bay we may as well all “hang up our boots”.

Twyford growers suffered losses after the council shut off all irrigation due to low river levels, denying water to stop young trees from dying. Trees in Hastings’ Twyford are not deep rooted because the water table is usually high.

Mr Bostock said regional councillors were asked to come to a meeting of Twyford growers at the height of their drought concerns, “but they were not to be seen”.

“If we don’t have sensible water management in Hawke’s Bay we may as well all hang up our boots,” Mr Bostock said.  Read more »

Snapper Quota: No one happy, balance must be just right

No one is happy on the Snapper issue. Recreational fishers are mad, commercial fishers are mad as hell and the environmentalists aren’t happy either.

Sounds like the government got the balance just right.

Recreational fishers say they are the losers despite winning the “rights” to all of a 500 tonne increase in the total allowable catch in the country’s prized snapper fishery.

An increase in the minimum legal size from 27cm to 30cm and reduction in daily bag limit from nine to seven are the key rule changes for the troubled Snapper 1 fishery announced yesterday by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy.

Commercial fishers are aggrieved that they are denied a slice of the total catch increase; environmental groups say the decision does nothing to rebuild the fishery and the recreational sector say they are the only ones taking a cut.  Read more »


Nathan Guy makes Machiavelli look soft


Students of political history should put down their heavily-thumbed copies of The Prince, and take a look at how the Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy is handling the Government’s inquiry into the whey protein fiasco.

While giving the appearance in media interviews of a possum in the headlights of a farmer’s 4×4, he’s certainly no slouch when it comes to ensuring the Government’s incompetent AgResearch institution is protected.

Quickly realising the draft terms of reference would have allowed scrutiny of AgResearch’s involvement when including the wording “Quality and integrity of diagnostic testing” – and the resulting bollocking of the Government by the opposition, he organised for the terms of reference to be rewritten to amazingly take AgResearch out of the inquiry by simply adding “quality and integrity of product testing”.  Read more »


Oh dear a  number of people are going to be doing a massive face-palm over the news that there was never any Botulism in Fonterra’s products, including Bryce Edwards, the Labour and Green parties and Nathan Guy.

The Ministry for Primary Industries said it had received results confirming that the bacteria found in the whey protein concentrate (WPC) manufactured by Fonterra was not the botulism-causing clostridium botulinum, the ministry said.

“The organism is confirmed as Clostridium sporogenes. It is therefore not capable of producing botulism causing toxins,” the ministry said in a statement.

“There are no known food safety issues associated with Clostridium sporogenes, although at elevated levels certain strains may be associated with food spoilage,” it said.  Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan on Shearer and Labour

Fran O’Sullivan discusses Shearer’s demise and Labour’s mis-step in opposing the GCSB Bill.

When the Wellington cocktail party set starts chattering openly about Labour’s leadership, using slogans about how a “fish stinks from its head”, it is obvious something is up.

So it was on Wednesday night as even the MPs at Wellington public relations and lobbying firm SenateSJH’s annual bash talked freely about who was likely to replace David Shearer.

The symbolism was obvious.

Shearer’s “dead fish” stunt – where he waved a couple of dead snapper in Parliament to make a point about Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy’s botched attempt to lower the snapper catch limit – had backfired.

In reality, the only dead fish was Labour – a leading Opposition party still floundering in the polls and led by a politician who this week again proved he lacked the leadership skills to capitalise on opposition to the Government Communications Security Bureau legislation.

I am now convinced that the “dead fish” stunt was a set up, supposedly to be the final nail in the coffin so that caucus could present the letter of no confidence at tuesday’s caucus.  Read more »

Green taliban want Snapper cuts to go further

Oh dear, if all the fishermen thought that National and Nathan Guy were chumps and were threatening to change their votes because Labour and David Shearer [Insert #Laborsgottalent winner’s name] were going to save their fishing rights, then they need a re-think.

The green taliban loons that Labour will need to prop them up if they get close to the Treasury benches think that what has been proposed so far isn’t far enough.

Did you wonder why the Greens haven’t said boo about snapper? Wonder no more.

“We are supportive of the Ministry’s proposed interim target of rebuilding the snapper stock to 40% of its original biomass,” said EDS Policy Director Raewyn Peart.

“This would allow fishers to take greater numbers of fish in the long term as well as providing environmental benefits.

“However, we were disappointed to find that all three management options proposed by the Ministry would fail to achieve such a rebuild, and will likely see a further decline in snapper stocks. This is inconsistent with the requirements of the Fisheries Act and the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act.  Read more »

When will Nathan Guy go?

Fonterra is making moves to mitigate the PR disaster that still swirls around them. They have sent two senior managers on leave.

One wonders how long before Nathan Guy gets the arse card?

It was telling that all the ‘splaining was left to Tim Groser and Nikki Kaye. If Nikki Kaye is preferred to speak on the issue instead of Nathan Guy then you know he is in trouble.

Fonterra has put two senior managers on leave as its probe into operational matters that led to a botulism bacteria scare deepens.

The move follows the resignation on Wednesday with immediate effect of Gary Romano, managing director of the dairy company’s New Zealand manufacturing operations.  Read more »

Is Nathan next?

The Fonterra milk debacle has claimed its first scalp.

Will Nathan Guy be next?

The Fonterra contamination scare has claimed its first scalp with Gary Romano, Managing Director NZ Milk Products, resigning with immediate effect.

Chief executive Theo Spierings said he had accepted Mr Romano’s resignation.

“Gary has made a significant contribution during his time at Fonterra and we respect his decision,” Mr Spierings said.

Mr Spierings will assume interim responsibility for the day-to-day operations of NZ Milk Products.  Read more »

Actually John Key is right, Kiwis do care more about snapper than the GCSB

The left wing are all upset because John Key thinks that their cause célèbre, the GCSB Bill, isn’t the biggest issue facing Kiwi voters, that he believes snapper limits are.

They have even gone out of their way to produce some nice Google Trends graphs to prove their point…except they don’t and they are wrong.

You see if they had bothered to put in a search term that wasn’t quite so technical and far more vernacular…they get a completely different result. But they are caught up in nailing John Key over the GCSB bill and so have to prove their point. It is a shame, for them., it isn’t a point Kiwis are interested in looking at poll results…and Google Trends for that matter.

snapper Read more »