Nathan Rees

Abuse of Privilege must be exposed if our democracy is to survive

Following the Nathan Rees affair it is interesting to note the difference in the Australian media from our own media.

Nathan Rees affair is so similar to that of Len Brown’s it is astonishing. What isn;t similar is media reaction. Whereas media here rushed to defend Len Brown they are climbing into Nathan Rees.

Perhaps the most clear example is this statement at the Daily Telegraph as to why dodgy rooting ratbag politicians need to be exposed. It is so relevant to the Len Brown affair that it must be read in full.

Andrew Clennell (State Political Editor at The Daily Telegraph)?comments, emphasis is mine.

WHEN a patient sees a doctor, a client sees a lawyer, or a constituent consults their MP, the last thing they should be worried about is being hit on.

Once you choose to share your story with, and seek advice from, someone in a position of power, you should expect not to be the subject of sexual advances. Particularly when you are a vulnerable single mother and your MP is a former premier.?
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Len, This Labor Man Stepped Aside

Nathan Rees is a dodgy rooting ratbag Labor politician who was busted rooting one of his constituents. He has resigned his positions, and will likely resign parliament.

OPPOSITION Police spokesman Nathan Rees is stepping aside from the frontbench and taking personal leave after revelations in The Daily Telegraph today about his affair with a constituent.

“For the sake of others, I ask for privacy at this time. As such, I will be taking leave and stepping aside from my duties as Shadow Minister to focus on working through these personal matters.”

Mr Rees, a former NSW premier, expressed his “deep regret” yesterday for having an affair with a constituent.

Mr Rees admitted the relationship with the single mother lasted for five months until March.

During the affair they had secret trysts in parks and his electoral office and exchanged hundreds of text messages.? Read more »

Dodgy ALP ratbag set to cop third corruption finding

Ian MacDonald is a dodgy, corrupt ratbag. Today it is expected that the Independent CommissionAgainst Corruption will find him to be corrupt for a third time.

The crooked former minister Ian Macdonald is likely to be slapped with his third corruption finding in a month, as the state’s anti-graft agency prepares to hand down yet another report into the former NSW Labor government.

The expected adverse finding against Mr Macdonald for his decision to issue a lucrative coal licence to a company run by a Labor Party ally, former union boss John Maitland, comes as the federal election campaign shifts into its final week.? Read more »

Corruption dragging ALP down

The ICAC inquiry damage is done, and now the fallout is killing off any chances for the ALP at the federal elections.

Eddie Obeid isn’t helping either with his refusal to admit to his dodgy and corrupt behaviour.

Former premier Nathan Rees believes the NSW corruption inquiry has wounded federal Labor’s election chances and has told ALP members who continue to resist party reform to ”get out”.

He said the infamy of former ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald would affect the federal election campaign.

”My estimation is that the ICAC revelations have dragged Labor’s federal primary vote down 2 to 3 per cent in NSW,” Mr Rees said. ”In what is likely to be a tight election, this is clearly an issue.”

Mr Rees said party members who have been pushing for reform have had to ”argue, push and cajole every inch of the way”.

People want Obeid’s support like they want cancer

Dodgy ALP ratbag Eddie Obeid is still trying to throw his weight around, despite corruption allegation. However the locals are having non of it rejecting endorsement they previously would have loved to have had.

Labor exile Eddie Obeid has thrown his support behind Matt Thistlethwaite in the battle to replace outgoing minister Peter Garrett in the seat of Kingsford Smith.

Mr Obeid, who is waiting on a decision in his hearing at the Independent Commission Against Corruption, said Senator Thistlethwaite had a stronger claim to the eastern beaches seat than his opponent, Tony Bowen.

But Senator Thistlethwaite immediately rejected Mr Obeid’s blessing, saying it was unwanted mischief-making and the ALP branches in Kingsford Smith would decide his fate, not a disgraced powerbroker.

Mr Obeid’s diaries, made public by ICAC, record 15 private meetings with Senator Thistlethwaite between October 2008 and September 2009, when he was Labor general-secretary. Four of those were with Mr Obeid’s fellow powerbroker Joe Tripodi. But they fell out in November 2009, when Senator Thistlethwaite backed then premier Nathan Rees in sacking Mr Tripodi and Ian Macdonald.

Rotten to the core

Th Brisbane Times has a couple of interesting articles.

NSW Labor is rotten to the core, Kevin Rudd ?is not even sure there is a straight politician left.

As pressure grows on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to clean up the scandal-ridden NSW Labor Party, party boss Sam Dastyari may be headed for a seat in the Senate.

While Mr Dastyari is recognised as a reformer, there are question marks over the credentials of his likely successors.

Former NSW premier Nathan Rees believes that if Mr Dastyari goes, the Prime Minister would need to order full-scale intervention in the state party, which has been disgraced by years of revelations about corruption among MPs and union officials. ?? Read more »

Skips not Wogs

Australia is truly a different world:

LABOR powerbrokers chose?Nathan Rees?as premier because there were too many ”wogs” in cabinet, according to the first insider’s account of the last years of the former NSW government.

In his political memoir,?The Fog on the Hill, the former senior minister Frank Sartor recalls being told in 2008 by the then NSW ALP general secretary, Karl Bitar, that the party favoured Mr Rees to take over from?Morris Iemma, who was struggling in the polls.

”I canvassed at some lengths the reasons why I thought Rees was unsuitable. Bitar countered with his reasoning that the cabinet was too ‘on the nose’ and that there were too many ‘wogs’,” writes Mr Sartor. In cabinet alongside Mr Iemma and Mr Sartor were?Joe Tripodi, Michael Costa,?John Della Bosca?and John Hatzistergos.

”Rees, he said, was a break from that – an Aussie Westie. What a way to choose a premier! Imagine if BHP chose their CEO using focus groups? What a bunch of superficial fools, I thought.”