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Labour forgetful, Goff and Plughead Pwnd

Labour through Phil Goff and Clayton Cosgrove have been quick to condemn Judith Collins’ plans to make prisoners earn their keep and build their own accommodation.

When Collins announced the plan to use containers Clayton Cosgrove got all outraged.

Clayton Cosgrove, 22 June 2009, Dominion Post, describing the idea that prisoners help build their own cells as “arrant nonsense”: “You need electricity and a latrine so plumbers, sparkies, drainlayers and carpenters are involved. How many P addicts, gang members and murderers are qualified in those skills?”

Poor old Clayton should have checked with the previous Corrections Minister, one Phil Goff, before he opened that huge gaping maw that often acts as a target for his feet but most people call a mouth. Why? Well because Phil Goff said this;

“Inmates will refurbish up to 40 houses a year, stripping the insides and refitting them with new kitchens, vanities, tubs, shelving, aluminium joinery and curtains, some of which will be made in prison workshops … By training prisoners in construction trades we are increasing prisoners’ chances of obtaining meaningful employment on their release in an area that is in desperate need of skilled people” – Phil Goff, 21 March 2008

Gosh, I wonder who is speaking the “arrant nonsense” now, around the feet that are firmly and almost permanently wedged in his gob.

As a public service to Phil Goff and Clayton Cosgrove here are a few facts that can be gleaned from Corrections website:

  • Number of prison beds built by prisoners between 2004 – 2007: 1501
  • Corrections Inmate Employment (CIE) manufactured 2,855 pre-cast panels for the Auckland Regional Women’s Corrections Facility – opened in 2006 – at its concrete yard at Auckland Prison, incorporating 2,500 cubic metres of concrete. This is equivalent to approximately 625 truckloads of concrete.
  • CIE also constructed 275 cell doors and furniture sets for the cells at Auckland Women’s and 180 security grills for cell windows in the High Security accommodation blocks.
  • CIE manufactured 604 doors, 639 cell grilles, 3,914 items of cell furniture including desks, shelving units and beds for Spring Hill Corrections Facility which opened in 2007. CIE Engineering manufactured $3.2m worth of metalwork
  • 13 houses have been refurbished at the SHCF refurbishment yard since it was opened 10 July 2008

Gobbling Turkeys Slam Crusher's Containers

Clayton CosgroveCollins’ container cell plan slammedPlans to put prisoners to work building their own cells out of shipping containers have been labelled “nonsense” and a waste of money. [Stuff Politics]

The liberal elite have started wringing their hands in anguish that someone could be so unkind as to put prisoners in containers.

They will gobble like a flock of turkeys being lined up for christmas dinner. This photo shows how turkeys really puff themselves up and become exceptionally sanctimonious when they start gobbling, and none more so than Clayton Cosgrove. This will go on for days.

Meanwhile the rest of the population will think bloody good on you Crusher, and National will get a nice poll bounce. Hopefully Judith Collins will back this up with some more good common sense like saying if you don’t want to live in a container it is really, really easy, even for those that are a little slow. Do not commit crimes and you will not end up in a shipping container.

It is really that simple.

Clayton Cosgrove, as chief gobbler, has also used very spurious figures of $380,000 per cell for the shipping container idea. As I showed yesterday that is simply nonsense. The solution is to simply hire Brown and Root Services and get them to build exactly what they did at Gitmo.

Inmates told: build your own jail cells

Inmates told: build your own jail cellsPrisoners could be forced to build their own jail cells from shipping containers to cope with a “dangerously high” prison population that is expected to spill over in six months. [Stuff Politics]


On another note I see Judith Collins is saying that we can’t build more prisons because of the economic downturn. Surely it is time with the recession biting to look at actually selling the prison and capping the amount we spend on prisons and getting a nett benefit to the taxpayer of say $5 Billion?

Worth considering I would think. There would be few out there that would consider Corrections to be a core asset of the government and so it wouldn’t break any promises.

The Weekly Plug Head Smack Down

Clayton Cosgrove really is a marnus. Each week he asks a question of Judith Collins and each week he sits back down with egg all over his face.

Hon Clayton Cosgrove: Why does the Minister continue to claim that 600 extra police are being put on the streets by National, when she knows that approximately 380 of those new police recruits had already been funded by Labour in Budget 2008, which means, in fact, that National’s total contribution over the next 3 years is just 75 more police officers a year—not much more than one police officer per electorate?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS: As everybody in New Zealand should now know, most of the Labour Government’s policies were not actually funded. These ones are.

Crushing Dazza

Labour’s Orange Guy, little Darren Hughes must have caught an early flight back from campaigning for the Labour candidate what’s-his-name in order to rise in the house and ask a question of “Crusher” Collins.

Hon Darren Hughes: What guarantee can the Minister give the House that this new legislation will lead to any more boy racers losing their cars than do so currently, considering that although courts can already confiscate on a first offence, this happens in less than 2 percent of cases?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS: I think that when the member reads the bills he will see that there are very strong provisions; it is very difficult to sell or race a car that has been crushed.

Poor little Dazza, crushed by Judith Collins. Sit down and stop glowing….oops, I meant glowering.

WORLD FIRST: Whaleoil Wrong, Admits it

In a world first, I can reveal that I made a mistake in a blog post. Over the weekend, I criticised Fran O’Sullivan for suggesting that Police Minister Judith Collins could launch an inquiry into the dodgy business of Howard Broad’s politically corrupt handling of the “investigation” into the theft of Don Brash’s emails and subsequent cover up.

In fact, Fran was right and I was wrong.

According to the Cabinet Manual and the Department of Internal Affairs’ very useful document “Setting Up and Running Commissions of Inquiry“, any Minister, including the Police Minister, can set up a Commission of Inquiry. Commissions of Inquiry can inquire into any matter of major public importance or concern to the government of the day. Any Minister may propose an inquiry, but must consult the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General first, prior to submitting the proposal to Cabinet. Before giving its approval, Cabinet should seek advice form the relevant Minister’s office, the relevant department, DPMC and the Crown Law Office.

So Judith Collins can act. And she should. She has previously said she is worried about the public perception our police bosses are politically corrupt. If she doesn’t act, it looks like the new government is hiding something.

PS. Over at Kiwiblog, Farrar made the same mistake. Will he admit he was wrong, and join WOBH’s call for an inquiry?

Fran O'Sullivan : Police excuses ring hollow

Fran O’Sullivan : Police excuses ring hollowFormer National Leader Don Brash cuts a rather pathetic figure as he fruitlessly tries to get to the bottom of who stole the cache of his emails Nicky Hager used as the basis of his book The Hollow Men. There are plenty of theories… [NZ Herald Politics]

Fran O’Sullivan has taken up the cudgel in the increasingly smelly Police investigation of the stolen Brash emails. Unfortunately in her attempt to find out what is happening she attacks Police minister Judith Collins.

Brash has had no help from Police Minister Judith Collins either. Collins was Brash’s close political chum during the dying days of his leadership when it seemed as if he might just survive. But she has not asked for a review.

Now if Fran had actually bothered to read the law pertaining what a Police minister can and cannot do, she would know that Judith Collins actually can’t order such a review. The relevant section is Section 16 of the Policing Act. I have taken the liberty of doing Fran’s research for her. Here is what Section 16 says;

Responsibilities and independence of Commissioner

  • (1) The Commissioner is responsible to the Minister for—
    • (a) carrying out the functions and duties of the Police; and
    • (b) the general conduct of the Police; and
    • (c) the effective, efficient, and economical management of the Police; and
    • (d) tendering advice to the Minister and other Ministers of the Crown; and
    • (e) giving effect to any lawful ministerial directions.

(2) The Commissioner is not responsible to, and must act independently of, any Minister of the Crown (including any person acting on the instruction of a Minister of the Crown) regarding—

  • (a) the maintenance of order in relation to any individual or group of individuals; and
  • (b) the enforcement of the law in relation to any individual or group of individuals; and
  • (c) the investigation and prosecution of offences; and
  • (d) decisions about individual Police employees.

So you see Judith Collins has her hands tied. It is probably for the best that the law preculdes this lest other less judicious adherents to the law started directing the Police. One wonders though whether previous Police Ministers and indeed Prime ministers have somehow circumvented this aspect of the law.

Whatever, though, the continued whitewash of the investigation can only lead one to presume that their is omething smelly in the Police Department.

This case would be one of the reasons I would use to establish a wide ranging Independent Commission against Corruption which would contain the resources of the Serious Fraud Office, the Police Complaints Authority and a rotating panel of judges. We need to root out corruption form everywhere it appears to be festering and a good start would the three op people at the Police National HQ.

Shooting sparks firearm debate

If guns kill people do pencils misspell words

Shooting sparks firearm debate – Consideration of stricter gun laws following the death of a police officer in Napier would be premature, Police Minister Judith Collins says. [Stuff Politics]

The previous two cops killed were killed with a car and an air rifle, at the time I don’t recall any debate about banning either. So why then is there a renewed call for guns to be banned in the wake of the killing of Len Snee?

The logic is simply flawed. If guns kill people then by the same logic;

  • Pencils misspell words
  • Cars make people drive drunk
  • Matches cause arson
  • And spoons made Parekura Hormomia fat

It is simple, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

But they do it with guns, knives, cars, baseball bats or whatever they can get their hands on. When a criminal comes to kill me with method, I hope I have the ability to shoot back. If the government decided to get oppressive and take away my rights, I hope I have a gun to fight them with.

And so would you.

Never trade freedom for security…you’ll have neither.

In some respects it is time to review our gun laws. It is time for our police to be armed. The criminals already are, and often better equipped than the police. It is also time to return our right to bear arms as well. The police can’t and won’t protect us, we need the ability to protect ourselves.

Plughead smackdown

Watch as Plughead gets the smackdown from Judith Collins.

Plughead looks more and more perplexed as the information he is getting from his Corrections weasel just isn’t right.

Crush bill for boy racers almost ready

Crush bill for boy racers almost readyCar-crushing boy racer legislation could be introduced to Parliament as early as this week, Prime Minister John Key said yesterday. Police Minister Judith Collins said last month she was preparing a bill that would allow courts… [NZ Herald Politics]

Judith “Crusher” Collins doesn’t muck around.

No namby-pamby hand-wringing from her about the “rights” of boy-racers.

I would hope that the crushing legislation compells the little toe-rags to watch as their car is crushed, though as loyal reader know I prefer shredding.