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US braces for coldest month in a century, how’s that global warming feeling?

Workers shovel out MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey where the Super Bowl will be held on February 2.

Workers shovel out MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey where the Super Bowl will be held on February 2.

The US is bracing itself for their coldest months in a century and still people are banging on about global warming and ever increasing temperatures.

America is set for the coldest month of the century as weather forecasters predict yet another freezing blast of Arctic air – putting Super Bowl Sunday in jeopardy.

Teams have been warned to stay on high alert for changes to the scheduling of the first Super Bowl to be played in an open-air stadium.

Temperatures have already hit record lows, at times making parts of the U.S. colder than the North Pole, and are expected to plunge in the coming days.

The timing could not be worse for one of the biggest global sporting events, which will be exposed to the full force of the elements at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on February 2.? Read more »

A US Sports Coach vs Len Brown

Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburg Steelers had a brain explosion on the sideline of a match.

It cost him $100,000.00

His confession is a big lesson…on how to deal with mistakes.

Speaking at his Tuesday press conference,?Pittsburgh Steelers?coach?Mike Tomlin?acknowledged that his actions on?Jacoby Jones’?73-yard kickoff return?last week were “embarrassing, inexcusable, illegal” and “a blunder.”

As head coaches, we’re held to higher standards of conduct, and that blunder fell woefully short and in that vein I accept … the repercussions of a blunder of that nature,” Tomlin said. “I embrace it. With my position comes preserving the integrity of the game of football.”? Read more »

From now on the All Blacks will be referred to as the All B-words

In a fit of PC madness, liberal blogs refuse to call ?the NFL team Washington Redskins?by its name.

In a move to be even more sensitive to minor outrage,?Slate, Mother Jones and The New Republic all announced that they will no longer refer to the Washington Redskins as the Redskins.

Slate first announced its decision on the site on Aug. 8, with The New Republic and Mother Jones following suit shortly after. Slate took the opportunity to bash owner Daniel Snyder and even admitted that the term wasn?t that offensive.

?The name Redskins is only a bit offensive, it?s extremely tacky and dated ? like an old aunt who still talks about ?colored people? or limps her wrist to suggest someone?s gay,? David Plotz?wrote?on the site. Read more »

Tough guys stand up for gay marriage

Tough guys can and do support gay marriage. Are you tough enough to support gay marriage?

Macho?(m??cho): a man who is aggressively proud of his masculinity (see also: football players, gunslingers, rappers).

Heard the latest among the straight, tough-guy set?

Two NFL players have filed?a brief?before the U.S. Supreme Court in support of gay marriage. Paul Wolfowitz, the neocon defense hawk from the George W. Bush administration,?signed on to another. In the testosterone-roiled world of hip-hop, macho men from Jay-Z to 50 Cent had the back of crooner Frank Ocean after he posted an?open letter?about his sexuality.? Read more »