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Precious Parker and his Staring at Goats strategy

Labour party researchers looking for another cause

Labour party researchers looking for another “scandal” to investigate

David Parker isn’t happy that parliament is thinking of relaxing rules around satire. He wants the ban to remain.

Parliament’s top official has urged MPs to “grow up” and allow the official television feed to be used to mock them.

Mary Harris, Clerk of the House, told the Privileges Committee a ban on using footage of Parliament for satire may need to be relaxed “in this day and age”.

The powerful committee is considering reviewing the rules which apply to Parliament about footage in the age of social media.

Currently footage of proceedings is made available free of charge, but cannot be used in any medium for “satire, ridicule [or] denigration” or for commercial or political advertising.

Harris, whose seven-year term as Clerk ends on July 3, said the rules around satire were developed at a time when television was among the only ways of viewing Parliament, but with the proliferation of media the concerns had changed.

The rules have “been lifted in Australia [and] we borrowed our rules from Australia, and we maybe need to grow up,” Harris told the committee on Wednesday.

“I don’t think there’s a need to shelter Members [of Parliament] any longer.”

“It’s difficult to police. Once or twice Speakers have brought people in and given them a bit of a lecture about it but I think it’s a bit like slapping people with a wet bus ticket.”

Labour MP David Parker said MPs may need protection from people who deliberately edited footage in an attempt to mislead viewers.

“There’s plenty of people out there who want to misrepresent us and I wouldn’t want to enable that under the claim that ‘oh, I was just being satirical’.”

This of course, is the same David Parker who defamed me and my friends under the protection of parliamentary privilege. Now he wants people to continue to be banned from mocking goat shaggers like him.? Read more »