Where does National find these people?

One day it would be great to see a women-only political party in Parliament? Wouldn?t that be ground-breaking?? asked National MP Jo Hayes at the NZ Political Studies Association conference, as part of a Suffrage panel discussion of MPs.

Never heard of her before?? Me neither. Jo is a List MP based in Christchurch East.

One wonders how much thought went into that statement.? If ACT had?Beth Houlbrooke instead of David Seymour representing their party in Parliament, would that be a woman only party?? Would that be groundbreaking?

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Why National are in trouble

Guest post

Several commentators and other bloggers are saying the latest Colmar Brunton poll is great for National and the Key/English/McCully effect has made no difference. History tells us otherwise, they are in trouble.

Back in February 2008, National was polling at 54%, in the election they won with 45% of the vote.

In February 2011 and February 2014, National was polling at 51%, in the election they won 47% of the vote.

Every time National has polled high in February but dropped 4% or more each time in the elections.

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After the election, will ACT be the tail that wags the National dog?

David Seymour

ACT will push the Government hard to follow through on tax cuts and road pricing, says party leader David Seymour.

“Steven Joyce made all the right noises on tax cuts anda demand-based road pricing in his speech today. This comes after constant pressure from ACT to adopt these ideas.

“Unfortunately, National has a depressing record of campaigning from the right but governing from the left. They talk about respecting taxpayers and then introduce new taxes. They talk about cutting red tape but then introduce new flawed regulations. Read more »


Pointless lawmaking from nanny-state National


You know a government is tried and in its third term when they start having light bulb and shower head moments. Nanny?National just had one of theirs.

You are allowed to drive?a car and you can have a baby, but apparently you now can?t get a suntan on a bed if you are under 18. ?This kind of fiddling around the edges is exactly what you?d expect of a bunch of wet lefties. Apparently, people under 18 aren?t capable of making informed decisions.

Parliament has passed a bill that makes sunbeds R18 and changes the way serious infectious diseases are managed.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says there’s strong evidence that people who use sunbeds increase their risk of melanoma and other skin cancers.

“There is also evidence that children and adolescents are more sensitive to ultra violet,” he said after the bill had passed its final stage.

“This legislation seeks to protect this vulnerable group while balancing the rights of informed adults.”

If only that was true.

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Waikato Expressway gets $1.5B for the next stage

The Government has written another transport cheque, this time for more than $1.5 billion of funding to complete the Waikato Expressway.

It follows yesterday’s lolly scramble of bridges across the Northland electorate.

The expressway project has crossed a chasm in every sense. The Karapiro Gully is the biggest challenge of the fourth section of the Waikato Expressway, and after 16 months of effort it has finally been spanned.

“This is a huge milestone for the project,” says HEB Construction’s Gary Budden. “This is the biggest bridge on the Waikato Expressway and it connects the project up for the north and south sections.”

The bridge’s construction marks the midpoint of the expressway project, now designated as a road of national significance.

The bridge stands just three metres lower than the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It is constructed with 36 50-metre beams and held together with 23,000 bolts.

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ACT still on National life support – Whyte to take on safe National seat

ACT Party leader Jamie Whyte is going to stand in Pakuranga for the September general election.

He says he’s going to campaign for the party vote only and use his candidate status to get ACT’s policies across to voters.

“Those policies will go a long way to making Pakuranga more prosperous and its streets and homes safer,” he said.

“A low flat tax, getting tough on crime, and one country, one law.”

Pakuranga is one of the safest National seats in the country.

Maurice Williamson retained it with a 13,846 majority in 2011.

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Why? – I just do not get it. – Observation by the Owl

Ms Turei insisted the Greens “want to change the government”, and suggested they would offer Labour confidence and supply even without a coalition deal.

I just do not get it! Why are Labour and Greens etc so obsessed with changing the government?

I have read, re-read and followed all the politics going on and the only policy I see that Mana, Greens, NZ First and Labour has and at least Ms Turei has said it out loud – “want to change the government”.

People will only change the government if the following happens.

  • Interest rates hit 10%
  • Law and order collapses
  • We stop paying our bills
  • Blues win a game away – (then we know something is wrong).

Please would someone from the Mana, NZ First or their sidekicks the Green and Labour party give me a policy which I can say – YES, you are on the right track.

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Another Cunliffe numbers botch up. Again

Gerry Brownlee listened with some incredulity when David Cunliffe was touting his new Labour Cluster Truck Transport Policy yesterday.

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee says Ministry of Transport analysis of Labour?s new policy for taxing motorhomes shows many motorhome owners would actually be charged higher Road User Charges under a Labour government than they are presently, not lower, as Labour?s leader claimed this morning.

?This is frankly remarkable ? I?m not sure if David Cunliffe is being tricky or if Labour is simply a shambles,? Mr Brownlee says.

?This morning David Cunliffe announced a Labour government would charge motorhome and campervan owners for the wear and tear their vehicles do to the roads based on their vehicles? actual weights.

?But analysis by the Ministry of Transport shows that based on the difference between average and maximum weights for trucks versus motorhomes, the owners of many motorhomes would end up paying more for Road User Charges than they do today.

Well, Cunliffe lost all the Truckie votes yesterday, and you can add the Gypsy demographic to that as well. ? Read more »

Pasifika going Blue? Not so, says Labour’s Su’a William Sio


Someone got a kick in the backside and told to do some work for a change. ?Deny the defections to National!

Alexia Russel at Newstalk ZB reports

The most loyal Labour supporters of all are not going to swing en masse to National.

The Labour MP for Mangere, Su’a William Sio, says stories of Pasifika leaders encouraging their communities to turn blue are exaggerated. ? Read more »

2014 Election all over bar the shouting – literally


There may be some minor excitement about who wins an electorate seat, or if NZ First will make it back into parliament (no), but in essence, apart from a few minor details, this election isn’t about who wins and who loses, but how to proportion the tax payer loot between all the scum list MPs.

And to a fair degree this is more a reflection of a completely disorganised opposition rather than a super effective government.

I can’t remember an electorate being this sure of itself so far out from the election for some time.


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