Trump speaks the truth that politicians don’t like to hear

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has doubled down on his criticism of NATO, a cornerstone of US foreign policy for decades, calling for the alliance’s overhaul just days before world leaders convene in Washington.

President Barack Obama will host the Nuclear Security Summit on Thursday and Friday with 56 delegations in attendance. While preventing nuclear terrorism will headline the discussions, Trump’s views could be a topic as well, particularly behind the scenes.

In another sharp departure from historic US policy, Trump said in an interview published on Sunday (US time) by The New York Times that he would consider letting Japan and South Korea build their own nuclear weapons, rather than rely on the US for protection against North Korea and China.

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It’s okay when the French do it

There are logical actions and reactions. This post is to demonstrate that logic is not applied equally across the board to all countries. What I propose to show you is that when France or indeed any Western country does these kind of things, the World applauds and supports their actions but when Israel reacts in EXACTLY the same way they are condemned.

Considering that Israel is the West’s most valuable ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism this terrible double standard needs to stop. Quite frankly where does much of Europe and America, Australia and New Zealand, get off criticising Israel for what their countries would do in a heartbeat when in the exact same situation?

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Maybe they can lend a few to us

Foreign Policy

The seppos have too many nukes.

On Wednesday, May 16, just days before the leaders of NATO countries meet in Chicago to discuss the future of the military alliance, retired Gen. James Cartwright, former head of U.S. nuclear forces, dropped his own bomb: a report  arguing that the United States could reduce the number of nuclear weapons it deploys by two-thirds and the number of warheads it keeps in reserve by nearly 90 percent. Calls for lower numbers are not new, certainly not from groups dedicated to nuclear disarmament like the one Cartwright worked with — and not even among former heads of Strategic Command.

New Zealand needs a nuclear deterrent mainly to piss off the Greens.

I want to be an MP I’ve decided

Proof positive that you don’t even have to be good looking to be a rooter MP:

A Russian woman accused of being a spy has admitted having a four-year affair with the Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock while she worked as his parliamentary researcher.
Suspected Russian spy admits affair with MP
Katia Zatuliveter, 26, told a tribunal that the married 65-year-old MP tried to seduce her the first time they met, and later gave her a job in his parliamentary office where she had access to sensitive defence documents through his position on the defence select committee.
She also admitted that before meeting Mr Hancock she had affairs with a Nato official and a Dutch diplomat.
Miss Zatuliveter was arrested last year on suspicion of spying and is now fighting a decision to deport her on the grounds that her presence is “not conducive to national security”.

Right, he seduced her…what was his line? Do you f*ck on first dates?