Knock me down with a feather: I agree with Andrew Geddis

The Herald on Sunday has been running a smear job on a judge who likes to get his kit off in private.

They are too gutless to name the judge, or to show the photos, which says a lot about their courage in running the story.

Andrew Geddis (See, I can say your name. Have a go at saying mine.) has commented on the issue, and I agree with him.

A simple message to the Herald on Sunday – there is nothing wrong with being naked. Even if you are a Judge.

The Herald on Sunday is running a “shock! horror!” series of stories about a District Court Judge who happens to be a member of a naturist (“nudist”) club in Canterbury and had some naked photos of himself posted on the club website.

A few things to note about this “story” before we go on. First, the photos were used by the club without the judge’s express permission (although apparently the club’s membership form includes a generic permission to use photos of members for its purposes). So it’s not as if the judge in question sought to somehow set out to exhibit himself to the entire world. ? Read more »