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Auschwitz Bookkeeper Admits ‘Moral Guilt’ at Holocaust Trial

Auschwitz guard Oskar Groening.

A 93-year-old former bookkeeper at Auschwitz who is accused of being an accessory to mass murder told a German court that he felt morally guilty for his work at the Nazi death camp, describing in detail the grisly killings he had witnessed there.

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The nasty, Nazi left

If you recall, there was a bit of a storm in a teacup over the UK Tories selection a photo of a German road and labelling it as if it was Britain being used as part of their election campaign. ?At the core, who cares, except the whole campaign goes off-message. ?Something we’ve also seen here. ? (These details matter).

To remind you, this is the ‘poster’ that they used.

Conservative election poster 2015

Apart from it being a photo of Germany, you can trust the left, in the form of the Labour Party, to wade in and make a total nasty mess of it: ? Read more »