Maori and Pasifika students excel here but Labour don’t care

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The Labour Party have made it very clear that Partnership schools will not be allowed to continue if they become the government. They are implacably opposed to them. Partnership schools were created in part to lift achievement for priority learners and Vanguard Military school which opened in 2014 has focused on lifting the achievement of Maori and Pasifika students. Their 2016 results clearly show that this focus is working as their students have achieved results significantly higher than the national average. If the Labour Party become the government they have said that they will shut down Partnership schools or force them to become state schools. They will do this even if the schools have results that are well above the National average and even if they are succeeding where many state schools are failing.

?Vanguard Military School ?/ Nat Average / % Above Nat Average

Maori Roll Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 92.3% / 63.7% / up 28.6%

NCEA Level 2 / 90.5% / 73.5% / up 17%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 52.9% / up 47.1%

Maori Participation Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 100% / 76% / up 24%

NCEA Level 2 / 90.5% / 83.9% / up 6.6%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 73.5% / up 26.5%

Pasifika Roll Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 85.7% / 70.4% / up 15.3%

NCEA Level 2 / 100% / 77.6% / up 22.4%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 58.9% / up 41.1%

Pasifika Participation Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 100% / 74.2% / up 25.8%

NCEA Level 2 / 100% / 81.7% / up 18.3%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 69.8% / up 30.2%

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NCEA is a “dumbing down device” that has caused achievement levels to drop

A qualification that was introduced to lift our New Zealand students’ achievement levels and make them world class has achieved just the opposite.

Somewhat sad when our PISA marks slide, our rankings remain well below what they were (21st in the world for Maths), Maori and Pasifika and in the poorest 25% of the work and the National Minister for education says:

“this is a very pleasing result and I think we should take the time to celebrate it”

What would National have said if they were in opposition?
After 8 years in power they have actually changed and challenged so little in education and been so timid with reform – wanting to keep the unions on side and backing down almost every time they sneeze.
Even Warwick Elley in the NZH gets it.

Who will the next Minister of Education be and will they actually get stuff done?

-reader e-mail

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Misleading Data used by Chris Hipkins for another hit on Charter Schools

I was disappointed but not surprised to see another attack on Vanguard military school yesterday by Chris Hipkins. I have written many articles about Charter schools as part of my investigative series and I have time and time again pointed out the truth and have shown that the critics were not comparing apples with apples.

Misleading data has again been used in order to try to make very successful schools look bad.

Labour Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins, who obtained the documents, said it showed charter schools have been “massively overstating” their pass rates when compared with the rest of the country’s schools.

…In one case a school reported a 93.3 per cent pass rate when the facts show only 6.7 per cent of leavers achieved NCEA Level 2.

-NZ Herald

Since Vanguard Military school was one of the charter schools smeared by the article I will use it as an example to show the problem with the data that Chris Hipkins has referred to.

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Nothing to see here either Chippy – Status Quo for the Education System Works Fine?

Chris Hipkins wants to close down Charter Schools that are making a difference to Maori and Pasifika families because the unions are telling him to tell the country that the system works fine for everyone anyway and that there is plenty of “choice”.

The statistics speak for themselves but Hipkins either can’t hear them or read them and he definitely can’t understand them.

Roll Based Statistics 2015

?Y11 NCEA Level 1 % Pass

Asian 88
European 82
Pasifika 73
Maori ?64

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Surely the PPTA MUST see this as a scandal?

Teaching: Where job killer tattoos are no barrier. Photo/NZ Herald

Teaching: Where job killer tattoos are no barrier. Photo/NZ Herald

The two Hobsonville Pt schools started on a budget of $113 million (a new Charter Secondary starts on $400,000). They are decile 10 of course, not aimed at priority learners, so only the best for them.

In their second year Stuff’s School report said the Primary had 156 students and the secondary just 248. That is a total 404 when their capacity is 2290. They are staffed and funded much higher than current rolls – but don’t tell that to the unions on the Left – it is too much contradictory information for their constitutions.

Because they are State schools and PPTA staffed the Hobsonville Point Secondary School gets a soft ride today from the embedded union mouthpiece Kirsty Johnson at the NZ Herald?about dropping NCEA Level 1 for their decile 10 students so that they don’t feel under pressure. The article includes as the smallest side point that even in this “zoned” school:

“a?small number of families had decided to leave, which the school said it was comfortable with.”

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The Truth behind Gloriavale – a Whaleoil Investigation

Regular readers will know that I’ve been somewhat irritated at the Green Party and the media in general for constantly running hit pieces on Gloriavale as if it is some kind of penal colony from which women, children and?slaves need?to be rescued.

Recent pressure has been directed at Gloriavale’s educational programme, and how this allegedly stops specifically women from advancing their education beyond NCEA Level 1. ?The undercurrent of these media hit pieces is that “something must be done”.

Yet the police have no issues with Gloriavale. ?The local MP is happy with them. ?And even the ERO can’t find anything wrong with Gloriavale’s delivery of education to its children. ?All standards met. ?All boxes ticked. ?These people don’t put a foot wrong.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t see any balancing media coverage. ?Here are the Media Party hand in hand with the Green Party kicking up a storm, while police, educational authorities and local politicians are all saying there’s nothing of concern.

So let’s have a look at what a deliberately dumbed down Gloriavale community looks like, shall we? ?Let’s see how they deliberately don’t allow their people to advance beyond NCEA Level 1. ?Especially the women.

Documents obtained by Whaleoil tell a completely different story. ? Here is some hard data on Gloriavale that you will not see in “reputable” media outlets, because?nobody asked. Read more »

Starts out as controversial, eventually becomes mainstream


Cartoon -SonovaMin

Charter Schools are now well on their way to being accepted as mainstream. Branded as controversial at first and attacked and hounded by Education unions they have been embraced by Maori leaders as a?circuit breaker in closing the educational achievement gap between Maori and non-Maori students.

Education reporter Kirsty Johnson’s latest article provides more evidence of how educational changes that are at first hailed as controversial, can over time become accepted and mainstream. Interestingly the changes she is describing were at first strongly opposed and criticised by the PPTA who now not only embrace the changes but fiercely defend them.

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Typical PPTA response to competition

We all know how the Education unions have responded to Charter Schools, a blanket rejection no matter what. They have gone out of their way to damage and ultimately close down Charter Schools New Zealand-wide. There is no room in their world view for competition or a different way of doing things. There is only one way of doing things and heaven help anyone who wants to do something outside the box.

This attitude of ?”it is our way or the highway” is continuing but their target this time is new. Before I show you the article let me first give you a business analogy.



Business (A) has a monopoly on an average product that is purchased New Zealand-wide. In order to continue to sell this average product the business has to meet certain targets.

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Charter School investigation: Vanguard Military School Part One

In my new series investigating Vanguard Military School, I once again ask the questions and report back the answers without spin. Today’s article is based on my interview with Vanguard chief executive, Nick Hyde.

Vanguard Military school’s impressive NCEA results were not included in the newspaper article.

Within ten minutes of arriving at Vanguard, I had been told the bad news and the good news.

The bad news:

The day before my interview with Nick, The Herald published Auckland schools’ NCEA results and left? Vanguard Military school off the table. Vanguard was the only school out of the approximately 80 schools in Auckland that was left off.

The good news:

Vanguard achieved a 96.2% pass rate at NCEA Level 1 and a 100% pass rate at NCEA Level 2.

Both these results are well above the average for secondary schools across the country and a result like that after only one year of operation is unarguably newsworthy. When the omission was brought to The Herald’s attention they told Nick that it was because they hadn’t been provided with a full set of data. Vanguard confirmed that NZQA who hold all the results had sent them to the Herald. The Herald then updated the table on line to include Vanguard’s results. It was of course far too late for the paper version which had omitted Vanguard’s results from its table.?

Our results put us at 11th in Auckland at level one and 1st equal at level 2. Many people out there in the public domain would have been very keen on seeing our school measured against other schools. I have harped on about trying to make Vanguard a top ten school in Auckland over a five year period. To be 11th after the first year in one area and first equal in another is totally outstanding.

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Charter schools showing up state schools already

The Vanguard Military School has issued a press release showing their latest results. [Emphasis mine]


Initial NCEA results illustrate the outstanding start Vanguard Military School students have made to the 2014 school year, achieving an average 89% success in term 1 assessments, Vanguard Chief Executive Nick Hyde said today.

Mr Hyde was commenting on Term 1 NCEA assessment results that showed Vanguard students across all demographics had significantly lifted their success rates from their previous schooling.

European and Other students were achieving 93% success, up from 58% success prior to attending Vanguard, while Pasifika students were now achieving 90% success, up from 62%, and Maori students achieving 85% success, up from 57%.? Read more »