Nelson City Council

“There seems to be a bit of a witch-hunt and I’m not sure who the witch is”

Pete Rainey is a bit miffed and gotten his piggy nose out of joint because he has been named in a report from the Office of the Auditor-General regarding dodgy payments from the Nelson City Council.

During the election campaign we highlighted some rather smelly transactions which ironically, for Pete Rainey, have also been highlighted by the Auditor-General.

The Nelson City Council has been told to tighten its tendering processes?after a damning report into how it awards contracts.

An audit of the council by accounting firm?Crowe Horwath found it?had a “number of weaknesses” in?the way it?manages?councillors’ conflict of interest and?gave 17 recommendations?on how the council could?tighten its processes.

In September last year, Chief Executive Clare Hadley received a letter from the Auditor General about?the quality of information given about contracts associated with?former councillors Pete Rainey and Ruth Copeland.

Councillors with business?interests must declare them and if they are above $25,000 they must?seek pre-approval from the Auditor General’s Office. ? Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending, Ctd

Thanks to all the readers who have nominated different councils for really stupid spending. Even when you expect councils to do a lot of seriously stupid things it is always surprising just how stupid councils can be. They waste a lot of time and ratepayers’ money on exceptionally dodgy things.

First up for a nomination is the Nelson City Council and Mayor Rachel Reese.

Nelson seems to have a had a really bad run of dud local body politicians, even though the voters threw out former Mayor and ratbag Aldo Miccio. Aldo Miccio was a repeat nominee for New Zealand?s Dodgiest Local Body Politician back in 2013.

Now the cash strapped Nelson council has decided that it needs to compete with private business and run a pet crematorium, according to commenter Red Eye.

Nelson City Council competes with rate paying private business. Not sure why?

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Guest Post – The idiocy of regulation, socialist control, cost burden on ratepayers

Rowan McDonald built a fence around his house. It?s not unusual to do so especially if you have big dogs on your section. Now Rowan faces an abatement notice under the RMA from his friendly Nelson City Council.?? The reason? The gaps in his fence are not big enough!!!

Nah, its not a joke. The Council has a regulation that states that fences have to be ?visually permeable?.?? No kidding. Council staff have visited the property and deemed the gaps in Rowan?s fence to be too small. The gaps in Rowan?s fence are 10mm but shrinkage of the timber means they will get wider.?? When questioned, the Council said the gaps must be 20mm or a thumb?s width. People must be able to see in and see out is their demand.

So they have issued an Abatement Notice under the RMA. Fines range up to $250,000. Rowan is contesting their decision in the Environment Court. He will need to obtain expert support from consultants who just happen to specialise in RMA regulations. He will need a construction engineer?s report, a visual impact study, an animal management expert?s comments and a legal defense. The lawyer will cost him anything up to $10,000 while each expert report will range from $3,000 to $8,000. ?? Read more »

See what happens when you have dodgy ratbag for mayor

We have blogged about Nelson’s dodgy ratbag mayor, Aldo Miccio before. His dodgy property deal?finally?fell over last week?(look Tracy, a link)?after councillors walked out. [Look Tracy, a quote from your article]

A walkout by Nelson city councillors at a meeting yesterday dissolved attempts to make headway on the?sale of Wakatu Square.

The lack of a quorum after councillors Rachel Reese, Ian Barker and Jeff Rackley left the council chamber meant the meeting to deliberate on submissions to the proposed sale of the central city land was left hanging until Thursday – the final meeting of this term of council.

Now shit is flowing into the sea?on the watch of their ratbag mayor.? Read more »

People are Stupid, Ctd

God knows why fools argue with their bosses when the evidence is irrefutable, but the do and they quite rightly get the sack. Then. of course, they trot off to the Employment Relations Authority only to find they get the arse card again.

A street cleaner who filed false timesheets was caught out when the GPS on his truck revealed he was at home not work.

The Employment Relations Authority has found Nelson City Council maintenance contractor Downer was justified in sacking Robert Stuart because he overstated his work hours.

Downer found Stuart had been systematically falsifying his job records and dismissed him for serious misconduct.

Stuart filed a personal grievance claim, seeking $12,000 in compensation for unjustified dismissal.

He said the decision to sack him was overly harsh, given his 6 years of service without any complaints. He also claimed the decision was predetermined, citing the “smug grin” on O’Donnell’s face as evidence.

ERA member David Appleton found Downer was justified in dismissing Stuart.

An analysis of his job records showed he claimed a total of 17 hours in excess of his lunch allowance, as well as almost 46 hours at home at the end of the day, between June and December 2010.

The ERA dismissed Stuart’s claim for compensation and dismissed Downer’s counterclaim to get back the extra pay.

The ERA should have awarded Downer their claim. This worker stole time and money from his employer.