Liberal heads explode as Nerf releases a full auto toy gun

Truth Revolt reports:

Nerf just made every kid’s (this one included) dreams come true in announcing its first fully automatic foam ball shooter!

The Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 will hit stores this fall.?It shoots 40 rounds per magazine, with each round capable of reaching speeds near 70mph thanks to its spinning fly wheels.

And everybody is happy? except, of course, the anti-gun crowd. ? Read more »


Pink toys suck, unless they are camo

This video reminds me of a friend’s daughter who told Santa that she wanted a pink?camouflage?Nerf Gun.

I suggested one of these…the silence on the phone was deafening…anyway watch the video as Riley sums up gender specific marketing.


Another great use for a Nerf gun

Tooth extraction with a Nerf Big Bow.


Friday Firepower – Kiwi ingenuity – A better Nerf gun

from Boing Boing

Simon, the inventor of this is a Kiwi. Visit his site for instructions for making the Nerf gun. Part Two.