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A Thousand Pounds of Dynamite

In One of the Most Unusual Ransom Schemes in Nevada history, A Mad Bomber Held an Entire Casino Captive with One Devilishly Mysterious Machine

In the early morning hours of Aug. 26, 1980, three men wheeled what looked like a piece of office equipment into the second floor offices of the 11-story Harvey?s Resort Hotel at Stateline, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

An employee of Harvey?s Wagon Wheel Casino in Lake Tahoe, discovered the two stacked metallic grey boxes on the casino?s second floor. Unbeknownst to the employee, the boxes had just been delivered to the building by two men posing as delivery guys for IBM.

The ?machine? ? as the men sometimes called it ? was actually a homemade bomb filled with 907 pounds of explosives.
The bomb, designed with a dizzying array of triggering devices, could never be rendered safe, the bombers said in a letter they left behind that morning. The only thing authorities would be able to do is find out how to move it out of the casino to a safe place in the desert, where it could be detonated without destroying any buildings or killing any people.
But the only way to get that information, the bombers said, was to pay them $3 million in unmarked $100 bills. Harvey?s had 24 hours to act. ?Any deviation from these conditions will leave your casino in shambles,? the bombers warned.
For the next three days, the normally bustling casino district of Lake Tahoe was shut down as bomb experts from around the country tried to disable the device and authorities tried to meet the extortionists? demands. The bomb squad would later say that they had never seen a homemade bomb so complex and so powerful, and to this day it remains the most bewildering improvised explosive device the FBI has ever encountered.

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Trump takes Nevada

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.18.53 PM

Donald Trump dished out a hiding in the Nevada caucus yesterday, making it three wins in a row.

Politic reports:

Donald Trump trounced his rivals in the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday, notching his third consecutive victory and giving the Manhattan mogul even more momentum heading into Super Tuesday next week, when voters in a dozen states will cast their ballots.

Trump?s decisive win, which the Associated Press announced immediately after polls closed, was propelled by an electorate even more enraged than the ones that had swept him to wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and a second-place showing in Iowa.

“We love Nevada. We love Nevada,? Trump declared in his victory speech. “You’re going to be proud of your president and you’re going to be even prouder of your country.” ? Read more »

South Carolina goes to Trump and Clinton grabs Nevada


Voters are sick of “professional” politicians.? They don’t mind being offended if it means we’re actually talking about real things and the truth is allowed to come out.


No use flogging a dead horse when your funders shift behind the likely winner.? With smaller vote fragmentation it will be interesting to see if Trump can keep ahead. ?No more Bushes. ?Depending, it may also be the end of the Clintons. ?It’s certainly a chance to leave the past and make a New America.?? /snigger ? Read more »

Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown lobby group gets nailed by NRA in Nevada

I don’t know why people mess with the NRA. They are probably the best political lobbying and direct action group in the world. ?You take them on at your peril.

Michael Bloomberg is currently expending millions trying to do just that, taking the NRA on at their own game…and losing. He clearly has much to learn.

His latest defeat is in Nevada where Everytown campaigned heavily against pro-gun law changes. The NRA smashed them.

Say goodbye to handgun registration in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. On Monday, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed Senate Bill 175, abolishing Clark County’s “blue card” handgun registration system while ushering in a host of other pro-gun changes to state law. ? Read more »

Hookers for Hillary


Perhaps Hillary Clinton won’t want this sort of endorsement.

Then again given the proclivities of her husband…maybe she will.

?Everyday Americans need a champion,? Hillary Clinton proclaimed in herYouTube video. ?And I want to be that champion.?

Yes, few were surprised when Hilary Clinton announced her campaign for the 2016 U.S. presidential race, but many were surprised by some of her early supporters. Since that announcement, the lovable ladies of Nevada?s renowned Moonlite Bunny Ranch have come out in support of our former first lady in a serious, potentially large-scale campaign called ?Hookers for Hillary.? These?Everyday Americans have chosen their candidate. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Hoover Dam penstocks and outlet pipes such as this one were fabricated from 45,000 tons of steel and welded into nearly three miles of pipe varying from 8.5-30ft (2.6-9m) in diameter.

Hoover Dam penstocks and outlet pipes such as this one were fabricated from 45,000 tons of steel and welded into nearly three miles of pipe varying from 8.5-30ft (2.6-9m) in diameter.

Construction of the Hoover Dam. 1931-1936

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They fry birds now they are a hazard to aircraft…welcome to green energy

Birds are being fried by the new solar plant in California and now the massive plant is blinding pilots…not sure this green energy malarky is working so well.

Airplane pilots cruising over southern California have been complaining about a ?nearly blinding? glare emanating from a massive government-funded solar thermal facility.

The Ivanpah solar energy plant in San Bernardino County is the world?s largest solar thermal plant and has 173,500 large mirrors that reflect sunlight onto boilers in three 459-foot towers. A feat of modern engineering ? to green energy advocates, but a flying hazard to pilots.

The Federal Aviation Administration?s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) got two anonymous complaints in August that mentioned a ?blinding glare? coming from the Ivanpah solar facility. One complaint came from a Los Angeles air traffic controller and the other from a small transport plane pilot that took off from an airport in Boulder City, Nevada.

?The FAA is aware of potential glare from solar plants and is exploring how to best alert pilots to the issue,? an FAA spokesman told The Daily Caller News Foundation.? Read more »

Perhaps Len could change his name


It is generally thought that wankers can’t get elected, but that isn’t stopping one judge in the US from campaigning successfully using her name.

Some people would say judges are wankers but in this case it is true. Judge Kim Wanker from Nye County in Nevada.

This leads me to believe that Len Brown should change his name because this is proof positive that Wankers CAN get elected. Read more »

Nailing Coyotes and other shooting news

This is a great video about coyote hunting:

On this week’s show, we’ve come to America for coyote hunting, world record big game hunting, and the Shot Show 2013, the greatest gun show on the planet. Charlie Jacoby is after coyotes in California, the varmint of choice for the self-respecting American rifleman. We talk to Jason Bruce, star of Headhunter Chronicles on Sportsman Channel, about his world record big game heads. And we are reviewing useful and even useless new kit at the Shot Shot, and getting to try it out on a rifle range deep in the Nevada desert.? Read more »

Didn’t they have billy sticks?

Some minders Harry has, useless the lot of them. Didn’t they have a billy club or a cosh, or a taster or some MMA move designed to take cameras off drunken naked women? The British Secret Service has been covering up royal rooting for generations, and before it became institutionalized there have been ?courtiers? who?s job it is to be the mop up men.

Women in Prince Harry?s Las Vegas hotel room were not asked to surrender their phones despite his minders later pleading with them not to take photographs of him naked, it was claimed today.

During the party, believed to have occurred in a three-bedroom suite at the Wynn and Encore hotel complex which costs up to ?5,000 a night, embarrassing photographs of the Prince naked were taken.

The two pictures, taken on a mobile phone in the suite by a fellow reveller, were sold for an estimated ?10,000.

The 27-year-old prince is pictured wearing nothing but a watch and a distinctive thin necklace as he embraces a naked young woman who is clutching a pool cue during a game of “strip billiards”.

Royal aides admitted it was the Prince in the pictures, which were first published by TMZ, the American-based gossip website.

Bottom line though is those chicks should be blacklisted from any party ever at Las Vegas. They broke the cardinal rule that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

As I was writing this post someone emailed the tipline with an ad from a local paper in Las Vegas: