Nevin Dawson

Angering the judge didn’t work, so what did Dotcom’s legal team come up with next?

It’s novel but sickening the games this fat bastard will try.

The judge hearing Kim Dotcom’s extradition case has asked if sending the internet mogul to stand trial in the US without funding would be like returning a refugee to the country they’ve fled.

Mr Dotcom and three other men face extradition on copyright, racketeering and money-laundering charges related to their Megaupload website.

The court is currently hearing a stay application from the men to pause or even halt the extradition process altogether.

They say a US restraining order is preventing them from using New Zealand funds to pay for international legal and technical advice to help defend the extradition attempt.

Judge Nevin Dawson asked defence lawyer Ron Mansfield whether that order would also leave his client without funding for a defence, if he did stand trial in the US.

Mr Mansfield said it would, unless a new, unrestrained source of funding could be found.   Read more »

Kim Dotcom won’t man up, seeking further delays

The fat German crook is seeking yet more delays for his extradition hearing.

He reckons he needs more time…despite having three long years to prepare.

NBR reports:

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer, Ron Mansfield, says the internet entrepreneur needs more time to prepare for extradition proceedings brought by the US government.

The internet party founder returned to the Auckland District Court today to ask Judge Nevin Dawson for his extradition hearing to be moved from June to October this year.

Mr Dotcom is waiting for High Court judge Justice Patricia Courtney to make a decision on whether further funds can be unfrozen on legal costs and living expenses.

Mr Mansfield says the legal team does not even have the money to ”uplift” or transfer the file from former solicitors Simpson Grierson. That firm which dropped Mr Dotcom in November last year, is still owed $2 million.     Read more »

I hope they have a nice thin mattress at the ready

Things are getting grim for Kim Dotcom.

Yesterday he was in court having his bail conditions reviewed and got spanked by the judge with tough new conditions pending a hearing next week.

A judge has imposed new bail conditions on Kim Dotcom ahead of a bail hearing to take place next week, Radio NZ is reporting.

The state broadcaster says District Court Judge Nevin Dawson has decided the German entrepreneur must report daily to police and has banned the use of helicopters or boat or travel 80km from his home.

This is ahead of a bail hearing to take place next Monday, which NBR ONLINE understands the judge cut short a holiday to make himself available for.

The Crown is applying to have Dotcom’s bail revoked. The accused pirate, money launderer and racketeer was held in Mt Eden Prison after the January 20, 2012 raid on his rented mansion before being granted bail on February 22, 2012.

It has been reported that all legal arguments for the bail hearing have been suppressed.

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Another good judge

People waste the court’s time all across the country, still more refuse to perform jury duty. Finally a judge has seen fit to deal to one such time waster who was taking diabolical liberties with the court.

He was supposed to be doing his civic duty and sitting on a jury – instead, James McAllister has been sentenced to prison for 10 days.

The engineering consultant was given the jail term yesterday after refusing to take the juror’s affirmation at the Auckland District Court on Wednesday.

Judge Nevin Dawson said McAllister had approached the bench to say he couldn’t sit on the jury because he was “busy at work”.

The judge did not accept the excuse and told McAllister to take his seat in the jury box.

But when it came time for the jurors to take the oath or affirmation, McAllister refused both.   Read more »

A Bad Judge

I don’t know what planet this Judge lives on. Sentencing a kid bashing scum bag to home detention is pathetic.

He subjected his newborn baby to months of torture, biting through her earlobe, twisting her toe until it snapped, fracturing her ribs and femur and gouging the soles of her feet with his fingernail. But he will not spend any time in prison.

Despite inflicting “significant and repetitive violence” on the baby girl, leaving her little body covered in marks and bruises, Jack Alexander Booker was sentenced to 12 months’ home detention.

The 22-year-old cried as he was sentenced in the North Shore District Court yesterday. He was facing up to five years’ jail on three charges of physically abusing his daughter, who was just a month old when it began.

But because he had no criminal history, pleaded guilty as early as possible and had taken steps to change his violent behaviour, he got a substantial discount, meaning he was eligible for home detention.

The Herald understands the Crown will not appeal the sentence and had expected either a lengthy home detention or a short stint in prison for Booker.

Judge Nevin Dawson described the abuse as “abhorrent” and began sentencing with jail time in mind.

Then Judge Nevin Dawson went all wobbly kneed and spineless. Obviously crying a river of fake tears moved the gutless judge.