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How to Ratf*** Cunliffe

David Cunliffe reckons he is going to run again. Even though the public think he is almost as big a tool as the Labour caucus do.

Labour MP David Cunliffe has had a bruising fall in politics but intends to run for Parliament again in 2017.

Since Labour’s disastrous election result under Mr Cunliffe’s leadership in 2014, he has lost the leadership and was demoted to the backbenches by leader Andrew Little in November, a clear hint he should reconsider his political future.

Yesterday, Mr Cunliffe said it was his intention to stand again despite the torrid 18 months he’d had. “That’s the plan. I’m happy to be the MP for New Lynn and I’ve got work to do there.”

He indicated he was hoping for redemption within caucus. “Politics is a rollercoaster. You know that and I’ve been around long enough to know that.”

The Labour caucus must be real pleased that Cunliffe has gazzumped any good news that may have come out of their caucus retreat in the Wairarapa with the news, nearly two years out from the election, that he will stand again. ? Read more »

“So called” housing crisis

Len Brown smacking himself in the face

Len Brown smacking himself in the face

An 1800-home development is reportedly set to be constructed in west Auckland in an effort to put a dent in the city’s so-called housing crisis.

Located in the suburb of New Lynn, the 12ha project will accommodate more than 5000 people in both terraced homes and multi-level apartment buildings, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Project manager Winson Tan says property company Avanda Ltd purchased the former Monier brickworks site last year and is currently working with consultants to finalise plans. Read more »

David Cunliffe isn’t the only cock in New Lynn anymore

Photo / Nick Reed - via NZ Herald

Photo / Nick Reed – via NZ Herald

A $200,000 public sculpture being installed in Auckland is causing a stir with locals, who say it resembles a penis.

The Auckland Council-commissioned Transit Cloud has been created as part of a project to breathe new life into traditionally working class New Lynn.

The aerial component – four aluminium mesh cloud forms – hangs more than 8m over a lane linking New Lynn’s shiny new railway and bus station with the town’s library and shopping mall.

The clouds allude to the sky, but two of the forms are being viewed very differently by locals.

A $200,000 cock-up. ?? Read more »

David Cunliffe is running for Deputy leader


New Lynn have gone all in on Andrew Little

Former Labour leader David Cunliffe?s loyalists appear to have thrown their weight behind Andrew Little in the Labour leadership race, including promoting unofficial meetings for him and fellow contender Nanaia Mahuta. Read more »

Things are pretty bad for Cunliffe & Labour when Brian Rudman attacks

Brian Rudman usually saves his columns in the Herald to call for subsidies for the arts or the building and/or restoration of his favourite theatre.

A dyed int he wool cloth cap socialist spending his last days in print typing away interviewing his keyboard he sometimes comes up with a ripper.

Yesterday he excoriated David Cunliffe and Labour:

Late Saturday night, while Labour Party workers were still cleaning up the blood from the worst electoral thrashing the party had received since 1922, leader David Cunliffe was busy on his computer trying to save his skin. In a mass mailing to members and supporters he said, “Let’s congratulate ourselves” on “a campaign well-fought” and declared his intention to stay on as leader.

Just how he can declare himself “immensely proud” of a campaign that resulted in Labour receiving 22,353 fewer election night votes than in 2011 against a two-term National Government is a mystery. Only measured against the 2011 election night calamity when Labour lost 165,000 votes on its 2008 result, does Saturday’s result start to look less than a total disaster.

After the 2008 debacle, leader Phil Goff immediately fell on his sword, to be replaced first by David Shearer, and then when he was judged to be under-performing, by Cunliffe. Now it’s Cunliffe’s turn. His departure seems inevitable.

It was a disaster. Nowhere int eh world, generally, does a government win a third term on an increased vote, and certainly not ever before under the mMP system, let alone majority. The scale of the disaster for the left has yet to be realised.

It took National two election to recover from Bill English’s disastrous 2002 election campaign. I suspect it will take Labour much longer. Especially as their fool leader won’t quit.

Whether kicking and screaming or gracefully is over to him. The problem for Labour is, who next? The retread, David Shearer; the steady back room policy wonk, David Parker; or the new generation team of Grant Robertson and Jacinda Ardern?

Labour’s challenge is not just solving its leadership problems. It also has to decide whether it wants, in two years’ time, to celebrate its 100th birthday celebrations as the generally accepted, centre-left “broad church” alternative to the National Party. Under MMP, this is no longer a given. Since the election, both Green co-leader Russel Norman and New Zealand First’s Winston Peters have made claims to the leadership of the Opposition. A try-on for sure, but with Labour stuck in its present doldrums, is it any wonder the mice are playing?

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Russell Brown dissects the election

tearsofimpotentragePosts, pans, and pannier bags blogger Russell Brown is having conniptions over?the minutiae of the election.

1. Christ, what a shellacking. Click around Harkanwal Singh?s Herald interactive. In electorate after electorate, polling place after polling place, National won at least a plurality of the votes. Even where voters collectively chose to return their Labour MPs to Parliament, they generally gave their party votes to National. Labour won the party vote in?only five general electorates. I don?t think it?s viable for Cunliffe to stay on after this.

No it isn’t. Cunliffe must go and go now….he lost his own party vote in New Lynn FFS!

3. The election was not primarily about policy. Although it will understandably be regarded as a mandate for National?s policies, I don?t think this has been an election about policy, but about who the voters have seen as fit to govern. Where discrete policies have been tested in polls, the public has often-as-not favoured Labour?s over National?s. They just didn?t back Labour to enact them. I?m very concerned now over what happens in education, where I think the degree of the mess National has already made (National Standards is objectively a shambles) is not widely appreciated.

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The election turns violent, Conservatives now being targeted

I might be into dirty politics but the out right vandalism, abuse, anti-semitism, effigy burning and racism has taken a massive step towards people actually being injured.

We’ve had hacking against people the hacker don’t agree with politically and now the hard left is burning signs and trailers in their attempt to prevent and scare people from having a political voice.

The Conservative Party says dirty politics have become dangerous politics after a candidate’s car hoardings were set alight.

New Lynn representative Steve Taylor says his neighbours alerted him to the fact that the political signs – which were affixed to a trailer – were ablaze.

Fire fighters put out the blaze.

The car had been parked at Taylor’s home, where he lives with his wife and two young children.

Flames could easily have reached the house, Taylor said.

“This is a wilful act of destruction and very risky to my family as we live in a fairly bushy area. It could easily have reached the house while we were sleeping.”

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Green Taliban broadening their skill base?



Waitakere Police investigating the aggravated robbery of a New Lynn dairy want to hear from anyone who may recognise this distinctive satchel. (Picture is on Police website)

At around 2.15pm on Wednesday 12 February a man entered the Sheridan Dairy at the intersection of Sheridan Drive and Gilliam Street, he had his face covered and was armed with a hammer.

The offender approached the counter, threatened the shop keeper and demanded cigarettes.

The robber was carrying a distinctive black satchel. Both the bag and the hammer were found a short time later between Grandison Crescent & Pokapu Street.

“The bag is quite unusual and we’re hoping someone may recognise it. It’s got a picture of the Greenpeace yacht on the outer flap and inside the bag is a Salvation Army label” says Detective Jackson Shewry, Waitakere CIB.

“The offender may be a local, he fled on foot down Gilliam Street and our enquiries to date lead us to believe he lives in the general area.”

The offender is described as a Maori or Pacific Islander, aged between 16-20 years old, with a small to medium build.

He wore a black hooded nylon jacket with a silver trim.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Shewry on 09 839 0628.

Information can also be provided anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Maybe finances aren’t going so well for the ‘charity organisations’ and they’re resorting to other means to seek donations?

Tiny, tacky boxes coming to a neighbourhood near you

NBR and TVNZ have reported about the tiny, tacky, apartment complex soon to be rising 15 stories about New Lynn.

A Hong Kong-style apartment tower destined for New Lynn, west Auckland, has received the go-ahead.

Auckland Council has granted resource consent for a 10-storey residential tower above the new Merchant Quarter building in New Lynn.

Construction is expected to begin this month.? Read more »

Got 'im

hat tip Keeping Stock

The Dompost has this about Kris “Memories” Fa’afoi;

Meanwhile, the frontrunner to win the seat, Labour’s Kris Faafoi, has come under fire on National-leaning blogs for claiming he remembered when the first McDonald’s came to Porirua ? to stress his family links to the area despite growing up in Christchurch. He was too young to have remembered the event.

He has since said he “mis-spoke”, and meant to say he had heard it was the first McDonald’s in the country and it was where he had his first McDonald’s burger.

He mis-spoke…Ironic since Hillary Clinton is here, that’s her line, the real world translation is that he lied. Clearly “memories” is intending to continue as he started, with lies.

A note for the DomPost too. The headline screams “National’s candidate doesn’t live in Mana”.

I hope during next years election campaign they will run similar headlines for John Key, who lives in Parnell not Helensville, Phil Goff, who lives in Clevedon not Mt Roskill, Ross Robertson, who lives in Clevedon not Manukau East, and David Cunliffe, who lives in Herne Bay not New Lynn. I am sure they are more, and I intend to do a post on this sometime but it is hardly the headline issue when the Labour candidate has been caught fair and square lying.