New South Wales

Another of Labour?s constituents arrives from Australia

I imagine Kelvin Davis met him at the airport after being deported from Australia:

A New Zealand fraudster who claimed to be employed fulltime by Russell Crowe as a helicopter pilot in Australia in credit card applications is now in a New Zealand jail.

Paul James Bennett arrived in New Zealand on a flight from Australia today and will appear in Christchurch District Court on Saturday, New Zealand police say.

He was met by police on arrival and was taken into custody as a result of existing arrest warrants.

Sydney’s District Court heard last month that Bennett had fraudulently claimed on three credit card applications that he was a full-time helicopter pilot on a salary of $120,000 and created fake pay slips from the “Crowe Family Trust” to assist in a swindle. ?? Read more »

Was Scott Simpson involved in the East Hills election?

Only a political genius like Scott Simpson could have come up with this kind of campaign.

The NSW election has been over for months, but simmering anger over dirty tricks in the seat of East Hills prompted the extraordinary spectacle of a Liberal challenging?opposition leader Luke Foley to “take it outside” on Wednesday.

Liberal MP for East Hills Glenn?Brookes approached the dispatch box shortly after Question Time?to announce details of a?new parliamentary committee.

Labor MPs, led by Mr Foley,?began heckling Mr Brookes, as they?have done ever since he defeated the Labor candidate Cameron Murphy at the March poll.

Mr Foley interjected: “You’re resigning. Terrific!” He then yelled: “Paedophiles” as Mr Brookes began to outline?what the parliamentary inquiry would be examining. ? Read more »

Might I suggest a couple of sturdy river stones would be cheaper

The Aussies are investigating whether or not they should chemically castrate pedo scumbags.

A new government task force in Australia is considering whether to force child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration as a judicial alternative to prison sentencing.

Western Australia and Victoria courts have the authority to mandate libido-reduction treatment for sex offenders who are deemed particularly dangerous while they’re in prison, as part of the conditions of their release.

In New South Wales (NSW), the location of this new task force, convicted child sex offenders can volunteer to undergo the treatment. ? Read more »

Road maggots targeted, cops save 300 from potential harm in 12 hours


Some might say it’s about time the police got real and started tearing into the New Zealand cycling criminals like they did in Sydney recently with 300 fined in 12 hours, or were they.

The cops of course weren’t revenue gathering at all, ?they were doing the cycling community a huge service in saving some from certain injury or death.

CYCLISTS were caught committing more than 300 offences across Sydney yesterday in a police blitz.

In a 12-hour crackdown, police targeted cyclists running red lights, riding without helmets and riding on footpaths.? Read more »

This will have the Green Taliban in a lather


Green Taliban list MP Steffan Browning will be fiercely talking to his cucumbers, beans and tomatoes in his Bowen House office when he sees this.

It?s a media release from Monsanto saying ?Farmers to Plant Largest GM Canola Crop Yet?.

Australian farmers continue to embrace GM technology in greater numbers and have now planted more than 1.5 million hectares of Roundup Ready? canola since its introduction in 2008.

Despite an expected 9% drop in the size of this season?s overall canola crop, local growers have purchased a record one million tonnes of Roundup Ready canola seed, up 15% on last season.

More than 436,000 hectares of GM canola will be planted this year, up from nearly 350,000 hectares last year. GM canola varieties now make up 22% of the canola planted in the states that allow GM canola to be grown ? Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Doesn?t that just rip the nighty off Steffan Browning. But wait there?s more? ? Read more »

Did Scott Simpson help with the Libs campaign?

There has been a bit of proper “dirty politics” going on in New South Wales.

It sounds like my longest standing friend in caucus, Scott Simpson may have been moonlighting over in New South Wales. I learned all my best dirty politics tricks from him campaigning in Eden Electorate in the 80s and 90s.

This is the sort of stuff we might have got up to.

Liberal East Hills MP Glenn Brookes has been accused in Parliament of bringing the electoral process into disrepute after his rival Labor candidate was branded a “paedophile lover” during the NSW election campaign.

The claim comes as a video emerged apparently showing the victim of the alleged slurs, Labor candidate Cameron Murphy, angrily confronting Liberal staffer Jim Daniel during the campaign over the alleged theft of his campaign posters.

Just days before the March election, 300 of Mr Murphy’s posters were defaced with stickers declaring him a “paedophile lover”, a person who believes in the rights of child rapists or simply saying “stranger danger” or “our children are not safe”.

Mr Murphy was awarded the Order of Australia in 2014 for his contribution to human rights and is the son of former Labor federal attorney general and former High Court judge Lionel Murphy.

He narrowly lost East Hills to Mr Brookes, the Liberal incumbent, following the smear campaign.

Labor MP Lynda Voltz this month named Mr Brookes’ staffer Jim Daniel as the man behind the campaign. ?? Read more »

Shanking a union boss with his own stupidty

I love Australian politics, it is as brutal as it is beautiful. There are no sooks and they play for keeps.

A union boss has recently tried to rinse a Labor party veteran out of the party because he dared to support privatisation in New South Wales.

He got all the other affiliated unions to line up behind him in the move, and then he got shanked in a beautiful piece of skullduggery using his own stupidity.

The union official who began a push to expel Labor veteran Martin Ferguson from the ALP for his views on privatisation believes the official story of how the Twin Towers in New York were brought down on September 11, 2001 is a conspiracy that does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

Maritime Union of Australia?official Kevin Bracken last week moved a motion?condemning Mr Ferguson for?publicly supporting power privatisation in New South Wales during the recent state election and urging the Victorian branch of the Labor Party to kick him out. That motion was unanimously passed by all state leaders of affiliated unions.

Mr Bracken told Fairfax Media on Wednesday that he did not resile from his views – expressed in an interview with the ABC’s Jon Faine back in 2010 – that “the official story is a conspiracy theory that doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny”. ?? Read more »

I agree with Keith Locke, take the tasers off the cops…

It is a new year and so I suppose we didn’t have to wait long for Keith Locke to have a bleat about Police and their use of Tasers.

Police have revealed they fired a Taser stun-gun at an offender five times – the latest incident that has Taser critics calling for a review of its use.

The case is contained in statistics released by police about Taser use in the first half of last year.

A police spokesman said the incident involved a violent offender resisting arrest and fighting with an officer in the Counties-Manukau district with the Taser being pressed directly against the body of the suspect in “contact stun” mode.

“While the Taser was discharged [in contact stun mode] five times, three made contact with the person,” the spokesman said.

“Of the three which made contact, the first two were not effective in bringing the person under control, while the third was effective in stopping the violent behaviour.”

Police said two of the discharges missed the offender as he grappled with the officer on the ground.

The suspect was not injured, but a critic says increased use, and two recent Taser-related deaths overseas, suggest the device will kill someone here.

This week 38-year-old Kevin Norris died after being Tasered by police in the New South Wales town of Mittagong.

According to reports, Norris was conscious when taken into custody but died at the police station. His death is now the subject of an investigation.

Former Green MP Keith Locke, who has been a critic of the Taser since it was introduced in 2007, said the death should send a message. ?? Read more »

So who wants more Muslim immigration?


Anti-Semitism is spreading worldwide, and it is uncomfortably close to us here in New Zealand.

We have billboards of John Key being defaced with swastikas and anti-semitic messages, we’ve had Israeli flags being burned in our streets and now unions calling for boycotts of Israeli products.

At every step of the way in New Zealand we have had politicians, mainly from the left wing, justifying this as expressions of free speech and legitimate protest action.

But if you let these actions go unchecked, then what you get is what is happening in Australia right now, and it is frightening.

THE bus driver at the centre of the racial verbal abuse attack on a Jewish school bus has told police he was ?unaware? young children were being threatened.

Three teens who boarded the 660 bus on Allison Rd, Randwick, yesterday afternoon were also students themselves, dressed in partial uniform, police confirmed this morning.

Superintendent Jason Cox said police had spoken to the driver.

?The bus driver has provided a version. I believe from the evidence he has given he was unaware of what happened. I can?t establish if he was made aware by the schoolchildren,? he said.

Parents of the 25 children on the bus travelling from Maroubra to Dover Heights said their children pleaded with the driver to get the six teens off the bus after they had yelled ?Kill Jews?.

Police this evening confirmed of the five youths arrested in Dover Heights at 3.30am this morning only three are believed to have been on the bus.

The group was so intoxicated none of them could be interviewed and they were released into the care of their parents and guardians.

One of the teen trio, who go to different schools including a public school, had been interviewed in the presence of his father this afternoon. It is also understood one of them is no longer at school.

A police source said investigators were still looking for three, not one, of the gang as earlier stated.

Investigators say the CCTV footage from the bus show the group moving to the back of the bus but at no stage do they physically assault the 25 children on the 660 bus.
?If there was a physical altercation it would be easier. We are having to interview five and six year olds to ask them who said what,? the source said.

Just after 5pm a man walked out with four young Mt Sinai students after giving statements at Waverley Police Station.

[..] ?? Read more »

They’re nervous down in Palmy

Via Newstalk ZB website:

A family with four generations of in-breeding has been discovered in New South Wales, The Daily Mail reports.

It’s a case described as one of the worst in Australia’s history.

Children of what’s been called a horrifying incest ‘cult’ have been found living deformed, filthy and mute in scenic valley south-west of Sydney.

Brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts had sex with each other for decades.

Children were severely disabled with one girl, nine, unable to read or talk.

She was unable to bathe herself and did not know what toilet paper was.


I bet there’s a few cold sweats and paranoid head turning going on down in the depths of central Manawatu. The Valiants, Falcons and Kingswoods will be getting packed for a hasty mass exodus as we speak.