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Christian Longo (left) led into a courtroom in 2002 before he was convicted of murdering his wife and three children and then escaping to Mexico to party. (PAT SULLIVAN/AP)

This Psychopath Doesn’t Justify a Hollywood Finale

Warning: Some Parts in this Story, People May find Disturbing.

In February 2002,?New York Times Magazine?writer Michael Finkel received a startling piece of news: a young man named Christian Longo wanted for killing his entire family, had been captured in Mexico, where he’d taken on a new identity: Michael Finkel of the?New York Times.

The next day, on page A-3 of the?Times, came another troubling item: a note from the editors explaining that Finkel, having falsified parts of an investigative article, had been fired. Nonetheless, the only journalist Longo would speak with was the real Michael Finkel, and so Finkel placed a call to Oregon’s Lincoln County jail, intent on getting the true story. So began a bizarre and intense relationship?a reporting job that morphed into a shrewd game of cat-and-mouse.

He’s infamous at this point, and sadly, it’s not for good reason: Christian Longo is the man responsible for the brutal murder of his wife and children in Oregon more than a decade ago. He’s also the man that stole the identity of a disgraced New York Times journalist, Michael Finkel, while on the run from authorities. The story of this disturbed man and the writer he wooed his tale of tragedy has been fictionalised for the big screen in the movie True Story.

If you’re not familiar with the story: After standing trial in Oregon for the murder of his wife, MaryJane (maiden name Baker), and children, Zachery, Sadie and Madison, Longo was sentenced to death by lethal injection on April 16, 2003. Now 43 years old, he is currently carrying out the judgement on death row at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem. No date has currently been set of his execution.

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Remember when the owner of the NY Times said they were going to improve?

Remember when the owner of the NY Times said they were going to improve?

Yeah, well, not so fast there. It seems they haven’t learned a thing.

Truth Revolt reports:

In a hire?that will shock no one who knows anything about the New York Times and the mainstream media generally, a Politico writer whom WikiLeaks exposed as sending stories to Hillary Clinton staffers before publication has been hired by the Times to cover the White House, the Daily Caller reported Monday.

?We?re thrilled that Glenn Thrush is joining The Times,? said Elisabeth Bumiller, The Times? Washington bureau chief. ?He?s a premier political journalist, a master of breaking news and long-form story telling and a stellar addition to our White House team.?

He is also, as he described himself in an email to Hillary?s campaign chairman John Podesta, a ?hack.? ? Read more »

The New York Times are dancing on the head of a pin about terrorism in France


First, let’s look at the facts:

  • It was not a man named Bruce who, in an act of terrorism, mowed down women and children at a family celebration in France. It was a man named Mohamed.
  • It was not the first ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in France nor will it be the last.
  • All the terrorist attacks in France this decade have been committed by radicalised Muslim jihadis. Every single one.
  • ?France is not the only European country to experience a terrorist attack committed by a radicalised Muslim jihadi.

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Photo Of The Day

On March 13, 1964, Catherine 'Kitty' Genovese, 28, was repeatedly stabbed to death over a 30-minute period in two separate attacks by the same man. For decades it was believed that her cries of distress were totally ignored.

On March 13, 1964, Catherine ‘Kitty’ Genovese, 28, was repeatedly stabbed to death over a 30-minute period in two separate attacks by the same man. For decades it was believed that her cries of distress were totally ignored.

The Kitty Genovese Story

For decades, students have crossed their arms during introduction to sociology lectures and said: ?I would never do that.? They said it when Stanley Milgram?s experiments suggested ingrained obedience to authority could lead anyone to commit Nazi atrocities. They said it when the Stanford Prison Experiment suggested even a mock institutional setting could spark brutal, fascist torment. And they said it when learning of the?Kitty Genovese?murder, in which a young woman was stabbed in the middle of the night as 38 witnesses sat in the safety of their apartments and didn?t even bother to telephone the cops.

On that last one, the students may have it right. The 1964 murder, which has stood as a symbol of urban apathy and inspired musings by everyone from Harlan Ellison to Alan Moore to Malcolm Gladwell to Phil Ochs, may not have been quite the nihilistic horror show we were taught.

The notion of a building full of people who ?didn?t want to get involved? was perpetuated by a New York Times story (38 Who Saw Murder Didn?t Call Police) later expanded by Times editor AM Rosenthal into a book.

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Are you a Man’s Man or a Modern Man?

I was reading Louder with Crowder this morning where he was discussing the fact that the New York Times has published a 27-point guide on what it means to be a ?Modern Man.? It seems to be someone’s wish list on what they want a man to be rather than an accurate description of what a Modern Man is. Mind you I wouldn’t know what it is like to live with a Modern Man as both my father and Cam are Men’s Men.

I suspect it is a wish list of Beta qualities written by a Beta male. Personally I like my men Alpha

Here is an example of what the writer thinks a modern man should be like.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.33.28 am


When a Man’s man is feeling down or vulnerable he needs sex. After the sex spooning is important but he usually wants to be the big spoon not the little spoon because he can’t rest his hand on your fun bits if he is the little spoon. As for the no use for a gun rule that is just crazy talk. How is he meant to protect his family and put delicious venison on the table if he doesn’t own a rifle?

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Face of the day

Australia's Political commentator Andrew Bolt

Australia’s Political commentator Andrew Bolt

Today’s face of the day, Australian Political commentator Andrew Bolt, has this to say about the current Refugee crisis.

Almost all the media commentary on the invasion of Europe so far overlooks a critical point.

The illegal immigrants in no way are ?refugees?. Even those fleeing, say, Syria, were in relative safety once they?d crossed the border into Turkey, which, incidentally, is a country sharing the Muslim faith of most Syrians.

But since then, the immigrants have moved to Greece, then Macedonia and then Serbia to reach Hungary. Even then the vast majority want to move on – through Austria or the Czech Republic to their ultimate goal, Germany, the richest of all the countries on this trek.

I don?t blame them, of course, but nor do I blame Germany for saying it does not have a responsibility to accept these hundreds of thousands of people crossing its borders.


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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Larry C. Morris/The New York Times

Photo: Larry C. Morris/The New York Times

??Dog Day Afternoon,? in NYC

Shirley Ball, a part-time teller, fetched a stack of pizzas the gunmen had ordered during the episode. Mr. Wojtowicz threw thousands of dollars out the door to pay for the pizza, but then refused to eat it, because, Mrs. Ball told The New York Times, they ?thought it was doped with knockout drops.? The episode would inspire the film ?Dog Day Afternoon.?

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Climate Clowns claim war in Syria caused by Climate Change

There is an ever growing list of claims of the things caused by climate change.?

Not a single one of them has proved true and many are simply crazy claims.

Now there is another claim, that the war in Syria and Iraq was caused by climate change.

Drawing one of the strongest links yet between global warming and human conflict, researchers said Monday that an extreme drought in Syriabetween 2006 and 2009 was most likely due to climate change, and that the drought was a factor in the violent uprising that began there in 2011.

The drought was the worst in the country in modern times, and in a studypublished Monday in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the scientists laid the blame for it on a century-long trend toward warmer and drier conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean, rather than on natural climate variability.

The researchers said this trend matched computer simulations of how the region responds to increases in greenhouse-gas emissions, and appeared to be due to two factors: a weakening of winds that bring moisture-laden air from the Mediterranean and hotter temperatures that cause more evaporation.? Read more »

Breaking the silence because history is repeating itself *( disturbing images )

Like most things in life we don’t know what we don’t know. If Main stream media do not bring it to our attention we can easily go through life unaware of atrocities and without the full picture of what is really going on in the world. A group called Rescue Christians is doing all they can to bring what is happening to the world’s attention but since the below article is from March last year and I haven’t seen it reported in the MSM any where, I think it is safe to assume that they are not succeeding. This is a disturbing story with disturbing images and links to videos so be prepared. History is repeating itself and the Media are missing in action. Just as the Holocaust was not given prominent coverage by newspapers, these systematic slaughter centres are also being ignored.

March 2014

We report this story because of the silence on the systematic killing of Christians, Shiite minorities and even Sunni Muslims in Syria who disagree with the Takfirist theology. The story is reminiscent of the initial reporting on the extermination of European Jewry and other minorities when little coverage was given to the truth in those days.

We predict that history will repeat itself in the case of Christians in Syria and Iraq.

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The changing face of media freedoms

There seems to be developing a narrative amongst some media elites that unless you travelled their path then you are no journalist.

The sanctimony and finger pointing is hilarious, then there is the personal animosity if your politics or beliefs or even behaviour don’t match their own.

But if you can’t stand up for the freedoms of your political enemies then who will you stand up for.

Glen Greenwald is suffering from this. Now his politics are not my own, I doubt we’d agree on much and I am unlikely to ever meet him, but he is facing this exact criticism, simply for telling a story, even if it is the story of a traitor.

Among the dozens of reporters, editors, and commentators who have worked on articles sourced to Edward Snowden, just one, Glenn Greenwald, has been subject to a sustained campaign that seeks to define him as something other than a journalist. NBC’s David Gregory?asked?him why he shouldn’t be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a felon.?Representative Peter King declared that “legal action should be taken against him.”?Representative Mike Rogers?charges?that he is a thief who sells stolen material.?The New Republic?published?a piece?alleging that he has a nefarious, secret agenda. Why this unique effort to discredit him in particular?

Countless American journalists have published classified documents in the modern era. All were paid for their work, and in a world with Bob Woodward, it’s unlikely that Greenwald has been paid the most for revelations of classified material. Greenwald isn’t even unique in writing about secrets stolen by Snowden, or in being paid as a freelancer for his work upon the publication of those articles. Nor has Greenwald authored the Snowden articles denounced most bitterly by the national-security establishment. That distinction goes to the talented Barton Gellman.

So what?is?different about Greenwald?

The news organizations he works with are different. Rather than publishing in the?Washington Post?or the?New York Times,?institutions that have particular, unique, and often cozy relationships with America’s ruling class, he started out with a personal blog, later moved to?, started publishing stories sourced to Snowden at?The Guardian’s?U.S. edition, and has worked with the foreign press.

His approach to journalism is different. Rather than trying (or purporting) to be objective, he is transparent about his opinions and explicitly argues for their validity. He criticizes fellow journalists for being insufficiently adversarial. Unlike most mainstream-media reporters, he voices contempt for certain American officials. And when he believes that they have broken the law, he doesn’t shy away from urging that they be prosecuted and imprisoned for their crimes. It is no accident that there is no love lost for him in the national-security state. ?? Read more »